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Q. Who said, “Shaw has been for modern Britain what Socrates was for ancient Greece?”
Ans. A.C Ward
Q. Bernard Shaw got Oscar Award in?
Ans. 1938
Q. The novel An Unsocial Socialist was written by?
Ans. Bernard Shaw
Q. Charles Dickens dedicated his novel Hard Times to?
Ans. Thomas Carlyle
Q. Thackeray was born in?
Ans. Calcutta
Q. Who wrote the novel Mary Burton?
Ans. Elizabeth Gaskell
Q. Who exposed the cruelty of the industrial system as she had seen it in Manchester?
Ans. Mrs. Gaskell
Q. In which novels did Mrs. Gaskell expose the cruelty of the industrial system?
Ans. Mary Burton and North and South
Q. Which was Thomas Hardy’s first novel?
Ans. The Poor Man And The Lady
Q. Who conferred the Order Of Merit on Thomas Hardy?
Ans. George V
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Q. In which year Thomas Hardy announced that he would not write fiction again?
Ans. 1896
Q. Who wrote A Feminist Reading Of Hardy?
Ans. Patricia Ingham
Q. In……… there is a great deal of contemporary relevance in the way that it examines the position of women in Victorian period?
Ans. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Q. The novel……. shows a consistent awareness of the economic life of early Victorian Britain, in particular its colonial dimension?
Ans. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Q. All Victorian novelists focus on the relationship between?
Ans. The individual and society
Q. Who wrote The Moonstone?
Ans. Wilkie Collins
Q. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins starts with the storming of Seringapatam in?
Ans. 1799
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Q. Who wrote the novel The History of Henry Esmond?
Ans. Thackeray
Q. Who wrote the novel Vanity Fair?
Ans. Thackeray
Q. The subtitle of the novel Vanity Fair is?
Ans. A Novel Without a Hero
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Q. Wilkie Collins wrote?
Ans. Sensational novels
Q. Who said about Swinburne’s poetry ‘I don’t see any internal centre from which springs anything that he does’?
Ans. George Meredith
Q. Whose drawing-room became the meeting-place of such different personalities as Tennyson, Ruskin, and Browning?
Ans. Coventry Patmore
Q. Charlotte Bronte dedicated her novel Jane Eyre to?
Ans. Thackeray
Q. Who was the godfather of Matthew Arnold?
Ans. John keble
Q. About whom is it said that when the poet in him died, the critic was born?
Ans. Matthew Arnold
Q. Arnold classified English society into Barbarians, Philistines and?
Ans. Populace
Q. The Victorian Age is sometimes stretched from the date of the first Reform Bill in 1832 to the end of the reign of King Edward in?
Ans. 1910
Q. The ideas of radicalism and democracy had passed away by the?
Ans. 1840s
Q. The adjective Victorian was coined by…….?
Ans. 1851
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Q. In the Victorian Age, secular and religious authorities propagated the ideals of chastity and?
Ans. Strict moral codes
Q. Thomas Hardy achieved fame with his novel…….?
Ans. Far From the Madding Crowd
Q. Who wrote the novel Germinal?
Ans. Emile Zola
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Q. The best-known novel of George Gissing is?
Ans. New Grub Street
Q. In the Victorian Age, brothels were considered acceptable institutions as long as they did not destroy the sanctified boundaries of……?
Ans. Marriage
Q. The thematic scope of the Victorian novel rarely went beyond?
Ans. Social criticism
Q. The effects of the industrial revolution are reflected in………?
Ans. Victorian literature
Q. Chartist Riots and bloodshed over trade unions rights were also a……….in many works?
Ans. Motif
Q. George Eliot was hailed as the ‘Victorian Sage’ after the publication of?
Ans. Middle March
Q. The novel Adam Bede by George Eliot was published in?
Ans. 1859
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Q. The character of Dinah in Adam Bede represents?
Ans. George Eliot’s aunt
Q. Who said, “George Eliot is unmistakably a painter of bourgeois life as Thackeray was a painter of life of drawing rooms?”
Ans. Henry James
Q. The Victorian Era was a time of imperial glory and expansion?
Ans. True
Q. Between 1830 and 1900, England became a………….power?
Ans. Colonial
Q. Who developed Jeremy Bentham’s doctrine of utilitarianism?
Ans. John Stuart Mill
Q. Who wrote the essay Utilitarianism?
Ans. John Stuart Mill
Q. After the death of his wife, Browning settled in?
Ans. England
Q. Browning threw his work in fire when he didn’t find a publisher at the age of?
Ans. Twelve
Q. Who influenced Browning the most?
Ans. Lord Byron
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Q. According to utilitarian principles, happiness meant?
Ans. Success

