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Here are all Shakespeare MCQ’s for you!

Q. What was the name of Shakespeare’s daughter?
Ans. Susanna

(Charles Lamb MCQ’s)
Q. Shakespeare’s wife was older than him?

Ans. 8 years. Her name was Anne Hathaway
Q. Which is the last play written by Shakespeare?
Ans. The Tempest

(The Tempest MCQ’s)
Q. Shakespeare’s first play is?
Ans Henry VI
Q. Which play of Shakespeare has an epilogue?
Ans. The Tempest
Q. T.S Eliot says which play is an artistic failure?
Ans. Hamlet

(Hamlet MCQ’s)
Q. Shakespeare was also?
Ans. A successful businessman
Q. According to the Oxford dictionary, how many words and expressions did Shakespeare introduce to the English language?
Ans. Over 3000

(55 Facts About English Language)
Q. Shakespeare wrote Richard ll first OR Richard lll?
Ans. Richard lll
Q. Shakespeare married at the age of?
Ans. 18

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. What was the name of Shakespeare’s house which he bought in 1597?
Ans. New Place
Q. Shakespeare was born on?
Ans. 26 April, 1564. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon
Q. Shakespeare wrote?
Ans. 38 plays
Q. Antony And Cleopatra was written by?

Ans. Shakespeare

Q. Who wrote Coriolanus?
Ans. Shakespeare
Q. How many acts are there in Shakespeare’s plays?
Ans. Five
Q. Who wrote The Taming Of The Shrew?

Ans. Shakespeare
Q. Who is the Shrew in The Taming Of The Shrew?
Ans. Katherine
Q. Which Shakespearean play has the characters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia?
Ans. King Lear

(King Lear MCQ’s)
Q. Shakespeare died on?
Ans. April 23, 1616
Q. Shakespearean comedy Twelfth Night is also known as?
Ans. What You Will
Q. How many caskets are there in The Merchant Of Venice?
Ans. Three
Q. Which Shakespearean play has the line, Sweet are the uses of adversity?”
Ans. As You Like It
Q. How many different kinds of love are there in As You Like It?
Ans. Three
Q. What two plays focus most on the theme of justice versus mercy?
Ans. Measure For Measure and Merchant Of Venice
Q. Shakespeare was christened in?
Ans. 1564
Q. Who wrote The Rape Of Lucrece and Venus And Adonis?
Ans. Shakespeare
Q. The name of Shakespearean play wherein almost everyone dies?
Ans. Hamlet

(Hamlet MCQ’s)

Q. The name of the king who was murdered by Macbeth?
Ans. Duncan

(Macbeth MCQ’s)
Q. Who is Desdemona’s husband?
Ans. Othello

(Othello MCQ’s)
Q. How many plays with the word Henry has Shakespeare written?
Ans. Seven
Q. Who was king when Shakespeare died?

Ans. James l
Q. The name of the creature who is Prospero’s slave in The Tempest?
Ans. Caliban

(The Tempest MCQ’s)
Q. Whose hands are a sorry sight?
Ans. Macbeth’s
Q. Name the play this quote is from, “He that is giddy thinks the world turns round?”
Ans. The Taming Of The Shrew
Q. How did Cordelia die in King Lear?
Ans. She was hanged

(King Lear MCQ’s)
Q. Shakespeare married in?
Ans. 1582
Q. The character Falstaff appears in?
Ans. Three Shakespearean plays
Q. The heroine of Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing is?
Ans. Beatrice
Q. Which of Shakespeare’s heroines grew up on an enchanted Ireland?
Ans. Miranda

(The Tempest MCQ’s)
Q. Who is the bastard son of Gloucester in King Lear?
Ans. Edmund
Q. Which of Shakespeare’s heroines disguised herself as a lawyer to save Antonio’s life?
Ans. Portia

Q. Which of Shakespeare’s heroines was a nun?
Ans. Isabella
Q. Who wrote the play Titus Andronicus?

Ans. Shakespeare
Q. Shakespeare wrote?
Ans. 154 Sonnets
Q. The opening words of Twelfth Night are?

Ans. If music be the food of love, play on
Q. What is the name of Rosalind’s mother in As You Like It?
Ans. Her name is not given
Q. Who are The Two Gentlemen Of Verona?

Ans. Valentine and Proteus
Q. “Wherefore art thou Romeo” in Romeo And Juliet means?
Ans. Why are you Romeo
Q. In which play is there a sleep-walking scene?
Ans. Macbeth

(Macbeth MCQ’s)
Q. In which play does appear a king’s ghost on a castle?
Ans. Hamlet

(Hamlet MCQ’s)
Q. Romeo And Juliet is set in?
Ans. Verona

(Romeo And Juliet MCQ’s)
Q. What is the name of Othello’s wife?
Ans. Desdemona

(Othello MCQ’s)
Q. How many of Shakespeare’s plays were published during his lifetime?
Ans. 18
Q. In The Winter’s Tale, who is Leontes’ wife?

