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Q. When was Percy Bysshe Shelley born?
Ans. 4 August 1792
Q. Where was Percy Bysshe Shelley born?

Ans. Field Place
Q. Shelley was the son of?
Ans. Sir Timothy Shelley
Q. Shelley’s first wife was?
Ans. Harriet Westbrook.
Q. Which university expelled Percy Bysshe Shelley?
Ans. Oxford
Q. The writing of which pamphlet caused Percy Bysshe Shelley’s expulsion?
Ans. The Necessity of Atheism
Q. How old was Shelley’s second wife Mary when she eloped with Percy Bysshe Shelley? Ans. 16. They eloped to Switzerland
Q. For which magazine did Percy Bysshe Shelley write articles?
Ans. The Examiner
Q. Which poem did Percy Bysshe Shelley write when he heard about Peterloo massacre?
Ans. The Mask of Anarchy
Q. How did Percy Bysshe Shelley die?
Ans. Drowned
Q. In 1822, which journal did Shelley publish along with Leigh Hunt and Lord Byron?

Ans. The Liberal
(Lord Byron MCQ’s)

Q. What did Byron try to rescue from Shelley’s funeral pyre?
Ans. His skull
Q. What was one of the unusual ways Shelley released his work?
Ans. Released inside of balloons
Q. Bullied most of his life, how did a teen-aged Shelley once react to a tormentor?

Ans. Stabbed a fork through the bully’s hand
Q. Shelley’s final, unfinished poem is titled, “The Triumph of……….. ?”
Ans. Life
Q. Why was Shelley denied custody of the children from his first marriage, following her death?
Ans. His Atheism
Q. Mary Shelley did not attend her husband’s funeral?
Ans. True
Q. What was the nickname of Shelley?
Ans. Mad Shelley
Q. In “Sonnet: England in 1819,” Shelley refers to “a glorious Phantom” as a metaphor for?
Ans. A revolution against the government
Q. Shelley was bullied at school, which made him determined to?
Ans. Devote himself to opposing every form of tyranny
Q. Shelley wrote “Ozymandias” in competition with his friend?
Ans. Horace Smith

Q. Shelley’s first poem of any significance is named?
Ans. Queen Mab
Q. Who wrote Mutability?
Ans. Shelley
Q. In “Mutability,” what is an issue regarding our thoughts?
Ans. They change
Q. What two opposing emotions are put in parallel in “Mutability”?
Ans. Joy and Sorrow
Q. What is a hymn? Choose the best answer corresponding with Shelley’s poetry?
Ans. A poem of praise
Q. Who wrote Hymn To Intellectual Beauty?

Ans. Shelley
Q. What is “intellectual beauty”?
Ans. The human mind at work
Q. What things are compared with “intellectual beauty”?
Ans. Mist, music and moonlight
Q. Where does intellectual beauty come from?
Ans. The soul
Q. What are the “poisonous names” in the “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty”?
Ans. Names from religion
Q. In “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty,” what does “noon” signify?
Ans. The mid-stage of the poet’s life of understanding

Q. What poem is Shelley’s poem Mont Blanc often considered an answer to?
Ans. Tintern Abbey by Wordsworth

(Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. What two powers are juxtaposed in “Mont Blanc”?
Ans. Nature and Mind
Q. In which poetic form is “Ozymandias” written?
Ans. Sonnet
Q. Who is Ozymandias?
Q. Who wrote To The Skylark?
Ans. Shelley
Q. “Rise like Lions after slumber in unvanquishable number” Which poem of Shelley inspires thus?
Ans. The Mask Of Anarchy
Q. In “Ode To The West Wind” what does Shelley call ‘leaves’?
Ans. Pestilence-stricken multitudes
Q. One of Shelley’s poems is ‘Stanzas Written In Dejection Near………… ?
Ans. Naples
Q. “My name is…………. , king of kings.” Who is this “king of kings”?
Ans. Ozymandias
Q. The central thought of “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty” is that?
Ans. there is a spiritual power that stands apart from both the physical world and the heart of man
Q. True or false? In “Adonais,” Shelley blames reviewers for Keats’s death?
Ans. True

(John Keats MCQ’s)

Q. True or false? “Ode to the West Wind” ends on a hopeful and optimistic note?
Ans. True
Q. True or false? The “Ode To Night” demonstrates Shelley’s deep desire to finally embrace death?
Ans. False
Q. What was the major cause of Shelley’s depression when he wrote “Stanzas Written in Dejection Near Naples”?
Ans. He was estranged from his wife shortly after their daughter died
Q. As a poet, Shelley contributed which new quality to English literature?
Ans. A quality of ideality, freedom and spiritual audacity
Q. Shelley’s poetry is called?
Ans. “The fabric of vision”
Q. Unlike Keats, Shelley political and social questions more?
Ans. Explicitly
Q. In Ode To The West Wind, the wind sweeps away the old life and spreads the seeds of a new?
Ans. Ideal life
Q. In his A Defence Of Poetry, Shelley calls the poets?
Ans. The unacknowledged legislators of the world
Q. Shelley’s married Harriet Westbrook at the age of?
Ans. 19
Q. Shelley’s Adonais is divided into?
Ans. Three parts. It consists of 55 stanzas

Q. Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound is?
Ans. A lyrical drama. It is in four acts
Q. Shelley and Keats became friends in?
Ans. 1816
Q. Which is the only complete tragedy written by Shelley in blank verse?
Ans. The Cenci. It consists of five acts
Q. Another lyrical drama of Shelley is?
Ans. Hellas
Q. Shelley’s Hymn To Intellectual Beauty was written in?
Ans. 1816. It has seven stanzas. It consists of 60 lines
Q. What did T.S Eliot say about Shelley?

Ans. “He is a poet of adolescence and the bulk of his poetry is immature”
Q. The best poetry of Shelley was written during?
Ans. 1818 to 1822

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Who intellectualized nature?
Ans. Shelley
Q. Shelley composed “Adonais” after?
Ans. Three months of Keats’ death
Q. About which poem of his, Shelley said “the least imperfect”?
Ans. Adonais
Q. Shelley’s body was cremated in August 1822 but buried in?
Ans. 1823

Q. What did Mathew Arnold say about Shelley?
Ans. “An ineffectual angel beating in the void its luminous wings”
Q. Shelley belonged to the?
Ans. Second generation of the romantic poets
Q. The name of Shelley’s historical tragedy is?
Ans. Charles I

(Matthew Arnold MCQ’s)
Q. Which work of Plato did Shelley translate?

Ans. Symposium
Q. Who wrote Ode To Liberty?
Ans. Shelley
Q. Shelley’s first wife Harriet Westbrook died by?
Ans. Suicide. She drowned herself
Q. What did Byron say about Shelley?

Ans. “The most gentle, the most amiable and the least worldly-minded people I ever met”
Q. Who wrote The Revolt Of Islam?
Ans. Shelley
(Lord Byron MCQ’s)

Q. Shelley celebrates Platonic love in his poem?
Ans. Epipsychidion
Q. Who is called A Child of French Revolution?
Ans. Shelley
Q. Shelley had lost?
Ans. Five children
Q. The most adverse critic of Shelley is?
Ans. T.S Eliot

(T S Eliot MCQ’s)
Q. Shelley defines poetry as an expression of?
Ans. Imagination
Q. Where did Percy Bysshe Shelley move in 1820?
Ans. Pisa
Q. When did Percy Bysshe Shelley die?
Ans. 8 July 1822

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