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Q. Hundred Years War(1337 to1453) freed England from ecclesiastical bondage to?
Ans. Rome
Q. There were…….. noteworthy writers of The Age Of Chaucer?
Ans. 5 (Langland, Wycliffe, Gower, Mandeville and Chaucer)
Q. Who voiced the social discontent, and preached the equality of men and the dignity of labor in The Age Of Chaucer?

Ans. Langland
(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. The greatest English religious reformer was?
Ans. John Wycliffe
Q. Name the scholar who severely criticized the vigorous life of 14th century England?

Ans. Gower
Q. Who wrote Vox Clamantis?
Ans. John Gower

(It’s a dream allegory dealing with the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381)
Q. What does Vox Clamantis mean?
Ans. The voice of one crying in the wilderness
Q. What is the meaning of Chaucer?
Ans. Shoemaker. It is a French word.
Q. Who is known as an unerring master of poetic form?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. What does the work Confessio Amantis by Gower mean?
Ans. A lover’s confession

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Q. What was the major work of Chaucer during his appointment as a comptroller?
Ans. The House Of Fame
Q. Who is the author of the book The Travels Of Sir John Mandeville?
Ans. John Mandeville
Q. Which work of the age of Chaucer was not influenced by the social and moral problems of those days?
Ans. The Travels Of Sir John Mandeville
Q. The total population of London by 1370 was?
Ans. 40,000
Q. Which work is one of the most searching Christian narratives in the English language? Ans. The Vision Of Piers The Plowman by William Langland
Q. Christopher Columbus and Leonardo da Vinci are believed to have relied upon?
Ans. John Mandeville’s book The Travels Of Sir John Mandeville
Q. John Foxe called Chaucer by the name of?

Ans. Right Wiclevian
Q. What is the correct sequence of Chaucer, Pearl poet, Gower?
Ans. Pearl poet, Gower, Chaucer
Q. Who is considered as the first writer to have been buried in Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey?
Ans. Geoffrey Chaucer

Q. John Wycliffe was the first to render the Bible into English. In which year did he do so?
Ans. 1380

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Q. Piers The Plowman is a series of visions seen by its author William Langland. What was the first vision that he saw?
Ans. The vision of a field full of folks
Q. Which poet wrote a famous poem mourning the death of Chaucer?
Ans. Occleve in the Govemail Of Princess
Q. In Chaucer’s times, the Peasants’ Revolt resulted in?
Ans. The end of serfdom
Q. Which work of Chaucer bears a close resemblance to Dante’s Divine Comedy?
Ans. The House Of Fame
Q. Troilus And Criseyde shows great influence of Boccaccio’s work………?
Ans. Filostrato
Q. Who wrote Destruction Of Troy?
Ans. John Clerk of Whaley
Q. Chaucer was influenced by……… in the first and thirty-year period of his career?
Ans. French literary models

Q. What are the other names of The Age of Chaucer?
Ans. The Age Of Turbulence OR The Age Of Transition
Q. The Age Of Chaucer was the transition period of?
Ans. Medieval and the Renaissance
Q. Which poem by Chaucer was written on the death of Blanche, wife of John of Gaunt? Ans. The Book Of The Duchess

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Q. What was the first major work of John Gower?
Ans. Miroir de l’Omme
Q. What is the other name of Miroir de I’Omme by John Gower?
Ans. Speculum Meditantis
Q. The Peasants’ Revolt is also known as?

Ans. Tyler’s Rebellion
Q. Who wrote a sequel to Chaucer’s Troilus And Criseyde?
Ans. Robert Henryson. The name of the sequel was Testament Of Cresseid
Q. Chaucer’s Age is marked with a
decline in the feudal system, corruption in the church, and a rise in………?
Ans. National consciousness
Q. Who said about John Gower, “A more typical representative of his age and class than Chaucer could claim to be?”
Ans. David Daiches
Q. How many visions are there in Piers The Plowman by William Langland?
Ans. Three visions
Q. What are the major works of The Pearl Poet?
Ans. Pearl, Cleanness, Patience

Q. Who wrote In Praise Of Peace?
Ans. John Gower
Q. Who was one of the earliest opponents of papal authority?
Ans. John Wycliffe

(John Milton MCQs Part 03)
(Indian English Literature MCQs)

Q. Who is the writer of Speculum Hominis?

Ans. John Gower
Q. ‘English and Scottish Chaucerians’ means?
Ans. Those who follow Chaucer in style
Q. The Romance Of The Rose is a famous poem by Chaucer and it belongs to?
Ans. His French Period. It’s an allegorical poem
Q. Who exercised a
deep influence on Chaucer’s art during the Italian period of his literary career?
Ans. Boccaccio
Q. “The first of our really English poets”, who said this about Chaucer?
Ans. Hudson
Q. When was Chaucer imprisoned but soon released?
Ans. 1359

