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Q. The chief object of Richardson’s work was?
Ans.”To inculcate virtue and good deportment.”
Q. Samuel Richardson printed almost……. works during his life?
Ans. 500
Q. Who wrote The Case of Samuel Richardson?
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Who is credited with the writing of the first modern novel?
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Who asked Richardson for advice on the reform of Oxford University press?
Ans. Sir William Blackstone
Q. A pamphlet written by Samuel Richardson, supporting a parliamentary bill to regulate the London theaters?
Ans. A Seasonable Examination
Q. At seventeen years of age, Richardson went to London and learned the?
Ans. Printer’s trade
Q. Samuel Richardson wrote………….. novels?

Ans. Sentimental
Q. In all his novels Richardson‘s purpose was?
Ans. Didactic
Q. Who said about Richardson, “He enlarged the knowledge of human nature, and taught the passions to move at the command of virtue?”
Ans. Dr. Johnson

(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)

Q. Who wrote a pamphlet called Answer to the Letter of a Very Reverend and Worthy Gentleman?
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. What is Answer to the Letter of a Very Reverend and Worthy Gentleman about?

Ans. In it Richardson defended his characterizations
Q. Who gave form to the modern novel by shaping it according to a definite plot with carefully selected incidents which all contributed directly to the outcome?
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Who wrote “Familiar Letters on Important Occasions?
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Most important trait of all Richardson’s contributions, was his creation of………which had not hitherto appeared in English novels but only in the drama?
Ans. Complex characters
Q. Who can be called the first of the great English novelists?
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Richardson called his novels, “a new species of writing?”
Ans. True
Q. Richardson worked with the London bookseller?
Ans. Andrew Millar
Q. Richardson had lost his wife and?
Ans. Six children
Q. An unfinished fragment by Richardson was?
Ans. The History of Mrs. Beaumont

Q. In the literary world Samuel Richardson rivalled?
Ans. Henry Fielding

(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. Samuel Richardson was?
Ans. A writer, printer and publisher
Q. Richardson was educated at?
Ans. Christ’s Hospital grammar school. Because of poverty he wasn’t educated much.
Q. Who are known as ‘the four wheels of novel?’
Ans. Richardson, Fielding, Smollett, Sterne
Q. Who wrote 6 Letters upon Duelling?
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Who wrote Pamela?
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Pamela is also known as?
Ans. Virtue Rewarded
Q. Which work of Henry Fielding began as a parody of Pamela?
Ans. Joseph Andrews

(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. Samuel Richardson wrote epistolatory novels, what is an epistolatory novel?
Ans. A novel comprised of letters
Q. Who as speaker of the house of Commons helped Samuel Richardson get government contracts?
Ans. Arthur Onslow

Q. Who is the writer of Samuel Richardson: A Biography?
Ans. B.D Kimple

Q. Samuel Richardson contributed to which work of Samuel Johnson?
Ans. Rambler

(Dr. Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. How many letters are there in Pamela?

Ans. 58
Q. Pamela was completed in?
Ans. Two months
Q. Which work of Dr. Johnson contained 97 citations from Clarissa?
Ans. A Dictionary Of the English Language
Q. When Dr. Johnson was arrested for debt, it was……….. who came for his financial aid? Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Who is known as “Not only the first novelist of character but also the first novelist of feminine character?”
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. How old was Richardson before he printed a novel of his own, called Pamela?
Ans. Over fifty years
Q. Which book takes the form of a series of letters, deals with the fortunes of a poor and virtuous maid, who resists, then finally marries and afterwards reforms her wicked master?
Ans. Pamela
Q. Who said, “my mother chid me for the freedom taken by such a boy with a woman of her years?”
Ans. Samuel Richardson

Q. Samuel Richardson’s father originally wanted his son to become a?
Ans. Clergyman
Q. In 1721, Richardson married?
Ans. Martha Wilde
Q. After losing his family, Samuel Richardson remarried another girl named?
Ans. Elizabeth Leake
Q. How many editions of Pamela came during the first six months of its first issue?

