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Here is The Hairy Ape MCQs Part 02 for you!
(The Hairy Ape MCQs Part 01)

Q. What political tactics does the Secretary endorse?
Ans. Direct Action
Q. Why does the prison guard blast water at Yank?
Ans. Yank bends back two of his cell bars
Q. What does I.W.W stand for?
Ans. Industrial Workers Of The World
Q. Why does Yank knock on the door of the I.W.W?
Ans. He thinks he is entering a secret club
Q. What is the real name of Yank?
Ans. Bob Smith
Q. What does Yank tell the I.W.W he will do for them?
Ans. Blow up buildings
Q. Why does the Secretary throw Yank out?
Ans. The Secretary thinks Yank is a spy
Q. What does Yank admire about the Ape?
Ans. The ape’s strong arms
Q. What is the stokehole?
Ans. The ship’s engine room
Q. How does Yank describe his parents?
Ans. Violent and abusive
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Q. What is the membership fee of I.W.W?
Ans. Half a dollar
Q. Whom does Yank regard his brother?
Ans. Gorilla
Q. Who wail on Yank’s death?
Ans. Monkeys
Q. Eugene O’Neill regards The Hairy Ape as a……..?
Ans. Comedy
Q. The Hairy Ape bears reflections of Eugene O’Neill’s……..?
Ans. Personal life and experiences
Q. A quest for identity in the modern society is also a…… The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Theme
Q. A large passenger ship sails across the Atlantic from…….?
Ans. New York
Q. How does Yank describe hell?
Ans. Where he is, is hell for him
Q. The prison is located in…….?
Ans. Blackwell’s Island
Q. Yank says that he has forgotten…….?
Ans. Nothing
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Q. What does Yank notice when he spends the night in the battery?
Ans. The sunrise
Q. What kind of expression does the coal dust give the men?
Ans. A puppet expression
Q. What do most of the men smoke?
Ans. Pipes
Q. What does the author compare the men’s throat to?
Ans. Phonograph horns
Q. What does Long say Mildred’s father has enough gold to……?
Ans. Sink the ship
Q. What day of the week is it in scene five?
Ans. Sunday
Q. What is one man in the office writing?
Ans. A letter
Q. Yank says that he is wiser to……?
Ans. The game
Q. Those whose duty is to shove coal into the furnace of the engine are called……..?
Ans. Stokers
Q. The older fireman is…….?
Ans. Paddy
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Q. Yank says that ship is his…….?
Ans. Home
Q. Long is a……..?
Ans. Marxist
Q. Mildred Douglas is a student of……..?
Ans. Sociology
Q. Mildred Douglas’ father is a……..?
Ans. Steel tycoon
Q. Mildred expects the arrival of the…….?
Ans. Engineer
Q. Mildred visits the deck wearing……..?
Ans. White dress
Q. Yank and Long come in search of Mildred to the…….?
Ans. Fifth Avenue
Q. Whenever Yank interrupted, the men mechanically said……..?
Ans. “Beg your pardon”
Q. Yank stays in the prison for……..?
Ans. One month
Q. What does Yank say he’ll do to Mildred?
Ans. Bust her face open
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Q. Yank pronounces the word ‘think’ as?
Ans. Tink
Q. Yank compares prison to……?
Ans. A zoo
Q. What does Yank say he could eat off the sidewalk?
Ans. A fried egg
Q. According to Long, the engineers were exhibiting like……?
Ans. Monkeys
Q. What do the voices in Newspapers say?
Ans. That they have seen Douglas’ Picture
Q. What do the voices say Douglas is filthy with?
Ans. Dough
Q. What do the voices say they must organize?
Ans. An American bazaar
Q. Yank is impressed by the………?
Ans. Furs and diamonds
Q. The Hairy Ape uses the technique of……..?
Ans. Expressionism
Q. Yank equates himself with…….?
Ans. Steel

Q. On the deck of the ship Mildred Douglas and her aunt are enjoying the……..?
Ans. Sunlight
Q. Mildred Douglas is a beautiful young woman of……..?
Ans. 20
Q. Mildred Douglas’ father is the chairman of the Board of Directors of the……..?
Ans. Nazareth Steel & Co
Q. Mildred is interested in……..?
Ans. Social service
Q. Mildred expresses to her aunt that she feels like a…….?
Ans. Waste product
Q. The man tells Yank to hide the newspaper……?
Ans. Under his mattress
Q. What kind of men does the secretary say he needs?
Ans. Men who can hold their jobs
Q. What does Yank tell the men he is trying to do?
Ans. To think
Q. Scene 6 takes place in…….?
Ans. A prison
Q. What does Paddy say ten doctors and nurses will be feeding Mildred?
Ans. Salts

Q. Mildred says that she has………dresses?
Ans. 50
Q. Mildred feels Yank’s face as a………?
Ans. Gorilla face
Q. Yank tells Long to join the……..?
Ans. Salvation army
Q. Yank is imprisoned at……..?
Ans. Blackwell’s Island
Q. Yank dies when……..attacks him?
Ans. Gorilla
Q. Yank symbolizes the…….nature of man?
Ans. Animal
Q. In The Hairy Ape, steel is the symbol of…….?
Ans. Power and oppression
Q. Publisher of The Hairy Ape was…….?
Ans. Library of America
Q. When the secretary throw him out. Where did Yank go?
Ans. To a zoo
Q. What happened to Yank at the zoo?
Ans. An ape attacked him and killed him

Q…….called it “without question not only the most interesting play of the season, but the most striking play of many seasons?”
Ans. The Freeman
Q……. caustically accused the play of smelling “like the monkey house in the Zoo, where the last act takes place and where the play should have been produced?”
Ans. Billboard
Q. The Hairy Ape is a……
Ans. One Act
Q. Yank is patterned after……..who was stoker acquaintance of O’Neill and was similarly proud of his physical strength?
Ans. Robert Driscoll
Q. What is the major conflict in The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Mildred Douglas, an innocent aristocratic girl, visits the stokehole, sees Yank, and calls him a “filthy beast” and faints.
Q. What is the climax of The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Mildred and Yank look at each other
Q. What are the motifs in The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Belonging, thought, slavery, service
Q. Give an example of foreshadowing from The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Characters repeatedly calling Yank an ape
Q. What does a woman cry in ecstasy about?
Ans. Monkey fur
Q. The author describes Yank’s eyes as……?
Ans. Resentful

Q. What was Mildred’s grandfather?
Ans. Puddler
Q. Who advises Mildred to cover her clothes with an old coat?
Ans. An engineer
Q. Who claims that Yank has fallen in love?
Ans. Paddy
Q. Who gets Yank arrested?
Ans. A gentleman
Q. How many scenes are there in The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Eight
(The Hairy Ape MCQs Part 01)

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