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Q. The old man used to wake the boy, Manolin, that’s why the boy called him?
Ans. Alarm clock
Q. During fishing, the old man said, “I’m still an old man, but I’m not………?”
Ans. Unarmed
Q. The Old Man and the Sea is a?
Ans. Tragedy
Q. Santiago promises that if he catches the fish, he will make a pilgrimage to…….?
Ans. The Virgin of Cobre
Q. What takes the second bait that Santiago put out just before nightfall?
Ans. A dolphin
Q. Santiago gave manolin two of……?
Ans. Sardines
Q. How does Santiago feel about the fish that he is doing battle with?
Ans. He has sympathy and a strange appreciation for it
Q. The most pathetic and tragic moment in the novel occurs when Santiago stops for a moment, looks back, and sees?
Ans. The great tail of the fish

Q. Why is Manolin particularly devoted to Santiago?
Ans. Because Santiago taught him how to fish
Q………was much regret for those who are of the view that story is nothing?
Ans. The Old Man and the Sea

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Q. In ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ the real success is……..?
Ans. Continuous struggle
Q. What defeated the Old man?
Ans. Sharks
Q. The……..of the Old man is the real charm of the Novel?
Ans. Struggle
Q. The old man resembles himself with?
Ans. Turtle
Q. Who published The Old Man and the Sea?
Ans. Charles Scribner’s Sons
Q. How many pages are there in The Old Man and the Sea?
Ans. 127

Q. It was cited by the Nobel Committee that
………..contributed to awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Hemingway in 1954?
Ans. The Old Man and the Sea
Q. The novel The Old Man and the Sea is written by?
Ans. Ernest Hemingway

Q. The old man in The Old Man and the Sea is?
Ans. Santiago
Q. Who is the hero of the old man?
Ans. Joe DiMaggio, an American baseball player

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Q. Where were the old man’s most severe injuries located?
Ans. His hands
Q. What does the old man often dream about?
Ans. Lions
Q. What is the basic theme of the novel The Old Man and the Sea?
Ans. Never give up
Q. With whom did the old man live?
Ans. No one

Q. What does the old man call the sea?
Ans. La Mar
(La mar is the feminine form for “the sea” in Spanish)
Q. For what sport did people refer to the old man as “The Champion” in his youth?
Ans. Arm wrestling
Q. While eating his hooked fish, what did the old man wish he had?
Ans. Salt
Q. What does the giant fish do that means he is coming near the death?
Ans. Circles the boat

Q. Soon after the old man killed the giant fish, what showed up?
Ans. A shark
Q. What does the old man plan to add to the boat for his next trip?
Ans. A rock to sharpen his knife

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Q. How did the boy feel when he found the old man after returning from long journey?
Ans. Concerned
Q. How big was the fish, the Marlin, caught by the old man?
Ans. 18 feet

Q. What part of the fish would the boy get?
Ans. The tail
Q. What was the last thing the old man did in the story?
Ans. Slept
Q. On opening of the novel, Santiago could not catch any fish for…….?
Ans. 84 days
Q. Manolin’s…….forbade him for fishing with Santiago because they considered him a salao?
Ans. Parents
Q. Salao means…….?
Ans. Worst form of unlucky

Q. How does Hemingway describe the old man’s eyes?
Ans. They are the color of the sea
Q. What kind of dreams did the old man have before going on fishing expedition?
Ans. Lions on the beach
Q. What kind of fish does Santiago first catch?
Ans. Tuna

Q. The Old Man and the Sea was published in?
Ans. 1952
Q. What happens to make Santiago curse the treachery of his body?
Ans. His hand cramps

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Q. Great Di Maggio suffers from which affliction?
Ans. Bone spur
Q. What does the old man remove and eat from the belly of a dolphin?
Ans. Flying fish
Q. In how much time does the shark arrive and attack the Marlin?
Ans. One hour
Q. The organ which gave the old man constant trouble was?
Ans. Left arm
Q. What does the changing angle of the fishing line tell the old man?
Ans. That the fish is towing
Q. How does the old man become champion?
Ans. By arm wrestling with a Negro

