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Q. Which Hollywood film is based on The Tempest?
Ans. Yellow Sky
Q. What title does Stephano assume in Act lll, Scene ll?
Ans. Lord of the Island
Q. What has Prospero been doing on the island for twelve years?
Ans. Refining his magic
Q. What does Caliban do that contrasts with his savage demeanor and grotesque appearance?
Ans. Gives beautiful speeches
Q. What does Alonso do when reminded of the likely death of his son?
Ans. Tries to drown himself
Q. Whom did Ferdinand claim as his second father?
Ans. Prospero
Q. Of the 27 known moons of the planet, 24 are named after characters from Shakespeare’s play…….?
Ans. The Tempest
Q. Where does the first scene of the play take place?
Ans. On a ship at sea
Q. Where does the rest of the story take place?
Ans. On a remote island in the Mediterranean sea
Q. Why does Prospero use magic to begin a storm and cause the ship and ship’s people so much trouble?
Ans. He knew who were on the ship and wanted them to become stranded on his island

Q. The ship was going towards…….?
Ans. Italy
Q. Who is married to the prince of Tunis?
Ans. Alonso’s daughter Claribel
Q. Wedding Masque occurs in……?
Ans. Act 4
Q. “Misery acquaints a man with strange bad fellow.” Who says?
Ans. Trinculo
Q. Whom does Caliban mistake for one of Prospero’s spirits sent to torment him?
Ans. Trinculo
Q. How did Caliban hide himself after watching Trinculo?
Ans. He hid himself under his cloak
Q. “Good wombs have born bad sons.” Who says?
Ans. Miranda
Q. The Tempest was written in……?
Ans. 1611
(The Tempest MCQs Part 2)
Q. Who is Alonso?
Ans. King of Naples, father of Ferdinand
Q. Who is Caliban?
Ans. A native of the island on which Prospero lands. He does all of Prospero’s dirty work.

Q. Who is Prospero?
Ans. He is the father of Miranda
Q. At the beginning of the play, Alonso is returning home from……?
Ans. His daughter’s funeral
Q. Name the two attendant lords mentioned in the play Tempest?
Ans. Adrian and Francisco
Q. What order does Prospero give to Ariel?
Ans. To take the shape of a nymph and make himself invisible to all but Prospero
Q. Who plays flute and tabor drum in the play?
Ans. Ariel
Q. “I am a fool/To weep at what I am glad of” Who is the speaker?
Ans. Miranda
Q. Who describes the ideal Commonwealth in The Tempest?
Ans. Gonzalo
Q. “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” Who says?
Ans. Ariel
Q. Who helped Prospero and Miranda to flee Italy?
Ans. Gonzalo
Q. What is the age of Caliban?
Ans. 24 years old

Q. What does Caliban say must be before Prospero can be killed?
Ans. His books must be seized
Q. What task does Caliban give to Caliban and Ferdinand?
Ans. To fetch firewood
Q. How old is Miranda?
Ans. 15 years old
Q. Who is the person Miranda has ever seen except her father and Caliban in the play?
Ans. Ferdinand
Q. Who persuades Sebastian to try to kill Alonso?
Ans. Antonio
Q. Who plans an unsuccessful coup against Prospero?
Ans. Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano
Q. In act 5, whom does Prospero blame for the crimes against him?
Ans. Alonso
Q. What is the meaning of the name Miranda?
Ans. Admired
Q. Who is Gonzalo?
Ans. An honest and trusted adviser to King Alonso of Naples
Q. Prospero most often describes Gonzalo as?
Ans. An honest and trusted advisor to king Alonso of Naples

Q. In Act 1, the mariners decide to abandon ship because…….?
Ans. They were under a spell
Q. Prospero’s kingdom was usurped by……?
Ans. Antonio
Q. Ferdinand finally falls in love with Miranda due to?
Ans. Ariel’s enchantment
Q. “Graves at my command have waked their sleepers.” Who says?
Ans. Prospero
Q. Why does Prospero agree that Ferdinand and Prospero may marry?
Ans. They have passed all the tests put before them
Q. How does Prospero treat Antonio at the end of the play?
Ans. He forgives him
Q. Who is Roman goddess of agriculture in The Tempest?
Ans. Ceres
Q. Who is Roman goddess of marriage?
Ans. Juno
Q. Why does Prospero send Ariel to the royal party?
Ans. To stop the conspiracy
Q. Who chased Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano?
Ans. Spirit hounds