(some say 1360. Keep both in mind)
Q. Who is John Barbour?
Ans. Father of Scottish poetry

Q. Name the first classic prose of English?
Ans. The Travels Of Sir John Mandeville
Q. Which work of Chaucer takes passages directly from Dante?
Ans. The Parliament Of Fowls

(Prologue To The Canterbury Tales MCQ’s)
Q. In the Age Of Chaucer, society was divided into what three traditional estates?
Ans. (1) The Church (they prayed) (2) The Nobility ( they fought) (3) The Villains (they worked e.g peasants. Villains because they revolted)

Q. Chaucer lived during the reigns of?
Ans. Edward lll, Richard ll and Henry IV
Q. The Hundred Years War was fought between?
Ans. England And France
Q. Who says, “Chaucer was not in any sense a poet of the people?”
Ans. Henry Hudson
Q. Who was called the first protestant and the father of the English Reformation?
Ans. John Wycliffe
Q. Who said, “Ah freedom is a noble thing?”

Ans. Barbour
Q. Before the English language, which language was the language of court and nobility?
Ans. French
Q. The first poem in English to use a heroic couplet is?
Ans. The Legend Of Good Women by Chaucer
Q. How many pilgrims in the Prologue To The Canterbury Tales represent the military profession?
Ans. 3
Q. How many ecclesiastical characters have been portrayed in the Prologue To The Canterbury Tales?
Ans. 8
Q. Hudson has rightly said that under the influence of Chaucer in English poetry, the rhyme gradually displaced?
Ans. Alliteration

(John Milton MCQs Part 02)

Q. What did Chaucer use in The Book Of The Duchess?
Ans. Octave Rhyme

(The most common rhyme scheme for an octave is abba abba)
Q. Why is Chaucer criticized for presenting an incomplete picture of his times?
Ans. Because he writes for the court and cultivated classes and neglects the suffering of the poor
Q. “The well of English undefiled” which quality of Chaucer does this phrase by Spenser refer to?
Ans. His avoidance of foreign influences

Q. Who tells the last tale in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales?
Ans. The Parson
Q. Which dialect was to become the standard English OR the King’s English by the time of Chaucer?
Ans. The East Midland
Q. Who has been called the prince of plagiarists?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Which book is termed as the encyclopedia of the art of love?
Ans. Confessio Amantis by John Gower
Q. Chaucer was not indebted for his sources to Homer?
Ans. True. He was indebted to French and Italian literary models
Q. Who were Lollards?
Ans. The followers of Wycliffe.

(Wycliffe was the founder of Lollard Movement)
Q. Wycliffe’s Bible is a translation of?
Ans. Latin Texts

Q. Chaucer’s Troilus And Criseyde is dedicated to?
Ans. John Gower
Q. Who said Chaucer lacks high seriousness?
Ans. Mathew Arnold
Q. Which Chaucerian work is associated with Valentine’s Day?
Ans. The Parliament Of Fowls

Q. Who wrote the poem ‘An ABC’?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Three medieval institutions were?
Ans. Chivalry, Feudalism and the Church
Q. What does Dryden say about Chaucer’s work The Canterbury Tales?
Ans. “Here is God’s plenty”
Q. Chaucer wrote in which type of English?

Ans. Middle English
Q. What attributes make Chaucer the father of the
English novel?
Ans. Realism, Dramatic art, and his narrative techniques
Q. Chaucer’s The House Of Fame, The Parliament Of Fowls and Troilus And Criseyde speak?
Ans. Italian influence on Chaucer
Q. Who called Chaucer the earliest of great moderns?
Ans. Edward Albert

Q. What is the rhyme scheme of Troilus And Criseyde by Chaucer?
Ans. Aba bb cc

(written in rhyme royal. The rhyme royal stanza consists of seven lines, usually in iambic pentameter. The rhyme scheme is ABA BB CC)
Q. Who was described as the morning star of Reformation?
Ans. John Wycliffe

Q. The Age Of Chaucer lasted from 1340 to?
Ans. 1400
Q. How many women characters figure in the Prologue To The Canterbury Tales?
Ans. 3
Q. Who called Chaucer The Father Of English Poetry?
Ans. Dryden
Q. Who described Chaucer as the well of English undefiled?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Who introduced the heroic couplet into English?
Ans. Chaucer

(Heroic couplet is a pair of rhyming iambic pentameters. Iambic pentameter is a verse line that consists of ten syllables in a specific pattern of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable, or a short syllable followed by a long syllable. For example ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?)
Q. What happened to Chaucer while on the job?
Ans. He was robbed twice by highwaymen
Q. The first stage in the development of the English novel from the old romance is to be found in?
Ans. Chaucer’s time
Q. Who is buried beside Chaucer in the Poet’s Corner?
Ans. Spenser

