Advanced Tenses Exercises Part 01 l Solved Exercises on Tenses l ELP

Here is Tenses Exercises Part 01 for you!

Note: All answers are given below.
(Mixed Tenses Exercises with Answers)

  1. Although the police _____ every precaution, the robber managed to escape.
    (A) take
    (B) takes
    (C) has taken
    (D) had taken
  2. The boys ____ television every night unless they have homework.
    (A) watch
    (B) watches
    (C) watched
    (D) watching
  3. Maria _____ an appointment to see the doctor. It is at 10.00 am. tomorrow.
    (A) make
    (B) makes
    (C) made
    (D) has made
  4. They _____ when they are ready.
    (A) come
    (B) came
    (C) will come
    (D) have come
  5. Judy____ watching horror films although she has nightmares afterwards.
    (A) like
    (B) likes
    (C) liked
    (D) will like
  6. It _____ every afternoon for the past week. The weather forecast predicts rain for
    next week too.
    (A) is raining
    (B) was raining
    (C) has been raining
    (D) had been raining
  7. I _____ the door before I realized that the keys were inside the house.
    (A) lock
    (B) locked
    (C) has locked
    (D) had locked
  8. When Sally _____ her first pay, she bought presents for her parents.
    (A) receive
    (B) received
    (C) has received
    (D) had received
  9. It’s lovely to wake up in the morning and ______ birds singing.
    (A) hear
    (B) hears
    (C) heard
    (D) hearing
  10. Aaron _____ $80.00 for that bag.
    (A) pay
    (B) paid
    (C) pays
    (D) paying
  11. When I went back to my hometown three years ago, I found that a lot of changes____.
    (A) are taken place
    (B) were taken place
    (C) have taken place
    (D) had taken place
  12. Look ! A hamster __ by a cat.
    (A) is chased
    (B) is being chased
    (C) was being chased
    (D) has been chased
  13. I’m sorry the house is not available any longer. It __ to a timber tycoon.
    (A) is sold
    (B) was being sold
    (C) has been sold
    (D) will be sold
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  1. Ai Ling _____ to Manhattan is 1997.
    (A) is transferred
    (B) was transferred
    (C) has been transferred
    (D) should be transferred
  2. Passengers ____ to smoke in the train.
    (A) are not allowed
    (B) was not allowed
    (C) had not allowed
    (D) will not allow
  3. Firemen who battled the fire reported that is ____ under control after forty
    (A) is brought
    (B) was brought
    (C) can be brought
    (D) has been brought
  4. The students ____ to leave the building immediately.
    (A) ordered
    (B) will order
    (C) have ordered
    (D) have been ordered
  5. In future, famous singers _____ to perform at charity concerts.
    (A) are invited
    (B) were invited
    (C) has been invited
    (D) will be invited
  6. The roof may have been leaking for the past few weeks but you do not have to
    worry about it any longer. It ____ now.
    (A) was repaired
    (B) is repairing
    (C) has repaired
    (D) is being repaired
  7. The price ____, but I doubt whether it will remain so.
    (A) went down
    (B) will go down
    (C) has gone down
    (D) was going down
  8. Hey, look where you are going !
    Oh, I’m terribly sorry, ____.
    (A) I’m not noticing
    (B) I wasn’t noticing
    (C) I haven’t noticed
    (D) I don’t notice
  9. Nancy is not coming tonight.
    But she _____ !
    (A) promises
    (B) promised
    (C) will promise
    (D) had promised
  10. Shirley ______ a book about China last year but I don’t know whether she has
    finished it.
    (A) has written
    (B) wrote
    (C) had written
    (D) was writing
  11. Hi, Tracy, you look tired.
    I am tired. I _____ the living room all day.
    (A) painted
    (B) had painted
    (C) have been painting
    (D) have painted
  12. My mother ____ meat from the butcher once a week.
    (A) is buying
    (B) has bought
    (C) buys
    (D) will have bought
  13. The groom, together with his parents, _____ the guests.
    (A) is greeting
    (B) have greeted
    (C) are greeting
    (D) were greeting
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    (Advanced Grammar MCQs)
  1. None of the new equipment _____ yet.
    (A) has arrived
    (B) have arrived
    (C) were arriving
    (D) are arriving
  2. ____she ____ a lot of friends at the party ?
    (A) Does, makes
    (B) Did, make
    (C) Did, made
    (D) Do, make
  3. Nobody ____ the telephone an hour ago.
    (A) is using
    (B) were using
    (C) was using
    (D) has used
  4. If I _____ some money I would not have to borrow now.
    (A) am saving
    (B) have saved
    (C) saved
    (D) had saved
  5. A river ____ downstream.
    (A) flows
    (B) will flow
    (C) is flowing
    (D) was flowing
  6. She ____ a maid by next year.
    (A) employs
    (B) employed
    (C) has employed
    (D) will have employed
  7. He _____ never since he nearly _____ .
    (A) has … swum, drowned
    (B) had … swum, was drowning
    (C) was … swimming, drowned
    (D) did … swum, had drowned
  8. We ____ jungle-trekking.
    (A) are disliking
    (B) have disliked
    (C) dislike
    (D) were disliking
  9. The members ____ for a new committee in the coming meeting.
    (A) were voting