Q. “My library was dukedom large enough.” Who says?
Ans. Prospero
Q. Prospero creates a masque to teach his daughter……?
Ans. “The value of chastity”
Q. The Tempest is based on a report of a shipwreck that occurred in Bermuda in……?
Ans. 1609
Q. The plot is original, but its inspiration might have come from the work titled……..?
Ans. “A Discovery of the Bermudas”
Q. The Tempest was performed to celebrate the marriage of……..?
Ans. Princess Elizabeth
Q. Prospero tests Ferdinand’s love for his daughter by…….?
Ans. Making him a servant
Q. Throughout the play, Alonso is grieved by………?
Ans. Thoughts of his son’s death
Q. Who form a plot to take Alonso’s crown?
Ans. Sebastian and Antonio
Q. Caliban thinks that Stephano is a brave god because of his…….?
Ans. Celestial liquor
Q. Antonio and Sebastian’s murder plot is thwarted in Act 3 by…….?
Ans. A banquet brought in by spirits

Q. The Tempest is remarkable for its……..?
Ans. The extraordinary breadth of imaginative vision
Q. The play The Tempest is steeped in……?
Ans. Magic and illusion
Q. The Tempest begins with……?
Ans. A noise of thunder and lightning
Q. What is the first word of the play The Tempest?
Ans. Boatswain
Q. The storm is not a natural phenomenon at all, but a deliberate magical conjuring by……?
Ans. Prospero
Q. Who plots to murder the shipwrecked lords as they sleep?
Ans. Stephano and Antonio
Q. Who provides the main comic relief in the play?
Ans. Stephano and Trinculo
Q. What is ambiguous in the play The Tempest?
Ans. Whether Caliban is a monster or a man
Q. What does Gonzalo suggest the mariners do?
Ans. Pray for the king
Q. Who helped Antonio raise an army and usurp Prospero?
Ans. King of Naples, Alonso

Q. How does Prospero feel about Miranda and Ferdinand falling in love?
Ans. Secretly pleased
Q. Which lord likes island the most?
Ans. Gonzalo
Q. Who stops Alonso’s murder?
Ans. Ariel and Gonzalo
Q. When Trinculo sees Caliban lying on the ground under a cloak, what does he do?
Ans. Joins Caliban under it
Q. What is Ferdinand doing at the beginning of Act lll, Scene l?
Ans. Carrying wood
Q. What does Miranda ask when she finds out that Ferdinand is a prince?
Ans. If he loves her
Q. What does Ariel do to lead the men astray and interrupt their plans?
Ans. Plays music
Q. Ariel tells the men that their shipwreck and the loss of Ferdinand are punishment for what?
Ans. Endangering Prospero and Miranda
Q. Why can’t the men attack Ariel with their swords?
Ans. Their swords become heavy
Q. Prospero made Caliban a servant because……..?
Ans. He tried to rape Miranda

Q. In Act 5, Prospero primarily blames…….?
Ans. Alonso for the crimes against him
Q. According to Prospero, the king’s ship landed after the Tempest at……..?
Ans. Bermuda
Q. Who said, “O brave new world that has such people in it?”
Ans. Miranda
Q. What disappears before the eyes of Antonio, Sebastian and Alonso and frightens them?
Ans. A banquet
Q. Where does Ariel lead Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban to delay their attack?
Ans. To a swamp
Q. What do Prospero and Ariel use to distract Trinculo and Stephano from their scheme?
Ans. Fine clothing
Q. What effect does the sight of more men have on Miranda?
Ans. She is impressed
Q. What are the four main characters in the play The Tempest?
Ans. Prospero, Miranda, Ariel and Ferdinand
Q. “Good wombs have born bad sons.” The bad referred to is…….?
Ans. Antonio
Q. Food and fresh water were made available to the banished Prospero and his child Miranda by……?
Ans. Gonzalo

Q. Who was the first to jump out of the burning ship?
Ans. Ferdinand
Q. The action in The Tempest starts at…….?
Ans. Noon
Q. Ariel is thirsting for……?
Ans. His liberty
Q. Sycorax was born in……?
Ans. Rome
Q. “Poor worm! Thou are infected.” This is said by…….?
Ans. Prospero
Q. “Poor worm! Thou are infected.” Who is referred to as “poor worm”?
Ans. Miranda
Q. The infection referred to in the above passage is……?
Ans. Love
Q. Who said that he wants to die on land instead of drowning in water?
Ans. Gonzalo
Q. When Prospero was the Duke of Milan, he devoted most of his time to…….?
Ans. Studies and meditation
Q. Ariel is a sprit of……?
Ans. Air

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