Q. The weight of the fish Marlin is?
Ans. 1500 pound
Q. Which literary award did The Old Man and the Sea win in 1953?
Ans. The Pulitzer Prize
Q. In 1936, Hemingway wrote a piece about a Cuban fisherman dragged to sea by a giant Marlin for………..magazine?
Ans. Esquire
Q. What kind of fish is the first to attack Santiago’s boat after his big catch?
Ans. Mako

(Heart of Darkness MCQs Part 01)

Q. How many times did Santiago dream about lions at play on the beaches of Africa?
Ans. Three
Q. Who is the main character of the novel?
Ans. Santiago
Q. What eternal law are both Santiago and Marlin subject to?
Ans. Kill or be killed

Q. How are Santiago’s eyes described?
Ans. Cheerful and undefeated

Q. During his journey to the sea, which animal does Santiago think is his friend?
Ans. Flying fish
Q. To whom does Santiago compare the sea to?
Ans. Women
Q. Name the ocean where the old man went to catch a big fish?
Ans. Gulf Stream
Q. How big does the old man estimate the fish?
Ans. Two feet longer than his boat
Q. What happened around midnight?
Ans. A group of sharks ate the remaining fish
Q. The old man lived in?
Ans. Cuba

Q. The old man is a……….by profession?
Ans. Fisherman
Q. Where does the story take place?
Ans. Cuba

Q. Where is Santiago originally from?
Ans. Canary Islands
Q. What does Santiago refer to as aqua Mala, the whore?
Ans. Portuguese man-of-war
Q. How deep was the line on which the marlin bit?
Ans. 100 fathoms
Q. What does Santiago see that makes him realize, “no man was ever alone on the sea?”
Ans. A flock of ducks
Q. How long did Santiago’s arm wrestling match last?
Ans. All day and all night
Q. What kind of reception does Santiago receive at the terrace café?
Ans. Most of the fishermen mock him
Q. What is the name of Santiago’s pupil?
Ans. Manolin
Q. When did Ernest Hemingway win Nobel Prize?
Ans. 1954

Q. The boy fetches the old man some coffee and…….?
Ans. The daily papers
Q. How does the old man know immediately the size of the great marlin he has caught?
Ans. He pulls and pulls on the line and nothing happens
Q. During his great struggle with the marlin, what does Santiago wish repeatedly?
Ans. He wishes that the boy Manolin were with him

Q. What type of sea creature does the old man catch that has flying fish in its belly?
Ans. A dolphin
Q. In order to help himself catch the fish, what does Santiago do?
Ans. He decides to recite ten Hail Marys and ten Our Fathers
Q. To give himself confidence, Santiago remembers his contest with……?
Ans. The great Negro of Cienfuegos
Q. Why does the thought of selling the fish’s meat disappoint the old man?
Ans. The people who will eat the meat are unworthy
Q. How does Santiago finally kill the Marlin?
Ans. He harpoons through the heart

Q. After the shark attack, Santiago reflects that destruction is inevitable. How does he articulate this philosophy?
Ans. Everything in the world kills everything else in some way
Q. What happens upon the old man’s return to his village?
Ans. Manolin promises to sail with him

Q. Identify Pedrico?
Ans. He looked after the old man’s skiff
Q. Why does Manolin cry?
Ans. He cries for the old man’s suffering
Q. What did the old man lose when he killed a shark which was attacking on Marlin?
Ans. A harpoon
Q. How many days does Santiago struggle with the Marlin before he is able to kill it?
Ans. Three

Q. The first time that Santiago took Manolin out to fish, how old was Manolin?
Ans. Five years old
Q. What does Santiago do that no other fisherman in the village has done before?
Ans. Sails farther out
Q. What attribute of Santiago helps him endure?
Ans. Pride
Q. What item of Santiago is described as resembling the flag of permanent defeat?
Ans. Sail of his skiff
Q. Hemingway purposefully likens Santiago to what Biblical character?
Ans. Christ
Q. What do Santiago and Manolin get at the terrace café before Santiago sets out?
Ans. A beer

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