    (B) are voting
    (C) had voted
    (D) have noted
  10. They ____ ready for his moment for weeks.
    (A) get
    (B) get getting
    (C) will get
    (D) have been getting
  11. _ Pam and Bobby _____ the rules ?
    (A) Were, knowing
    (B) Does, knows
    (C) Are, knowing
    (D) Do, know
  12. Shareen____ her driving test on the first attempt.
    (A) is passing
    (B) passed
    (C) was passing
    (D) has been passing
  13. The old lady ____ for a long time before she _____ away.
    (A) had been suffering, passed
    (B) was suffering, had passed
    (C) is suffering, passed
    (D) has suffered, was passing
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  1. I _____ an appointment with the dentist soon.
    (A) make
    (B) made
    (C) will make
    (D) have made
  2. The people next door _____ a lot of noise until past midnight.
    (A) was making
    (B) has made
    (C) are making
    (D) were making
  3. A journalist _____ to interview you later today.
    (A) came
    (B) will be coming
    (C) had come
    (D) has been coming
  4. The clerk _____the money from the bank by one o-clock.
    (A) is withdrawing
    (B) had been withdrawing
    (C) has withdrawn
    (D) will have withdrawn
  5. Charles………his father in the shop until school………..
    (A) was helping, will start
    (B) helped, was starting
    (C) is helping, starts
    (D) has helped, is starting
  6. They sold the car because it ____ old.
  7. He told them that they __ wrong.
  8. I asked him what his name ____
  9. A school is a place where learning _____place.
  10. Nina has a cow that _____enormous quantities of milk.
  11. He tells me that I _____ wrong.
    (Indian English Literature MCQs)
  1. I heard that there _____a disturbance in town last night.
  2. I like him because his manners_____ me feel respected.
  3. We must approach as many customers as we _____
  4. Could you doubt that there……..a God.
  5. We can go out now. It………( not/rain ) any more.
  6. Ann……..( wait ) for me when I……..(arrive ).
  7. I…….( get ) hungry. Let’s go and have something to eat.
  8. What……..( you/do ) in your spare time? Have you got ay hobbies?
  9. What speed……( the car/do ) at the time of the accident?
  10. Mary usually…….( phone ) me on Fridays but she…….( not/phone ) last Friday.
  11. A : When I last saw you, you……..(think) of moving to a new flat.
    B : That’s right, but in the end I……(decide ) to stay where I was.
  1. What’s that noise ? What…….(happens)?
  2. It’s usually dry here at this time of the year. It……( not /rain ) much.
  3. Yesterday evening the phone……..(ring) three times while we……( have ) dinner.
  4. Linda was busy when we…….( go ) to see her yesterday. She…….( study ) for an exam. We……..( not/want ) to disturb her, so we……. ( not/stay ) very long.
  5. When I first…….( tell ) Tom the news, he……( not/believe ) me. He……( think ) that I…….
    ( joke ).
  6. Don’t worry ____ late tonight.
    (A) if I am
    (B) when I am
    (C) when I’ll be
    (D) if I’ll be
  7. We’re good friends. We _____each other for a long time.
    (A) know
    (B) have known
    (C) have been knowing
    (D) knew
  8. John _____tennis once or twice a week.
    (A) is playing usually
    (B) is usually playing
    (C) usually plays
    (D) plays usually
  9. The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he ______ before.
    (A) hasn’t flown
    (B) didn’t fly
    (C) hadn’t flown
    (D) wasn’t flying
  10. It’s two years _______Joe.
    (A) that I don’t see
    (B) that I haven’t seen
    (C) since I didn’t see
    (D) since I saw
  11. _____a car when they were living in London ?
    (A) Had they
    (B) Did they have
    (C) Were they having
    (D) Have they had
    (Mixed Tenses Exercises with Answers)
  1. Who……..( invent ) the bicycle?
  2. ‘Do you still have a headache?’ ‘No,……… ( it/go ). I’m all right now.’
  3. I was the last to leave the office. Everybody else……..( go ) home.
  4. What………( you/do ) last weekend?……… ( you/go ) away?
  5. I like your car. How long………(you/have ) it?
  6. We decided not to go out because…….. ( it/rain ) quite hard.
  7. Jill is an experienced teacher. ……(she/teach ) for 15 years.
  8. ……..( I/buy ) a new jacket last week but……..( I/not/wear ) it yet.
  9. A few days ago……..( I/see ) a man at a party whose face……….( be ) very familiar. At first I couldn’t think where………( I/see ) him before. Then suddenly……….( I/remember ) who……..( it/be ).
  1. ……( you/hear ) of Agatha Christie ? (she/be ) a writer who ( die ) in 1976. (she/write ) more than 70 detective novels. …….( you/read ) any of
  2. A : What……..( this word / mean )?
    B : I’ve no idea. …… ( I/never/see ) it before. Look it up in the dictionary.
  3. A : ( you/arrive ) at the theater in time for the play last night?
    B : No, we were late. By the time we got there,…….( it/already/begin ).
  4. I went to John’s room and…….( knock) on the door but there ( he/go ) out or…….. (he/not/want ) to see anyone.
  5. Angela asked me how to use the photocopier………( she/never/use ) it before, so……..
    ( she/not/know ) what to do.
  6. Mary………( go ) for a swim after work yesterday. ( she/need ) some exercise because……..
    ( she/sit ) in an office all day in front of a computer.