Q. The real name of Lewis Carroll was?
Ans. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Q. Who wrote What Alice Found There?
Ans. Lewis Carroll
Q. The most controversial figure among Victorian poets is?
Ans. G M Hopkins
Q. Who wrote Treasure Island?
Ans. Robert Louis Stevenson
Q. Who is the hero of Treasure Island?
Ans. Jim Hawkins
Q. Who wrote Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
Ans. Robert Louis Stevenson
Q. In the last twenty years of the 19th century, many established values and conventions seem to?
Ans. Fall apart
Q. Who developed Sprung Rhythm?
Ans. G M Hopkins
Q. The Pre-Raphaelite movement was influenced by?
Ans. Ruskin’s Modern Painters
Q. The Pre-Raphaelite artists were also inspired by?
Ans. John Keats

Q. Who established a monthly journal, The Germ?
Ans. The Pre-Raphaelite artists
Q. What did the Pre-Raphaelites want to restore?
Ans. They wanted to restore simplicity and naturalness which they claimed was lost after the times of Raphael
Q. Tennyson’s Morte De Arthur was written in 1835 and published in?
Ans. 1842
Q. Morte De Arthur is an adaptation of?
Ans. Homer
Q. The novel of an Australian author took its title from which line of The Lady Of Shallot by Tennyson?
Ans. Tirra Lirra By The River
Q. When was Fabian Society founded?
Ans. 1884
Q. What did Fabian Society advocate?
Ans. It advocated social reforms rather than revolutionary action
Q. The major activists of Fabian Society were?
Ans. G B Shaw, H G Wells and George Russell
Q. Who is known as a writer of the Empire?
Ans. Rudyard Kipling
Q. Who wrote Just So Stories?
Ans. Rudyard Kipling

Q. A dramatic poem by Arnold “in which the suffering finds no vent in action,” in which there is “everything to be endured, nothing to be done?”
Ans. Empedocles On Etna
Q. Name Matthew Arnold’s classical tragedy?
Ans. Merope
Q. In his poetry Arnold reflects the doubt of an age which witnessed the conflict between?
Ans. Science and revealed religion
Q. Rugby Chapel is a poem by Matthew Arnold in the memory of?
Ans. Father
Q. When was The Great Exhibition held in London?
Ans. 1851
Q. Why was The Great Exhibition held?
Ans. To exhibit Britains’ achievement and manufactured products
Q. When did UK declare war on Russia?
Ans. 1854 (Crimean War)
Q. In the Victorian Age, literature for…….also flourished?
Ans. Children.
Q. Which magazine did George Eliot edit for two years?
Ans. The Westminster Review
Q. George Eliot met Herbert Spenser in?
Ans. 1851

Q. George Eliot’s Scenes Of Clerical Life is a collection of?
Ans. Three stories
Q. For her novel Romola, George Eliot received the then-record payment for a novel of?
Ans. £10,000
Q. What was regarded as the key to success in the Victorian Age?
Ans. Hard work
Q. Boer War lasted from?
Ans. 1899 to 1902
Q. Boer War was fought in?
Ans. South Africa
Q. Who wrote Communist Manifesto?
Ans. Marx and Engles
Q. Wilde’s last words were reputedly: ‘This……….. is terrible – one of us will have to go’?
Ans. Wallpaper
Q. Oscar Wilde’s play A Woman Of No Importance satirises?
Ans. The British upper class
Q. De Profundis by Oscar Wilde was written by him in?
Ans. Prison. It was published five years after his death
Q. Which Age marks a time of great economic growth, technological discovery and industrialization?
Ans. The Victorian Age

Q. England changed from a rural, agricultural country to an urban, intustrialized one in?
Ans. The Victorian Age
Q. Whose sermon on national apostasy from 1833 was considered the start of Oxford Movement?
Ans. John Keble’s
Q. What four major sub-genres can be distinguished in the early Victorian fiction?
Ans. Adventure novels, sporting novels, silver-folk novels and Newgate novels
Q. Karl Marx’s major treatise was?
Ans. Das Kapital
Q. Who wrote Studies in Hysteria?
Ans. Sigmund Freud
Q. Charles Darwin’s The Origin Of Species appeared in?
Ans. 1859
Q. The Silver-folk novels was a mocking name for the early nineteenth century novels of fashionable life and manners?
Ans. True
Q. Who was labeled “silver-folk polisher” in Fraser’s Magazine?
Ans. Edward Bulwer Lytton
Q. The Victorian period was the height of England’s imperial power?
Ans. True
Q. In Victorian poetry, autobiographical self-examination was no longer so frequent as it was in……….?
Ans. Romanticism
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