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Here is The Tempest MCQs Part 02 for you!
(The Tempest MCQs Part 1)

Q. While Ferdinand meets Miranda, he feels she is a…….?
Ans. Goddess of the island
Q. Who tells Stephano that Shakespeare has the habit of sleeping in the afternoon?
Ans. Caliban
Q. Who are the three sinners in The Tempest?
Ans. Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian
Q. Sycorax imprisoned Ariel for his……?
Ans. Disobedience
Q. Trinculo is Alonso’s…….?
Ans. Jester
Q. Caliban is called……?
Ans. Demi-devil
Q. What things does Caliban not promise to Stephano?
Ans. Magical powers
Q. Miranda is upset with her father because…….?
Ans. Mariners might have been killed in the storm
Q. Prospero ascribes the loss of his dukedom to…….?
Ans. His negligence as a ruler
Q. The fact that Prospero and Miranda survived the usurpation is due to…….?
Ans. Gonzolo’s help
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Q. Alonso finds out that Prospero is still alive because…….?
Ans. Ariel charges him with betraying Prospero
Q. Who promises to become Trinculo’s lifelong servant?
Ans. Caliban
Q. Who pays tribute to Gonzalo for his sympathetic nature?
Ans. Prospero
Q. If Ferdinand refuses to marry Miranda, she wants to become his…….?
Ans. Lifelong maid
Q. Who said, “He has no drowning mark upon him, his complexion is perfect gallows?”
Ans. Gonzalo
Q. Shakespeare’s farewell play is……?
Ans. The Tempest
Q. Much of Prospero’s hope for power depends upon…….?
Ans. Miranda’s hopes for marriage
Q. Who is the most important person on the ship?
Ans. Ferdinand
Q. Who said, “Mercy on us! We split farewell my wife and children”?
Ans. Gonzalo
Q. What was Miranda doing when Prospero was expelled?
Ans. She was smiling
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Q. What was the time of Prospero’s expulsion from Milan?
Ans. Midnight
Q. When Prospero came to the enchanted island, how old was Miranda?
Ans. Three years old
Q. How did Prospero like to punish King Alonso and others for their crimes against him?
Ans. Ultimately to forgive
Q. How does Prospero revere his wife?
Ans. Piece of virtue
Q. The Supreme God of witches is……?
Ans. Setebos
Q. Whom did Gonzalo address as “gentlemen of brave mettle”?
Ans. Antonio and Sebastian
Q. According to Trinculo, how does Caliban smell like?
Ans. Fish
Q. Who is the speaker of the epilogue and who is addressed?
Ans. Prospero is the speaker, the audience is addressed
Q. Major themes of The Tempest are……..?
Ans. New colonial issues and political legitimacy
Q. Whom does Caliban mistake for one of Prospero’s spirits sent to torment him?
Ans. Trinculo
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Q. What was Prospero’s title before his position was usurped and he was forced to flee Italy?
Ans. Duke of Milan
Q. From which country is Alonso’s ship returning when it is caught in The Tempest?
Ans. Tunis
Q. Who is the jewel in Miranda’s dower?
Ans. Ferdinand
Q. Where does Act IV scene l take place?
Ans. Before Prospero’s cell
Q. What did Prospero require when he planned to abjure magic?
Ans. Heavenly music
Q. In how many voyages did Claribel and her brother Ferdinand find their spouses?
Ans. One
Q. Where does Prospero hope to see the marriage of Ferdinand and Miranda?
Ans. Naples
Q. What was the location of the real-world tempest that Shakespeare drew upon when writing the play?
Ans. Bermuda
Q. Some aspects of the play have the feeling of a highly stylized form of dramatic, musical entertainment called a…….?
Ans. Masque
Q. In The Tempest, the magical character that gives up his art has been broadly interpreted as referring to which real-world figure?
Ans. Shakespeare himself
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Q. Which thing did Prospero consider more valuable than his dukedom?
Ans. Books
Q. Which character has visited England?
Ans. Trinculo
Q. Who is godlike, manipulative, forgiving and loving?
Ans. Prospero
Q. Why Shakespeare used the three unities in this play?
Ans. He needed the unities to counter the profusion of music in the play
Q. Alonso believes that his son has…….?
Ans. Drowned in the shipwreck
Q. When Stephano and Trinculo first see caliban, they think…….?
Ans. He will make them rich if they can get him to civilization
Q. What punishment does Prospero give to Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban?
Ans. He makes them swim in a scummy pond
Q. As he tells his story, how many times does Prospero tell Miranda to listen?
Ans. Three times
Q. What does Caliban do after Prospero first summons him?
Ans. He curses him
Q. Who doesn’t fall asleep when Ariel enters playing “solemn music”?
Ans. Sebastian and Antonio

