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Q. What did Margie write in her diary?
Ans. “Today Tommy found a real book”
Q. Had Margie ever seen a book before?
Ans. No, Margie had never seen a book before
Q. Did Margie have any classmates?
Ans. No, she didn’t have any classmates
Q. What was the name of Margie’s mother?
Ans. Mrs. Jones
Q. What was the problem with Geography subject?
Ans. It geared up faster than Margie’s age. So, she could not cope with the speed of the subject
Q. The kids in the old schooling pattern went home together?
Ans. In between classes
Q. What was the subject of the book?
Ans. The school of old days
Q. Where did Tommy find the book?
Ans. In the attic

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Q. In which subject the mechanical teacher had been giving test after test?
Ans. Geography
Q. Who said, “Gee, what a waste?”
Ans. Tommy

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Q. Where did Margie keep the book to read?
Ans. On Tommy’s shoulder
Q. “And all the kids learned the same thing.” Who said this?
Ans. Margie

Q. What does regular teacher mean?
Ans. A mechanical teacher in the year 2157
Q. On what theme is the story The Fun They Had based?
Ans. How mechanization is affecting our school system
Q. To which world the story takes its readers?
Ans. Future world
Q. What is virtual reality?
Ans. It is the reality created by computer software

Q. What is meant by a virtual classroom?
Ans. It is the classroom where learning is done through computer software and internet
Q. What is a Debate?
Ans. It is a contest to show ability in argument between two persons
Q. Who is the main character of the story The Fun They Had?
Ans. Margie
Q. How old is Margie?
Ans. 11 years old

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Q. The story has been set in which year?
Ans. 2157
Q. Who is the author of the lesson The Fun They Had?
Ans. Isaac Asimov
Q. Who are Tommy and Margie?
Ans. They are neighbors
Q. What did Tommy find?
Ans. An old book with yellow pages

Q. How old is Tommy?
Ans. Thirteen years old
Q. Where did Tommy find the old book with yellow pages?
Ans. In his house
Q. For Margie, what was strange about the book?
Ans. Its still words printed on page
Q. Who was teaching the students in the modern era?
Ans. A mechanical robot teacher
Q. What is a telebook?
Ans. It is an electronic book. The book which is read through mobile or computer
Q. Where was the school of Margie?
Ans. In a room in her house where a computer was set up

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Q. What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn?
Ans. Mathematics, science, geography
Q. Where did Tommy and Margie read various books?
Ans. On a computer screen

Q. Who went to school?
Ans. Margie and Tommy’s ancestors
Q. Who was the regular teacher who taught the lessons?
Ans. Mechanical robot teacher who teaches Margie and Tommy

Q. With whom is the mechanical teacher contrasted with?
Ans. With human teachers
Q. Why did Margie’s mother call the County Inspector?
Ans. To check the fault in Margie’s teacher in the Geography section
Q. In which subject was Margie failing repeatedly?
Ans. Geography
Q. What did the County Inspector do to help Margie?
Ans. He reset the teacher to Margie’s level
Q. The section of which subject was completely deleted from Tommy’s computer?
Ans. History
Q. How much time was taken to repair Tommy’s teacher?
Ans. One month

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Q. Did Margie have fixed hours of study?
Ans. Yes she had fixed time and hours daily to study except Saturdays and Sundays
Q. Tommy walked away with the __ book beneath his arm?
Ans. Dusty
Q. According to Margie, in an older time, the schools were?
Ans. Funny
Q. Whose father knew as much as a teacher?
Ans. Tommy’s
Q. How many subjects are mentioned in this chapter?
Ans. Three
Q. “Why would anyone write about school?” Who said this?
Ans. Margie

Q. Margie was disappointed because they?
Ans. Didn’t take away the mechanical teacher
Q. Margie had to write out her homework?
Ans. In punch code
Q. After fixing the mechanical teacher, the big screen displayed?
Ans. All the lessons and questions asked

