Idioms With Examples Part 35 l Snitch Meaning

Here is Idioms with Examples Part 35 l Snitch Meaning

  1. Throw in the towel
    Ans. Admit defeat
  2. To air dirty linen in public
    Ans. To discuss private affairs in public
  3. Tit for tat
    Ans. To do harm as done to you
  4. Bite your tongue
    Ans. Stop yourself from saying something
  5. Spill the beans
    Ans. Reveal a secret
  6. As clear as mud
    Ans. Impossible to understand
  7. Four corners of the earth
    Ans. From all parts of the world
  8. The crux of the matter
    Ans. The critical point
  9. To shake off
    Ans. To get rid of
  10. Hanging by a thread
    Ans. Be in a dangerous situation
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  1. Going over one’s head
    Ans. Beyond one’s capacity to understand
  2. Mad as a hatter
    Ans. Eccentric
  3. Be an old hat
    Ans. Be outdated
  4. Feather your own nest
    Ans. Make money unfairly
    Ans. To have talent in gardening
    Ans. To daydream
  7. To bark up the wrong tree
    Ans. To be wrong about the reason for
  8. To grease the palm
    Ans. To bribe someone
  9. To take the bull by the horns
    Ans. To face danger boldly
  10. Gift of the gab
    Ans. Have the talent to speak well
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  1. Turn a deaf ear
    Ans. To pay no heed
  2. Take to task
    Ans. To rebuke
  3. Have one’s hands full
    Ans. To be very busy
  4. Face the music
    Ans. Face the criticism
  5. As the crow flies
    Ans. The shortest route
  6. Pass the hat
    Ans. To collect money
  7. In a pickle
    Ans. In trouble
  8. Red letter day
    Ans. A very special day
  9. Through thick and thin
    Ans. Support under all circumstances
  10. Rule the roost
    Ans. To make all the decisions
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  1. Acid test
    Ans. Definitive proof of truth or falsehood
  2. At arm’s length
    Ans. Avoiding too much closeness
  3. Dark horse
    Ans. Someone who unexpectedly succeeds
  4. Hand in glove
    Ans. In partnership for something dishonest
  5. Late in the day
    Ans. Too delayed to be of any use
  6. Draw a blank
    Ans. Be unsuccessful
  7. Bolt from the blue
    Ans. Something sudden that happens
  8. Left-handed compliment
    Ans. Insulting remark appearing as praise
  9. Put your best foot forward
    Ans. Try as hard as one can
  10. At snail’s pace
    Ans. Do something very slowly
    (Indian English Literature MCQs)

  1. Please come to the point, don’t beat
    around the bush.
    Ans. Avoid the topic
  2. My aunt who orders everyone around is a pain in the neck.
    Ans. Irritating
  3. Make short work of something
    Ans. Dispose of quickly
  4. Make no headway
    Ans. Unable to progress ahead
  5. In a nutshell
    Ans. Express very briefly
  6. Be an open book
    Ans. One about whom it is easy to know
  7. I am not thinking of the solution to this
    problem. I will cross the bridge when I come to it.
    Ans. Deal with something only when
  8. She has a good job and a happy family. She has best of both the worlds.
    Ans. All the advantages
  9. Dance to someone’s tune
    Ans. Do what others what you to do
  10. Leave no stone unturned
    Ans. Try everything possible

  1. After one’s own heart
    Ans. Sharing or having one’s tastes or
  2. Pull the wool over someone’s eyes
    Ans. Deceive someone by telling lies.
  3. At somebody’s expense
    Ans. Paid for by someone.
  4. Cock and bull story
    Ans. An implausible story used as an
    explanation or excuse.
  5. At large
    Ans. A criminal escaped or not yet
  6. Head over heels
    Ans. Madly in love.
  7. A bone of contention
    Ans. An issue over which there is
    continuing disagreement.
  8. Zip your lip
    Ans. Keep quiet about something.
  9. A walk of life
    Ans. A person’s occupation or position
    within society.
  10. Cut to the chase
    Ans. Come to the point.

  1. Be in force
    Ans. In great strength or numbers.
  2. Make a scene
    Ans. Make a public disturbance or excited
    emotional display.
  3. Ask for trouble
    Ans. Act in a way that is likely to incur
    problems or difficulties.
  4. Drive someone up the wall
    Ans. Make someone very irritated or
  5. At the top of your lungs
    Ans. Extremely loudly.
  6. The wheels have come off
    Ans. Things start to fail or go wrong,
    especially after a period of success.
  7. Be left stranded
    Ans. To be the last person on whom the
    blame falls on eventually.
  8. All thumbs
    Ans. A crowd cheering their favorite team.
  9. A wet blanket
    Ans. A person who discourages
    enjoyment or enthusiasm.
  10. A thorn in the flesh
    Ans. A source of continual annoyance or

  1. A ray of hope
    Ans. Something that provides a small
    amount of optimism in a difficult situation.
  2. Mind your language
    Ans. Tell someone to speak politely
  3. Be in two minds
    Ans. Unable to decide.
  4. Wet behind the ears
    Ans. Lacking experience or be immature.
  5. A bone of contention
    Ans. An issue over which there is
    continuing disagreement.
  6. Zip your lip
    Ans. Keep quiet about something.
  7. At short notice
    Ans. With little warning or time for
  8. Alphabet soup
    Ans. A confusing or confused mixture of
  9. Be in the air
    Ans. When an emotion or idea is on
    everyone’s mind.
  10. Children should be seen and not heard
    Ans. Children should not speak in the
    presence of adults.

  1. Ease somebody’s mind
    Ans. Alleviate someone’s anxiety.
  2. An axe to grind
    Ans. Have an ulterior motive.
  3. At the eleventh hour
    Ans. At the last moment
  4. The nitty-gritty
    Ans. The most important aspects or
    practical details of a subject or situation.
  5. To quit on someone
    Ans. To stop helping someone, especially
    when the support is needed.
  6. Excuse my French
    Ans. Used to apologize for swearing.
  7. Chicken out
    Ans. To decide not to do something
    because you are too frightened.
  8. A bad hair day
    Ans. A day on which everything seems to
    go wrong.
  9. Blessing in disguise
    Ans. An apparent misfortune that
    eventually has good results.
  10. A picture paints a thousand words
    Ans. An image of a subject conveys
    its meaning more effectively than a
    description does.

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