Q. Spenser’s beloved master was?
Ans. Chaucer

Q. Why did the rebels of 1381 target the church?
Ans. The church was among the greatest of oppressive landowners
Q. Which medieval text revealed the secrets of the
Ans. Dante’s Divine Comedy
Q. Toward the close of which century did English replace French as the language of conducting business in Parliament and in a court of law?
Ans. Fourteenth
Q. The only extant poem of William Langland is?
Ans. The Vision Of Piers The Plowman
Q. The poet known entirely for Bruce which is the supreme national poem of Scotland, is? Ans. John Barbour
Q. A Vision Of Piers The Plowman is a satire on?
Ans. The corrupt religious practices of the time
Q. Sir Gawain And The Green Knight was written in?
Ans. 1350
Q. Whom did Edward Albert call the morning star of the Renaissance?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. What does medieval chivalry mean?
Ans. Showy praise of women

Q. Chaucer is much known for?
Ans. Realism in his poetry
Q. Who remarked that Chaucer found English a dialect and left it a language?
Ans. Lowes
Q. About which poem of Chaucer is it said that if Chaucer had written no satire but this poem, his place in the list would not be low?

Ans. The House Of Fame
Q. Hundred Years War, The Peasants’ Revolt, Black Death, Nationalism and New Learning are the principal events of?
Ans. Chaucer’s Age
Q. What is the keynote of Chaucer’s humor?

Ans. Tolerance and impartiality
Q. What type of events and references have been avoided by Chaucer?
Ans. Political events
Q. During the age of Chaucer, what type of institution had the greatest influence over the people of England?
Ans. The church
Q. Why is this fact so important that Chaucer wrote in English?
Ans. Because the official language of England was French
Q. Chaucer introduced the heroic couplet in English and invented……?
Ans. Rhyme Royal

Q. One of the main drawbacks of Troilus And Criseyde is?
Ans. Long and tiresome speeches

Q. The character of Criseyde is?
Ans. The psychological study of a complex woman
Q. Who was a page in a royal house, a soldier, a diplomat and a royal clerk?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Chaucer was influenced by……….. in the second fifteen-year period of his career?

Ans. Italian literary models
Q. Vision Of Piers The Plowman is an allegory of?
Ans. Life
Q. The father of English prose is?
Ans. John Wycliffe
Q. “Chaucer was the most practical of all the great poets”, who said?
Ans. Hazlitt
Q. Features of Chaucer’s poetry are?
Ans. Music and imagery, love of nature, humor and realism
Q. Who presented a cross-section of English life in the fourteenth century?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Whose work is regarded as the first great work of modern European literature?
Ans. Chaucer
Q. Who said Chaucer is one of the world’s three or four storytellers?
Ans. Lowell

Q. Four well-known dialects in the age of Chaucer were?
Ans. Southern, Midland, Northumbrian and Kentish
Q. Where did Chaucer first become acquainted with the writing of Ovid and Virgil?
Ans. At St. Paul’s Cathedral School

Q. What is Chaucer’s work Parliament Of Fouls about?
Ans. It is a study of Christian love. It points out the inauthentic quality of courtly love

(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. The fading chivalry of the middle ages is represented by?
Ans. The Knight in Canterbury Tales
Q. The budding chivalry of Chaucerian times is represented by?
Ans. The Squire in Canterbury Tales
Q. Dryden finds that Chaucer’s poetic decorum, his truth to nature, his skill in introducing the pilgrims and the many-sided quality of his genius make him?
Ans. An author of all time
Q. Which institution does Chaucer imply in the Canterbury Tales to be primarily responsible for the sins of society?
Ans. The church

(Prologue To The Canterbury Tales MCQ’s)
Q. Which two poets besides Chaucer are the eminent figures of Richardian Poetry?
Ans. John Gower and William Langland
Q. The third and fifteen-year period of Chaucer’s career is known as?
Ans. English period
Q. Black Death OR Bubonic Plague caused……… deaths of the English people?

Ans. 25%

Q Black Death lasted from?
Ans. 1346 to 1353 (Controversial. Also keep other dates in mind)
Q. How old was Chaucer when The Black Death swept over England?
Ans. 3 years old

(He was born c.1343)
Q. Troilus And Criseyde reveals Chaucer’s dexterity in handling?
Ans. The rhyme royal
Q. Apart from Chaucer and Langland, the flowering of Medieval English Literature is evident in the works of?
Ans. The Gawain Poet

(Anglo-Saxon Period MCQ’s)
(Anglo-Norman Period MCQ’s)
(15th Century English Literature History MCQ’s)
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