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Q. The Dickens World is a book written by?
Ans. Humphrey House
Q. Dickens had a natural gift for homely?
Ans. Pathos
Q. Who wrote to Dickens that he had cried and sobbed over the death of Paul?
Ans. Lord Macaulay
Q. Dickens’ experiences during his stay in America were named as?
Ans. American Notes
Q. Who represent a different trend in Victorian poetry, with the poetry of nonsense and the absurd?
Ans. Edward Lear and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Q. George Meredith began his literary career as a?
Ans. Poet
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Q. Whose novels had to wait thirty years before they began to be widely read?
Ans. George Meredith
Q. Whose novels started the school of fiction named the Kailyard School?
Ans. George Macdonald
Q. George Macdonald was?
Ans. A Scottish novelist
Q. The Famous Tragedy Of The Queen Of Cornwall is Hardy’s?
Ans. Verse play
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Q. Hardy wrote………… novels in all?
Ans. 14
Q. Which novel of Thomas Hardy deals with Napoleonic Wars?
Ans. The Dynasts
Q. The theme of the novel Jude The Obscure is?
Ans. Sex and marriage
Q. Aestheticism propounded the view that art is self-sufficient and does not have to serve any purpose?
Ans. True
Q. Who claimed that life imitates art?
Ans. Oscar Wilde
Q. The Symbolist Movement spread from……….to the rest of Europe?
Ans. France
Q. W B Yeats and Ezra Pound belonged to?
Ans. The Symbolist Movement
Q. Who said about Dickens that he has the life and soul of fifty human beings?
Ans. Leigh Hunt
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Q. Dickens’ Sketches By Boz were firstly published in?
Ans. Monthly Magazine
Q. Dickens’ beloved discouraged him to be a writer of?
Ans. Stories
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Q. Late Victorian literature is marked by?
Ans. Decadence
Q. Decadence signifies decline compared with the excellence of former ages?
Ans. True
Q. What exerted a strong influence on Oscar Wilde?
Ans. Decadence
Q. Both Meredith and Thomas Hardy had been influenced by the teaching of?
Ans. Darwin
Q. What is the name of the governess in Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest?
Ans. Miss Prism
Q. Who wrote the poem The Sphinx?
Ans. Oscar Wilde
Q. The Happy Prince And Other Tales by Oscar Wilde contained?
Ans. 10 stories
Q. The original Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood was formed by?
Ans. D G Rossetti, Millais and Holman Hunt
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Q. D G Rossetti was?
Ans. A painter and poet
Q. The name of D G Rossetti’s sister was?
Ans. C G Rossetti
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Q. A C Swinburne was the friend of William Morris and?
Ans. D G Rosetti
Q. Dickens is most admirable for his?
Ans. Eccentric characters
Q. What is considered the soul of Dickens’ novels?
Ans. Humor
Q. The sales of Dickens’ novel The Old Curiosity Shop reached?
Ans. One lac pounds
Q. Who said about Dickens, “The mere record of his conviviality is exhausting?”
Ans. Lionel Trilling
Q. The title of Vanity Fair by Thackeray comes from John Bunyan’s?
Ans. The Pilgrim’s Progress
Q. The novelist Charles Reade began his career as a?
Ans. Dramatist
Q. Who was a moralist in the style of George Eliot but of a more political slant in the works of Disraeli?
Ans. Charles Kingsley
Q. During whose reign were most of Tennyson’s poems published?
Ans. Queen Victoria
Q. Bernard Shaw built his own theater, the theater of?
Ans. Ideas
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Q. Who is considered the founder of the drama of ideas?
Ans. Shaw
Q. Shaw’s play Man And Superman proved tremendous success especially in?
Ans. New York
Q. Shaw’s last unfinished play was given to?
Ans. The British Museum
Q. The accession of Queen Victoria was in?
Ans. 1837
Q. Thomas Carlyle made his influence felt in every department of?
Ans. Victorian life
Q. T.S Eliot shows a bent towards?
Ans. Victorianism
Q. Oscar Wilde was a Victorian…..?
Ans. Playwright, poet and short story writer
Q. Who wrote Esther Waters?
Ans. George Moore
Q. Who wrote The Way Of All Flesh?
Ans. Samuel Butler
(The Victorian Age MCQs Part 5)
Q. The Way Of All Flesh was written between?
Ans. 1874 and 1884