Ans. Four
Q. Richardson’s second novel, which was also constructed in the form of letters, was? Ans. Clarissa Harlowe
Q. Richardson printed the Daily Journal between?
Ans. 1736 and 1737
Q. Who considered himself a printer to the “Society for the Encouragement of Learning?”
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. During Richardson’s life, his printing press produced about?
Ans. 10,000 pieces
Q. Richardson was apprenticed to a London printer named?
Ans. John Wilde
Q. Samuel Richardson’s third and last novel, also in letter-form, was?
Ans. Sir Charles Grandison

Q. Which book did Richardson call A Good Man?
Ans. Sir Charles Grandison

Q. The hollowest of Richardson’s three books is?
Ans. Sir Charles Grandison
Q. “My nervous disorders will permit me to write with more impunity than to read?”
Ans. Richardson once said to his friend
Q. What did Richardson say about Henry Fielding’s novel Shamela?
Ans. “the vile pamphlet Shamela”

(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. Who was the writer who made the novel a respectable genre?
Ans. Richardson
Q. Which novel of Richardson is called the first modern novel?
Ans. Pamela
Q. Which novel of Samuel Richardson tells the trials, tribulations and the final happy marriage of a young girl?
Ans. Pamela
Q. Which novel is written in the form of Familiar Letters, on how to think and act justly and prudently, in the common concerns of Human Life‘?
Ans. Pamela
Q. Richardson’s…………. was reborn in the late 20th century, when Clarissa was rediscovered as one of the great psychological novels of European literature?

Ans. Reputation
Q. Samuel Richardson published his first novel at the age of?
Ans. 51

Q. Richardson’s father worked as a?
Ans. Joiner
Q. The most striking feature of Richardson’s works is their ?
Ans. Moral purpose
Q. The novel Clarissa is also called?
Ans. The Adventures Of A Young Lady
Q. Samuel Richardson’s masterpiece is?
Ans. Clarissa Harlowe
Q. Which novel gave Richardson a European reputation?
Ans. Clarissa Harlowe
Q. In his early age, Richardson was a……….. for young ladies?
Ans. Ghostwriter
Q. After a seven-year apprenticeship with a printer, Richardson set up his own print shop near Salisbury Court in?
Ans. London
Q. Who said, “Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal?”
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. The first book which told in a realistic manner the inner life of a young girl?
Ans. Pamela
Q. Its psychological approach made it the first modern novel in England, which novel? Ans. Pamela

Q. Richardson’s first book was a guide for apprentices?
Ans. True
Q. What was the name of Richardson’s first book?
Ans. The Apprentice’s Vade Mecum
Q. Samuel Richardson was born in?
Ans. Mackworth, Derbyshire, England
Q. Who said about Richardson’s novel Clarissa, “It was the first book in the world for the knowledge it displays of the human heart?”
Ans. Dr. Johnson

(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. Samuel Richardson was born in?
Ans. 1689
Q. Richardson’s novel Pamela was published in?
Ans. Four volumes
Q. Which novel of Richardson is sentimental, grandiloquent, and wearisome?
Ans. Pamela
Q. His father apprenticed him to a London?

Ans. Printer
Q. Samuel Richardson produced the journals of the?
Ans. House of Commons
Q. Richardson also became a printer to the? Ans. King

Q. Samuel Richardson was a man of almost?
Ans. Effeminate habits
Q. Samuel Richardson’s novel Clarissa was published in?
Ans. Eight volumes
Q. Of all Richardson’s heroines,…………is the most human?
Ans. Clarissa
Q. Which hero of Samuel Richardson is known as a mechanical hero?
Ans. Lovelace
Q. Macaulay was deeply impressed by the novel?
Ans. Clarissa
Q. Richardson’s first attempts at writing fiction began at the age of?
Ans. Thirteen
Q. At the age of thirteen, Richardson was the confidant of three illiterate?
Ans. Young women ( He wrote love letters for them)
Q. Pamela was published in?
Ans. 1740
Q. Which novel shows Richardson’s Characterization at its best?
Ans. Clarissa Harlowe
Q. Richardson wrote…………. novels?
Ans. Epistolatory