Ans. Hermione
(The Winter’s Tale MCQ’s)
Q. In Julius Caesar, who convinces Brutus to go against Caesar?
Ans. Cassius

Q. Who is Romeo in love with before he meets Juliet?
Ans. Rosalind

(Romeo And Juliet MCQ’s)
Q. What happened to Brutus at the end of the play Julius Caesar?
Ans. He committed suicide
Q. The play Troilus And Cressida uses what war as a background?
Ans. Trojan War
Q. What is common between the plays Coriolanus and Titus Andronicus?
Ans. The heroes are soldiers in these plays
Q. Who wrote Pericles?
Ans. Shakespeare
Q. Who wrote King John?
Ans. Shakespeare
Q. Shakespeare’s grandfather Richard was?

Ans. A farmer
Q. Shakespeare had?
Ans. Three brothers and two sisters. He was the fourth kid of his parents
Q. Shakespeare earned through playwriting and other literary works?
Ans. Two hundred pounds a year
Q. Shakespeare’s health began to fall at the age of?
Ans. 50
Q. Shakespeare was buried?
Ans. Two days after his death
Q. Shakespearean tragedy is the tragedy of?

Ans. Character
Q. When Shakespeare was born, Queen Elizabeth had been reigning?
Ans. Nearly six years
Q. Who was Shakespeare’s father?
Ans. John Shakespeare

Q. Shakespeare’s father-in-law was?
Ans. A farmer
Q. Shakespeare’s friend Hamnet had left how much money at his death to Shakespeare? Ans. Thirty-six Shillings and eight Pence
Q. Shakespeare was arrested in?
Ans. 1585
Q. Shakespeare played the characters of?

Ans. Both ghost in Hamlet and Adam in As You Like It
Q. Shakespeare was?
Ans. The fourth child of John and Mary
Q. Shakespeare is buried inside the?
Ans. Trinity Church
Q. Shakespeare had established himself in London as an actor and dramatist by?
Ans. 1592
Q. In what year was the First Folio published?
Ans. 1623
Q. How many times does suicide occur in Shakespeare’s plays?
Ans. 13
Q. Which river is associated with Shakespeare’s birthplace?
Ans. Avon
Q. How many of Shakespeare’s plays are classified as histories?
Ans. 10
Q. Macbeth is set in?
Ans. Scotland

(Macbeth MCQ’s)
Q. How many photographs exist of Shakespeare?
Ans. 2
Q. The villain in Othello is?
Ans. Iago

(Othello MCQ’s)

Q. Coriolanus, Timon Of Athens and Titus Andronicus are all?
Ans. Tragedies
Q. Which Shakespearean play has never been adopted for film or television?
Ans. The Two Noble Kinsmen
Q. Apart from The Winter’s Tale, which play of Shakespeare deals with jealousy?
Ans. Othello

(Othello MCQ’s)
Q. The common theme of The Winter’s Tale, Cymbeline and The Tempest is?
Ans. Forgiveness and reconciliation

(The Winter’s Tale MCQ’s)
Q. Shakespeare’s greatness as a playwright is due to?
Ans. His true characterization, universality and natural dialogues
Q. There is a perfect unity of tone and effect in?
Ans. Shakespearean tragedy
Q. The female characters in Shakespeare’s plays are much less important in?
Ans. Tragedies
Q. The theme of a Shakespearean tragedy is the struggle between?
Ans. Good and evil
Q. Who made an advance over the blank verse and favored the use of blank verse in short verses?
Ans. Shakespeare
Q. Shakespeare borrowed blank verse and conception of tragedy from?
Ans. Morlowe

(Christopher Marlowe MCQ’s)
Q. Shakespeare borrowed the conception of romantic tragedy from?
Ans. Lyly
Q. An essential element of Shakespearean tragedy is?
Ans. The hero dies at the end
Q. Does Shakespeare believe in poetic justice?
Ans. No

(Literary Terms MCQ’s)
Q. What is the common point of Othello and Macbeth?
Ans. Generals

(Othello MCQ’s)

Q. Who said Shakespeare has no heroes but only heroines?
Ans. Ruskin

(John Ruskin MCQ’s)
Q. The last plays of Shakespeare are called?

Ans. Dramatic romances
Q. Bard-Avon term is used for?
Ans. Shakespeare
Q. Shakespeare’s comedies are set away from?
Ans. City life
Q. Shakespearean plays were written for?

Ans. Performance rather than publication
Q. Who said that the play King Lear is too great for stage?
Ans. Charles Lamb

(King Lear MCQ’s)
Q. In Othello the word honest is repeatedly and ironically used for?
Ans. Villain

(Othello MCQ’s)
Q. Macbeth was written to please?
Ans. King James l
Q. Which Shakespearean play is an instance of Senecan tragedy?
Ans. Macbeth
Q. An important characteristic of Shakespearean comedies is?
Ans. Mistaken identities
Q. A major character in Shakespearean play sings mostly because?
Ans. They are suffering from mental illness
Q. The play Macbeth was influenced by?

Ans. The 1605 Gunpowder plot
(Macbeth MCQ’s)
Q. The name of the London theater that Shakespeare is most commonly associated with?
Ans. The Globe Theater
Q. Which play of Shakespeare was about the leader of Rome?
Ans. Julius Caesar

(The Tempest MCQ’s)
Q. Shakespeare had?
Ans. 3 kids which included twins as well

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