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(Tennyson MCQs Part 01)

Q. Who wrote The Lady of Shalott?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. It is believed that Tennyson loosely based the character of The Lady of Shalott on a maid from Arthurian legend. What was the name of this woman?
Ans. Elaine
Q. In the poem, The Lady of Shalott is cursed. What is the only way she can view the world from her tower?
Ans. Through a mirror
Q. Which knight caused the Lady of Shalott to forget the curse when she caught a glimpse of him?
Ans. Sir Lancelot
Q. What was written on the prow of The Lady of Shalott’s boat?
Ans. “The Lady of Shalott”
Q. What was the name of Tennyson’s father?
Ans. George Clayton Tennyson
Q. Tennyson and two of his elder brothers were writing poetry in their teens and a collection of poems by all three was published locally when Alfred Tennyson was only……..?
Ans. 17
Q. Alfred Tennyson was a student of King Edward VI Grammar School from……?
Ans. 1816 to 1820
Q. What did Alfred Tennyson nickname the valley where the British soldiers rode?
Ans. “Valley of death”
Q. Thomas Edison made sound recordings of Tennyson reciting his own poems late in Tennyson’s life. Among others, which poem did Tennyson include in his recording?
Ans. The Charge of the Light Brigade
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Q. At Trinity College, Alfred Tennyson joined a secret society called the…….?
Ans. Cambridge Apostles
Q. Who wrote the poem All Things will Die?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. Which poem of Tennyson attracted the attention of the scholar Herbert Spencer?
Ans. The Two Voices
Q. The poem Ulysses by Tennyson is written in……..?
Ans. Blank verse
Q. In this poem, a mythical hero describes his discontent and restlessness upon returning to his kingdom, Ithaca, after his far-ranging travels. Which poem?
Ans. Ulysses
Q. Despite his reunion with his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus,…….
yearns to explore again?
Ans. Ulysses
Q. This poem tells the story of a heroic princess who forswears the world of men and founds a women’s university where men are forbidden to enter. Which poem?
Ans. The Princess
Q. It is a seriocomic blank verse narrative poem by Tennyson. Which poem?
Ans. The Princess
Q. This poem of Alfred Tennyson is based on the story of Countess Godiva, an Anglo-Saxon lady who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry. Which poem?
Ans. Godiva
Q. Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal” is a……… written by Alfred Tennyson?
Ans. Sonnet
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Q. Which poem has been described as, “one of the most Virgilian of Tennyson’s poems and perhaps his most famous lyric?”
Ans. Tears, Idle Tears
Q. Who said about which poem that it was about “the passion of the past, the abiding in the transient”?
Ans. Tennyson said about Tears, Idle Tears
Q. At Cambridge, Alfred Tennyson met Arthur Hallam and………who became his closest friends?
Ans. William Henry Brookfield
Q. Reportedly, “It was thought to be no slight honor for a young man of twenty to win the Chancellor Gold Medal.” Here young man of twenty refers to?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. What made Tennyson leave Cambridge before taking his degree
Ans. The death of his father in 1831
Q. Arthur Hallam was engaged to Tennyson’s sister, Emilia Tennyson?
Ans. True
Q. While at college, Alfred Tennyson won the Chancellor’s Gold Medal for his poem……..in 1829?
Ans. Timbuktu
(Timbuktu was written in 1829)
Q. How many parts are there in Maud: A Monodrama?
Ans. Three
Q. Which book of Alfred Tennyson was received unfavorably?
Ans. His third book entitled “Poems”
Q. Which two famous poems of Tennyson are there in the book entitled “Poems”?
Ans. Break, Break, Break AND Ulysses
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Q. Which work of Tennyson was published anonymously?
Ans. In Memoriam
Q. Tennyson’s monodrama is……..?
Ans. Maud
Q. Queen Mary is a……….written by Alfred Tennyson?
Ans. Play
Q. Harold is a historical drama written by……….?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. Becket is a drama written by…….?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. In…….Tennyson published his second book of poetry?
Ans. 1833
Q. The 1833 volume met heavy criticism, which so discouraged Tennyson that he did not publish again for……..?
Ans. Ten years
Q. In 1884, Queen Victoria created him Baron Tennyson of……..?
Ans. Aldworth
Q. Tennyson believed that society should progress through gradual and steady reform, not……..?
Ans. Revolution
Q. The inspiration for Tennyson’s “Mariana” comes from which Shakespearean play?
Ans. Measure For Measure
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Q. Where did Tennyson conceive of the idea for “Tears, Idle Tears”?
Ans. Tintern Abbey
Q. The final section of “In Memoriam” describes the marriage between which two people?
Ans. Tennyson’s sister and Edmund Lushington
Q. Which Romantic poet was still alive when Tennyson published his 1842 collection?
Ans. William Wordsworth
Q. The notion of “Crossing The Bar” is a metaphor for?
Ans. Dying
Q. Tithonus is loved by the goddess of……?
Ans. Dawn
Q. Tennyson’s family were……..by tradition?
Ans. Whigs
Q. Upon passage of the 1832 Reform Act, Tennyson broke into a local church to ring the bells in celebration?
Ans. True
Q. Virginia Woolf wrote a play titled………In it she shows Tennyson as host to his friends Julia Margaret Cameron and G. F. Watts?
Ans. Freshwater
Q. Tennyson was the first to be raised to a……..for his writing?
Ans. British peerage
Q. In which poem did Tennyson intend to discuss the relationship between men and women in Victorian England?
Ans. The Princess
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Q. Ulysses, Tithonus and Idylls Of The King by Alfred Tennyson are all written in……?
Ans. Blank Verse
Q. In contrast to his earlier poetry, Tennyson’s later poetry can be characterized as……….?
Ans. Narrative rather than lyrical
Q. The Lady of Shalott works on……..?
Ans. A Magic Web
Q. In the Lady of Shalott, what breaks after the Lady looks out of the window?
Ans. The mirror
Q. Tennyson praised…….on his deathbed, saying of Bruno, “His view of God is in some ways mine”?
Ans. Giordano Bruno and Spinoza
Q. Who wrote in her diary that she was “much soothed & pleased” by reading “In Memoriam” after Albert’s death?
Ans. Queen Victoria
(Prince Albert was the hubby of Victoria)
Q. Who was largely responsible for Tennyson’s appointment as Poet Laureate?
Ans. Prince Albert
Q. Who wrote about Tennyson, “Very peculiar looking, tall, dark, with a fine head, long black flowing hair & a beard, oddly dressed, but there is no affectation about him?”
Ans. Queen Victoria
Q. What is “breaking” in “Break, Break, Break?”
Ans. The sea
Q. The speaker of “Break, Break, Break” cannot……..?
Ans. Speak
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Q. It is likely that “Break, Break, Break” is about the death of Tennyson’s…….?
Ans. Friend
Q. Who was Tennyson’s intimate college friend who inspired the confessional autobiographical poem “In Memoriam”?
Ans. Arthur Hallam
Q. The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Tennyson is a dramatic tribute to the……?
Ans. British cavalrymen
Q. Who wrote Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. Who wrote Ode Sung at the Opening of the International Exhibition?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. Who said, “There was a pond in the park on which in winter my father might be seen skating, sailing about on the ice in his long blue cloak?”
Ans. Tennyson’s son
Q. An unwise investment in Dr. Allen’s ecclesiastical wood-carving enterprise soon led to the loss of much of the family fortune and led to serious depression. Who invested?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. Who possesses the record of having the longest tenure of poet laureateship?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. Who famously described Tennyson as, “the saddest of all English poets”?
Ans. T S Eliot
Q. Who said that Tennyson was the “stupidest” of all the English poets?
Ans. W H Auden
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Q. Tennyson has written a poem on the Tomb of a Mughal emperor. On whose tomb?
Ans. Akbar
Q. Tennyson has written a poem on which Indian city?
Ans. Lucknow
Q. When Tennyson died, a copy of Shakespeare’s play was found lying under the cover of his bed. Which play was it?
Ans. Cymbeline
Q. Tennyson generally portrays women as……?
Ans. Gentle and refined
Q. Who among the Victorian poets is the most sensitive to the conflict between the old and the new?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. Tennyson’s poetry represents the……..?
Ans. Victorian compromise
Q. What was the Victorian compromise?
Ans. It was the compromise between aristocracy and democracy, between morality and sexuality and between doubt and faith
Q. How many years did Tennyson take in completing In Memoriam?
Ans. Seventeen years
Q. The Cup is a……..written by Alfred Tennyson?
Ans. Tragedy
Q. Queen Guinevere is a character which occurs in Tennyson’s poem………?
Ans. Passing of Arthur
(Tennyson MCQs Part 01)