Q. What remark did Macaulay make about the novel Clarissa?
Ans. “Were the novel lost, he could restore almost the whole of it from memory.”
Q. Richardson’s novel in seven volumes, whose hero was intended to be a model of aristocratic manners and virtues for the middle-class people?
Ans. Sir Charles Grandison
Q. Richardson died of?
Ans. Apoplexy in 1761
Q. The longest novel of Richardson is?
Ans. Clarissa
Q. Who remarked of Pamela that it had become ‘the joy of chambermaids of all nations’?
Ans. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Q. The novel Clarissa is also called?
Ans. The History Of a Young Lady
Q. Who wrote a parody of Richardson’s novel Pamela?
Ans. Henry Fielding. He wrote The Life Of Mrs. Shamela Andrews
Q. Which of Samuel Richardson’s novels has the hero as a good man?
Ans. The Life Of Sir Charles Grandison

(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. A spurious sequel of Pamela by John Kelly was?
Ans. Pamela’s Conduct in High Life
Q. Richardson’s Pamela came out in?
Ans. 1740

Q. What were some of the revisions done to the novel Pamela in further editions?
Ans. Pamela’s vocabulary
Q. Who said, “O sir, my soul is of equal importance with the soul of a princess?”

Ans. Pamela
Q. Richardson printed the Daily Gazetteer in?

Ans. 1738
Q. Richardson made the transition from master printer to novelist in 1740 with the publication of?
Ans. Pamela: or, Virtue Rewarded
Q. How did the public begin to describe the title heroine Clarissa?
Ans. “Divine Clarissa”
Q. Which novel is considered Richardson’s masterpiece?
Ans. Clarissa
Q. Who wrote A Collection of the Moral and Instruction Sentiments, Maxims, Cautions, and Reflexions, contained in the Histories of Pamela, Clarissa, and Sir Charles Grandison?

Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Samuel Richardson’s first novel, Pamela, began life as a conduct-book designed to teach young women how to write?
Ans. Better letters
Q. Pamela inspired another great early English novelist to start writing fiction. Who?

Ans. Henry Fielding
(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. The character-list for Richardson’s novel Sir Charles Grandison is divided up into?
Ans. ‘Men, Women and Italians’

Q. Who wrote Letters and Passages Restored to Clarissa?
Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Who said that “he had not offer’d the least indecency?”
Ans. Mr. B in the novel Pamela
Q. In the novel Pamela, most of the story is told by?
Ans. The heroine herself
Q. Richardson’s third novel was his bow to requests for the hero as a good man, a counter-attraction to the errant hero of Henry Fielding’s?
Ans. Tom Jones

(Henry Fielding MCQ’s)
Q. The novel Clarissa was published in?
Ans. 1748
Q. Who is the inventor of the modern novel?

Ans. Samuel Richardson
Q. Major conflict in the novel Clarissa is that Clarissa struggles to maintain her virtue against?
Ans. Lovelace’s plots and violence
Q. The danger of rakes, virtue is rewarded eventually, a single false step brings disaster are the themes of?
Ans. Clarissa
Q. Climax of the novel Clarissa is?
Ans. Lovelace’s rape of Clarissa
Q. Who wrote The Rise of the Novel: Studies in Defoe, Richardson, and Fielding?

(Robinson Crusoe MCQ’s)

Ans. Ian Watt
Q. The novel Sir Charles Grandison was published in?
Ans. 1753
Q. Who wrote Sentiment, Authority, and the Female Body in the Novels of Samuel Richardson?
Ans. Laura Fasick
Q. The character Arabella figures in the novel?
Ans. Clarissa

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