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Here are all Tennyson MCQ’s for you!

Q. When was Tennyson born on?
Ans. August 6, 1809
Q. What name did the American poet Walt Whitman call Tennyson?
Ans. The Boss
Q. Tennyson’s father was?
Ans. A rector

(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)
Q. Tennyson’s two elder brothers were?
Ans. Poets
Q. Tennyson published with one of his brothers his volume of poems in?
Ans. 1826
Q. What happened to Edward, one of Alfred Tennyson’s brothers?
Ans. Died in a private mental asylum
Q. Tennyson attended?
Ans. The Trinity College, Cambridge
Q. At Trinity College, Tennyson became the center of?
Ans. A group of intellectual friends
Q. While at college, Tennyson won the chancellor’s medal for his poem?
Ans. Timbuctoo written in 1829
Q. Tennyson studied at the Youth Grammar School for?
Ans. 5 years

(Mending Wall MCQ’s)
Q. Which book of Tennyson was received unfavorably?
Ans. His third book entitled ‘Poems’

Q. Which two famous poems of Tennyson are there in the book entitled ‘Poems’?
Ans. Break, Break, Break and Ulysses
Q. Whom did Tennyson marry?
Ans. Emily Sellwood
Q. Tennyson succeeded whom as poet laureate of England?
Ans. William Wordsworth

(Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. After his book entitled ‘Poems’, Tennyson went on to write how many more books? Ans. 2
Q. Tennyson kept writing until?
Ans. His death
Q. Who wrote The Charge Of The Light Brigade?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. About which war was The Charge Of The Light Brigade written?
Ans. Crimean War
Q. What did Tennyson nickname the valley where the British soldiers rode?
Ans. Valley of death
Q. Thomas Edison made sound recordings of Tennyson reciting his own poems late in Tennyson’s life. Among others, which poem did Tennyson include in his recording?
Ans. The Charge Of The Light Brigade
Q. Who wrote The Lady Of Shallott?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. It is believed that Tennyson loosely based the character of The Lady Of Shallott on a maid from Arthurian legend. What was the name of this woman?
Ans. Elaine

Q. In the poem The Lady Of Shallott is cursed. What is the only way she can view the world from her tower?
Ans. Through a mirror
Q. Which knight caused the Lady Of Shallott to forget the curse when she caught a glimpse of him?
Ans. Sir Lancelot
Q. What was written on the prow of The Lady Of Shallott’s boat?
Ans. The Lady Of Shallott
Q. In 1832, Tennyson wrote a volume of poems chiefly?
Ans. Lyrical
Q. The brother who shared with Tennyson in his literary volume is?
Ans. Charles Tennyson
Q. Tennyson was made poet laureate in?

Ans. 1850
Q. Which work of Tennyson was published anonymously?
Ans. In Memoriam
Q. Tennyson’s monodrama is?
Ans. Maud
Q. Queen Mary is a drama written by?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. Herald is a drama written by?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. Becket is a drama written by?
Ans. Tennyson

Q. Tennyson died in?
Ans. 1892. He is buried in Westminster Abbey
Q. Who said about Tennyson, “Tennyson is the most restful, brother, solid-hearted man?” Ans. Thomas Carlyle

(Thomas Carlyle)
Q. The most representative poet of the Victorian Age is?
Ans. Tennyson

(Robert Browning MCQ’s)
Q. Who said about Tennyson, “His age was vividly with him and he wrote of patriotism?” Ans. Stopford Brooke
Q. Tennyson’s love is?
Ans. Domestic
Q. Tennyson wrote in Memoriam on the death of?
Ans. Hallam
Q. Who wrote the works the Palace Of Art and Tithonus?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. In the poem, Tithonus longs for?
Ans. Death
Q. In which poem Tennyson anticipates his death?
Ans. Crossing The Bar
Q. Tennyson wrote “Crossing The Bar” when he was?
Ans. 81
Q. In his poem “The Princess”, Tennyson takes up the subject of education for?
Ans. Women

Q. Tennyson’s poem “The Revenge” shows his deep love of?
Ans. The country
Q. Tennyson’s Ulysses is based on a story from?
Ans. Greek Mythology. Ulysses was published in 1842
Q. Who said about Tennyson, “The gifts by which Tennyson has won and will keep his place among the great poets of England are pre-eminently of an artist?”
Ans. R.C Jebb
Q. Who wrote The Lotus Eaters?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. Tennyson’s Morte De Arthur was written in 1835 and published in?
Ans. 1842
Q. Morte De Arthur is an adaptation of?
Ans. Homer

Q. King Arthur on which Morte De Arthur is based believed to be alive about?
Ans. 500AD
Q. Teresa, Demeter, Lackley Hall and The Foresters are all written by?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. The novel of an Australian author took its title from which line of The Lady Of Shallot by Tennyson?
Ans. Tirra Lirra By The River
Q. A mystery novel by Agatha Christie takes its title from a line of The Lady Of Shallott. What is the name of the novel?
Ans. The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side
Q. J.W Waterhouse gave name to his painting from which line of The Lady Of Shallott?
Ans. I am half sick of shadows

Q. Who wrote Mariana and The Two Voices?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. “The Apostles” was the name of?
Ans. Tennyson’s circle of friends at college
Q. The inspiration for “Mariana” comes from which Shakespearean play?
Ans. Measure For Measure

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. Which of the following poems includes a choric song?
Ans. The Lotus Eaters
Q. Which of the following is true of each of the four parts of “The Lady of Shalott”?
Ans. Each section ends with a direct quotation
Q. Where did Tennyson conceive of the idea for “Tears, Idle Tears”?
Ans. Tintern Abbey
Q. The final section of “In Memoriam” describes the marriage between which two people?
Ans. Tennyson’s sister and Edmund Lushington
Q. Which Romantic poet was still alive when Tennyson published his 1842 collection? Ans. William Wordsworth

(Wordsworth Quiz)
Q. The notion of “crossing the bar” is a metaphor for?
Ans. Dying
Q. Tithonus is loved by the goddess of?
Ans. Dawn
Q. In which poem did Tennyson intend to discuss the relationship between men and women in Victorian England?
Ans. The Princess

Q. Ulysses, Tithonus and Idylls Of The King are all written in?
Ans. Blank Verse
Q. In contrast to his earlier poetry, Tennyson’s later poetry can be characterized as?
Ans. Narrative rather than lyrical
Q. The Lady of Shalott works on?
Ans. A Magic Web
Q. What breaks after the Lady looks out the window?
Ans. The mirror
Q. What is “breaking” in “Break, break, break?”

Ans. The sea
Q. The speaker of “Break, break, break” cannot?
Ans. Speak
Q. It is likely that “Break, break, break” is about the death of Tennyson’s?
Ans. Friend
Q. Who was Tennyson’s intimate college friend who inspired the confessional autobiographical poem “In Memoriam”?
Ans. Arthur Hallam

(Robert Browning MCQ’s)
Q. For what illness did Tennyson seek a series of visits to a sanatorium with diet and body wraps?
Ans. Depression

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