Q. The only knight of the Round Table who remains alive after the passing of Arthur is…..?
Ans. Bedivere
Q. “For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever.” This line comes from…….?
Ans. The Brook by Alfred Tennyson
Q. What is Shalott in the poem The Lady of Shalott?
Ans. An island
Q. A long poem of over three thousand lines written in blank verse by Alfred Tennyson is?
Ans. Maud
Q. Tithonus is a……..by Alfred Tennyson?
Ans. Dramatic Monologue
Q. By the end of In Memoriam, the speaker re-embraces a……?
Ans. The Christian vision of afterlife
Q. Tennyson’s poem…….is not merely a pastoral elegy but also a deeply philosophical reflection on religion, science and immortality?
Ans. In Memoriam
Q. Tennyson’s The Princess is a socio-comic attempt to handle the theme that was then known as……?
Ans. The New Woman
Q. Tennyson wrote a comedy on a story from Boccaccio. Which play?
Ans. The Falcon
Q. Which poem of Tennyson includes a choric song?
Ans. The Lotos-Eaters

Q. “The Epic” was written as a frame for which poem by Tennyson?
Ans. Morte d’Arthur
Q. Tennyson’s swan song is…….?
Ans. Crossing the Bar
Q. Tennyson described this poem as a “Little Hamlet”. Which poem?
Ans. In Memoriam
Q. Tennyson’s favorite poem was…….?
Ans. Maud
Q. Which of Tennyson’s works was described by T S Eliot as, “The most unapproachable of all his poems?”
Ans. In Memoriam
Q. Tennyson’s friend………died of a stroke at the age of 22?
Ans. Arthur Hallam
Q. Who is the ninth most frequently quoted writer in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations?
Ans. Alfred Tennyson
Q. Alfred Tennyson was born into a………?
Ans. Middle-class family
Q. Who wrote The Charge of the Light Brigade?
Ans. Alf Tennyson
Q. About which war was The Charge of the Light Brigade written?
Ans. The Crimean War
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