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Q. Why can’t a scholar cover all specializations of contemporary Linguistics?
Ans. Because it is a richly diversified field
Q. What continues to have a strong impact on modern linguistics?
Ans. Generative Grammar by Noam Chomsky
Q. How many languages are spoken throughout the world?
Ans. Almost 7000

Q. Most linguists are currently gathering data on?
Ans. The poorly documented languages of the world
Q. Which institute plays a big role in gathering data on poorly documented languages?
Ans. SIL International

(American Structuralism MCQ’s)
Q. What was SIL International formerly called?
Ans. The Summer Institute Of Linguistics

Q. SIL International was established in the USA in?
Ans. 1934
Q. How many languages are under investigation by SIL linguists these days?

Ans. Over 1000 languages
Q. A growing number of people are studying Linguistics in order to?
Ans. Describe and document their own languages
Q. Why do linguists feel the need of the description of languages?
Ans. Because many of the world’s languages are endangered
Q. Linguistics has been applied to a vast range of practical concerns?
Ans. True

Q. The role of Linguistics in Computational field is?
Ans. Recognition of speech, automatic parsing of texts, building large collection of texts
Q. How are linguists helpful in the legal domain?
Ans. Linguists are called for help in legal domain to identify speaker from voice recording

Q. Which field strengthens endangered languages?
Ans. Descriptive Linguistics
Q. Pragmatics is used for?
Ans. Cross-cultural communication
Q. Conversation Analysis is also helpful in?

Ans. Cross-cultural communication

Q. Which field of Linguistics assists individuals with language difficulties?
Ans. Psycholinguistics
Q. Which field helps in understanding the conceptual and associated meanings?
Ans. Semantics
Q. The branch of linguistics which is concerned with the practical applications of language studies e.g. language teaching and translation?
Ans. Applied Linguistics

Q. The clinical application of Linguistics helps in knowing about?
Ans. Language acquisition
Q. Give any example of the use of Linguistics in Bioscience?
Ans. Dictionary making

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