Q. The County Inspector had a whole box of?
Ans. Tools with dials and wires

Q. Why did Margie hate school now more than ever?
Ans. Because of her scores in Geography which gets worse and worse
Q. Margie was scornful?
Ans. Knowing that the real book detailed about school
Q. According to Tommy, the real book was?
Ans. A waste
Q. The kids in the old schooling pattern went home together?
Ans. At the end of the day
Q. While inserting her homework in the proper slot, Margie was thinking about?
Ans. Old schools
Q. What did the teacher in the real book do?
Ans. Taught and gave questions in person
Q. Why did Margie find the old schools interesting?
Ans. Because of the fun, because of human teachers and because of many friends

Q. What did the County Inspector do to help Margie?
Ans. He reset the teacher to Margie’s level
Q. On which date did Margie make an entry in her diary about schools?
Ans. 17 May 2157

Q. Who found a real book?
Ans. Tommy

Q. What did Margie write about in her diary?
Ans. A real school
Q. Who told Margie once about real books?
Ans. Her grandfather
Q. Why were the pages of the book yellow and crinkly?
Ans. It was a very old book
Q. How were the words in the book?
Ans. Steady
Q. “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read the book.” Who said this?
Ans. Tommy

Q. Who didn’t want a strange man as a teacher?
Ans. Margie
Q. Margie and Tommy took their lessons via?
Ans. Mechanical teacher
Q. Tommy’s mechanical teacher was away for?
Ans. Nearly one month
Q. After fixing the mechanical teacher, __ smiled?
Ans. County Inspector
Q. How long (approx.) did the inspector take to fix the mechanical teacher?
Ans. One hour

Q. What did Margie hope for when the county inspector took the mechanical teacher apart?
Ans. That the inspector will never know how to put back the mechanical teacher
Q. The County Inspector had a?
Ans. Red face
Q. The section of which subject was completely deleted from Tommy’s computer?
Ans. History

Q. How do readers first learn that the story is set in the future?
Ans. By the date of Margie’s diary entry
Q. How does Margie feel about school?
Ans. She hates it
Q. What prompts Margie’s mother to send for the County Inspector?
Ans. Repeated Geography tests were too difficult for Margie’s level
Q. What description best matches the County Inspector’s appearance?
Ans. Round and little with a red face
Q. What two things does the County Inspector do when he arrives at Margie’s house?
Ans. He gives Margie an apple and he takes the mechanical teacher apart
Q. What description best matches Margie’s opinion of the mechanical teacher?
Ans. Large and black and ugly with a big screen and a slot for homework
Q. What part of the mechanical teacher does Margie hate the most?
Ans. The teacher’s slot for homework and test papers

Q. When did Margie first learn the punch code for her homework and tests?
Ans. At the age of six

Q. What does the County Inspector tell Margie’s mother about her progress in geography?
Ans. Her progress is satisfactory
Q. What word best describes Tommy’s attitude towards Margie?
Ans. Condescending

Q. What shocks Margie about Tommy’s explanation of the old kind of school?
Ans. The teachers were people rather than machines
Q. What is Margie’s first objection to the idea of a teacher being a man?
Ans. A man wouldn’t know enough to be a teacher
Q. What is Margie’s mother’s opinion of teaching all the children of the same age the same lesson?
Ans. She thinks every child needs to have personalized lessons
Q. What prevents Margie and Tommy from finishing the book?
Ans. Margie’s mother interrupts, saying it is time for school
Q. How often does Margie have school?
Ans. Everyday except Saturdays and Sundays
Q. What is Margie’s lesson about?
Ans. Fractions

Q. What distracts Margie as her lesson starts?
Ans. The thought of the old schools centuries ago

Q. What does Margie seem to value in the schools of centuries past?
Ans. The community of students
Q. How does Margie imagine the children of centuries past experienced school?
Ans. They found it fun
Q. What question does the mechanical teacher ask Margie at the end?
Ans. What is 1/2 plus 1/4?
Q. What is Margie’s mood as the story concludes?
Ans. Wistful

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