  1. D
  2. A
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. A
  10. B
  11. D
  12. B
  13. C
  14. B
  15. A
  16. B
  17. D
  18. D
  19. D
  20. C
  21. B
  22. B
  23. D
  24. C
  25. C
  26. A
  27. A
  28. B
  29. C
  30. D
  31. A
  32. D
  33. A
  34. C
  35. B
  36. D
  37. D
  38. B
  39. A
  40. C
  41. D
  42. B
  43. D
  44. C
  45. was
  46. were
  47. was
  48. takes
  49. gives/produces
  50. am
  51. was
  52. make
  53. can
  54. is
  55. isn’t raining
  56. was waiting … arrived
  57. am getting
  58. do you do
  59. was the car doing
  60. phones … didn’t phone
  61. were thinking … decided
  62. is happening
  63. doesn’t rain
  64. rang … were having
  65. went … was studying … didn’t want … didn’t stay
  66. told … didn’t believe … thought … was joking
  67. A
  68. B
  69. C
  70. C
  71. D
  72. B
  73. invented
  74. it’s gone
  75. had gone
  76. did you do… Did you go
  77. have you had
  78. it was raining
  79. She has been teaching
  80. I bought … I haven’t worn
  81. I saw … was … I had seen … I remembered … it was
  82. Have you heard … She was … died … She wrote … Have you read
  83. does this word mean … I’ve never seen
  84. Did you arrive … it had already begun
  85. knocked … was … he’d gone/he had gone … he didn’t want
  86. She had never used … she didn’t know
  87. went … She needed … she had been sitting

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