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(The Hairy Ape MCQs Part 02)

Q. Yank is obsessed with the concept of…….?
Ans. “Belonging”
Q. The Thinker is a…… the artist Auguste Rodin?
Ans. Sculpture
Q. Mildred’s white dress symbolically represents the artificiality and detachment of the…….?
Ans. Aristocracy
Q. What language is “Gesundheit”?
Ans. German
Q. In the opening stage directions, O’Neill says the play should not be what?
Ans. Naturalistic
Q. The Salvation Army is regularly referred to, to stand for what?
Ans. Religion
Q. Whom does Yank call “old Harp”?
Ans. Paddy
Q. Who is the frail, impetuous twenty-year-old daughter of the owner of Nazareth Steel?
Ans. Mildred Douglas
Q. Whose reaction to Yank causes his class awareness?
Ans. Mildred’s
Q. Who is a stuffy, fat, middle-aged aristocratic woman who is intensely critical of Mildred’s involvement in social work?
Ans. Mildred’s Aunt

Q. Who works with Yank as a fireman aboard the Ocean Liner?
Ans. Paddy
Q. Who is known for drunkenness?
Ans. Paddy
Q. Who reminisces about his days working on a Clipper ship where men were free?
Ans. Paddy
Q. Where is Paddy from?
Ans. Ireland
Q. What condition are the firemen in the beginning of the play?
Ans. Drunk
Q. How does the play begin as the curtain rises?
Ans. Noisy
Q. Whom does “Froggy” refer to?
Ans. Frenchman
Q. Who sings “Oh, whiskey is the life of man! Whiskey! O Johnny!”?
Ans. Paddy
Q. Which sculptor made the sculpture Yank sometimes resembles?
Ans. Rodin
Q. Who takes Yank to New York City to prove to Yank that all members of the upper class are the same?
Ans. Long

Q. Who comes to believe that Yank works for the government and throws him out on the street?
Ans. The Secretary
Q. Who calls the police because Yank causes him to miss a bus?
Ans. Gentleman
Q. Who shoots water at Yank when he bends the bars of his cell back?
Ans. The Guard
Q. Who escorts Mildred Douglas to the stokehole of the Ocean Liner?
Ans. Second Engineer
Q. The resounding theme of The Hairy Ape is the effect of……..and technological progress on the worker?
Ans. Industrialization
Q. When the men repeat the word “think,” their voices are described as…….?
Ans. Metallic
Q. What does “boob” mean?
Ans. Idiot
Q. Who calls the firemen “comrades”?
Ans. Long
Q. Who is to blame, according to Long?
Ans. Capitalist class
Q. What makes the men rowdy and happy again after moments of tension?
Ans. Drink

Q. According to Paddy, what has ruined sailing?
Ans. Machines
Q. In response to Paddy’s lament, Yank says that he himself is…….?
Ans. Steel
Q. How many bells announce the beginning of the firemen’s watch?
Ans. Eight
Q. Who are representatives of the highest and lowest societal classes?
Ans. Mildred and Yank
Q. Where is Yank from?
Ans. US
Q. Where are Mildred Douglas and her aunt in the beginning of Scene II?
Ans. Promenade Deck
Q. What did Mildred study in college?
Ans. Sociology
Q. Mildred’s father is the president of what kind of company?
Ans. Steel
Q. Mildred’s aunt loathes what?
Ans. Deformity
Q. Mildred is attempting to do what?
Ans. Discover how the other half lives

Q. Is alienation a theme in The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Yes
Q. The biggest symbol in the play is the…….which takes Yank’s life at the finale?
Ans. Ape
Q. Eugene O’Neill’s play The Hairy Ape is
a/an…….. play?
Ans. Expressionistic
Q. Yank represents the paralysis of the industrial worker in…….?
Ans. 1922
Q. We first meet Mildred Douglas in……. of Eugene O’Neill’s 1922 play The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Scene 2
Q. In The Hairy Ape, who is described as “extremely monkey-like?”
Ans. Paddy
Q. Eugene O’Neil wrote the play The Hairy Ape in……..?
Ans. 1922
Q. In The Hairy Ape, what is Yank’s job aboard the ship?
Ans. Coal stoker
Q. Which fireman talks about Marxist ideas?
Ans. Long
Q. Where was Yank born?
Ans. New York

Q. What kinds of stores do the men notice on 5th Avenue?
Ans. Furrier and a jeweler
Q. Why are Mildred and her aunt traveling together?
Ans. Mildred’s aunt is chaperoning on her
Q. The encounter between Paddy and Yank takes place in the…….of The Hairy Ape?
Ans. First scene
Q. Who is the tragic protagonist of The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Yank
Q. The Hairy Ape is about a beastly, unthinking laborer known as…….?
Ans. Yank
Q. In The Hairy Ape, who is referred to as a “filthy beast”?
Ans. Yank
Q. Who is a leader among the other workers and finds himself rebelling against the authoritarian upper class?
Ans. Yank
Q. Who could be seen as symbolizing the voice of reason?
Ans. Paddy
Q. Who is a young, wealthy socialite who faints at the sight of Yank working in the ship?
Ans. Mildred Douglas
Q. Who dismisses Yank’s ideas of violent rebellion in favor of peaceful strikes?
Ans. The Secretary

Q. What upsets Yank when he hears a tenor sing about, “a lass at home?”
Ans. He thinks the ship is home
Q. What Rodin statue does Yank occasionally resemble?
Ans. The Thinker
Q. What animal does Mildred compare herself to?
Ans. Leopard
Q. What color is the dress that Mildred wears into the stokehole?
Ans. White
Q. Who deemed The Hairy Ape as showing “excessive use of monologues, the confusion or slowness of certain scenes, and the depressing monotony which follows all the pathetic ‘moments’?
Ans. Critics
Q. The Hairy Ape was first produced by the…… 1922?
Ans. Provincetown Players
Q. Racial degeneration is also a theme in The Hairy Ape?
Ans. True
Q. Yank’s……lies in his inherent ability to be the best at everything physical, he lives and dies by the work he does with his hands?
Ans. Heroism
Q. What is the subtitle of The Hairy Ape?
Ans. A Comedy of Ancient and Modern Life
Q. Who is the hero in The Hairy Ape?
Ans. Yank

Q. What is Yank on the ship?
Ans. Fireman (Coal Stoker)
Q. From where does the ship start?
Ans. New York
Q. According to Yank, beer is……..?
Ans. A light drink and good for girls and Dutchmen
Q. Why does Yank become infuriated at the whistle-blower in scene ll?
Ans. Yank thinks he should tell the men when to work.
Q. Why does Mildred go down into the stokehole?
Ans. She wants to see how the ‘other half’ lives
Q. What does Mildred tell the second Engineer she’ll do with her dress after she wears it into the stokehole?
Ans. Throw it overboard
Q. What does Yank make the gentleman miss?
Ans. His bus
Q. Yank tells his other inmates that he is…….?
Ans. A Hairy Ape
Q. Whose speech is read aloud in the cellblock?
Ans. Senator Queen
Q. How are the Wobblies described in the speech read by Yank’s inmate?
Ans. A threat to democracy

Q. Who sings the whisky song?
Ans. Paddy
Q. Who compares the stinking ship with hell?
Ans. Long
Q. Who claims that “all men are born free and equal?”
Ans. Long
Q. Who says, “I am young! I’m in de pink?”
Ans. Yank
Q. Mildred’s governess is her……..?
Ans. Aunt
Q. Mildred puts on a………dress?
Ans. White
(The Hairy Ape MCQs Part 02)

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