Q. When Stephano spots Trinculo and Caliban under the cloak, what does Stephano think he sees?
Ans. A two-headed monster
Q. What does Caliban do after Stephano mistakes him for something else?
Ans. He gets drunk
Q. How do Stephano and Trinculo view Caliban when Caliban is drunk?
Ans. As a ridiculous monster
Q. Prospero and Miranda had been on their island for……?
Ans. 12 years
Q. The name of Caliban’s mother was……?
Ans. Sycorax
Q. Over how many days does the action of The Tempest take place?
Ans. One
Q. Which mythical figures appear in the wedding mosque?
Ans. Ceres, Iris and Juno
Q. Who is Prospero’s brother?
Ans. Antonio
Q. Who is Sebastian’s brother?
Ans. Alonso
Q. What are Miranda and Ferdinand doing in the play’s final scene?
Ans. Playing chess

Q. What shape does Ariel assume at the magical banquet in Act 3, scene 3?
Ans. Harpy
Q. What does Caliban offer Stephano and Trinculo?
Ans. To show them around
Q. How does Miranda react to the news that Ferdinand is a prince?
Ans. She seems unconcerned
Q. Why does Stephano relish the idea of becoming ruler of the island kingdom?
Ans. The music is free
Q. Why does Prospero suddenly end the masque?
Ans. He remembers Caliban’s plot
Q. What happens when Trinculo and Stephano touch the clothing?
Ans. They are chased
Q. After Prospero tells Ariel to release the men, he gives a soliloquy in which he gives up what?
Ans. Magic
Q. What do Prospero and Ariel set out as bait for Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano?
Ans. Glistening apparel
Q. According to Caliban, whose books must be seized?
Ans. Prospero’s
Q. The name of Alonso’s daughter is……?
Ans. Claribel

Q. Who helped Prospero and Miranda to flee Italy?
Ans. Gonzolo
Q. What did Ariel do to mariners and boatswain after the tempest?
Ans. He put them asleep in the ship in the harbor
Q. Where did Sycorax imprison Ariel?
Ans. In a clove pine
Q. Both Caliban and Ferdinand are forced to……?
Ans. Carry wood
Q. Who persuades Sebastian to try to kill Alonso?
Ans. Antonio
Q. The Tempest is probably the…….play that Shakespeare wrote by himself?
Ans. Last
Q. What got Prospero into trouble before the play begins?
Ans. His pursuit of knowledge
Q. What does Miranda do in Act III, Scene i that is surprising?
Ans. Proposes to Ferdinand
Q. What kind of relationship does nearly every scene in the play depict?
Ans. A power dynamic
Q. What does the parallel between Alonso’s desire to drown himself and Prospero’s promise to drown his book symbolize?
Ans. Their need for sacrifice

Q. What does the tempest that begins the play symbolize?
Ans. Suffering and magical power
Q. The play The Tempest contains music and songs that evoke the spirit of…….on the island?
Ans. Enchantment
Q. The play The Tempest explores many themes, including magic, betrayal, revenge, and……?
Ans. Family
Q. What thing did Prospero intend to drown after reconciliation with his enemies?
Ans. Book
Q. What does Caliban say is his chief profit from learning language?
Ans. He knows how to curse
Q. The final task Prospero orders Ariel to do is?
Ans. To give the fleet calm seas on its return to Italy
Q. Which characters do Stephano and Trinculo most clearly parody?
Ans. Antonio and Sebastian
(The Tempest MCQs Part 1)

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