Q. How did Victorian readers initially respond to Wuthering Heights?
Ans. They were scandalized by it
Q. In England, Robert Frost learnt to abandon the conventional languages of?
Ans. Late Victorians
Q. Queen Victoria became Empress of India?
Ans. 1877
Q. Many Victorian writers were drawn towards?
Ans. Italy
Q. Who is considered a poet of soul?
Ans. Browning. He doesn’t pour his own soul rather of his characters
Q. In which poem Browning speaks in his own person?
Ans. Prospice. It’s a poem about Browning’s love.
Q. The Latin word Prospice means?
Ans. Looking forward
Q. Browning paid tribute to Shelley’s work in his poem?
Ans. Pauline
Q. Who wrote Eminent Victorians?
Ans. Lytton Strachey
Q. The novelist Anthony Trollope belongs to?
Ans. The Victorian Age

Q. Poet Laureate during the reign of Queen Victoria?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. The Victorian Age can be dated by?
Ans. Tennyson’s Poems, chiefly Lyrical(1830) to the death of Queen Victoria(1901)
Q. Who said the strongest part of our religion today is its unconscious poetry?
Ans. Matthew Arnold
Q. In the poets of Victorian Age, after Tennyson and Browning the third place may perhaps be assigned to?
Ans. Matthew Arnold
Q. Matthew Arnold was a great admirer of?
Ans. Wordsworth
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Q. In literature Arnold strove to rehabilitate and to propagate?
Ans. The classical spirit in his country
Q. Who wrote the poem Cromwell?
Ans. Matthew Arnold
Q. Which work had the greatest influence on the Victorian Age?
Ans. Carlyle’s Sartor Resartus
Q. In which genre did Victorian literature achieve its greatest success?
Ans. The Novel
Q. Macaulay represented?
Ans. Bourgeois Victorian Enlightenment

Q. Tennyson is?
Ans. The representative poet of Victorian Age
Q. The Victorian Age can be divided into Early, Middle and Late Victorian Periods?
Ans. True
Q. Early Victorian Period lasted from?
Ans. 1832 to 1848
Q. Middle OR Mid Victorian Period lasted from?
Ans. 1848 to 1870
Q. Late Victorian Period lasted from?
Ans. 1870 to 1901
Q. Who wrote the novels Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall?
Ans. Anne Bronte
Q. The most revealing work of Elizabeth Barrett Browning is?
Ans. Aurora Leigh
Q. What is Aurora Leigh?
Ans. A novel in verse
Q. Who seems to be almost the complete embodiment of the mid-Victorian period?
Ans. George Eliot
Q. Pre-Raphaelites belonged to?
Ans. Middle Victorian Period (1848 to 1870)

Q. Late Victorian Period is characterized by?
Ans. Aestheticism and Decadence
Q. Which Age is known as The Age of Peace and Prosperity?
Ans. The Victorian Age
Q. England got freedom from wars in?
Ans. The Victorian Age
Q. Who wrote Westward Ho?
Ans. Charles Kingsley
Q. Who wrote the novel The Last Days of Pompeii?
Ans. Edward Bulwer Lytton
Q. Who translated the Arabian Nights?
Ans. Sir Richard Burton
Q. Who wrote the melodramatic narrative It is Never Too Late to Mend?
Ans. Charles Reade
Q. Most of the Victorian writers were?
Ans. Nostalgic
Q. Which Age is characterized by Women Question?
Ans. The Victorian Age
Q. In the nineteenth century literature, what years were barren?
Ans. 1820 to 1832

Q. Repeal of the Corn Laws took place in?
Ans. 1846
Q. Name the two satires in which Samuel Butler attacked contemporary values?
Ans. Erewhon and Erewhon Revisited
Q. At his death, Robert Louis Stevenson was working on an unfinished novel?
Ans. Weir of Hermiston
Q. Who said about whom, “decidedly the greatest of our living poets?”
Ans. Wordsworth said about Tennyson
Q. Thomas Carlyle had no faith in?
Ans. Democracy
Q. Queen Victoria became queen at the age of?
Ans. 18
Q. As it was claimed, over which did the sun never set?
Ans. British Empire
Q. Which poem of Tennyson was particularly liked by Queen Victoria?
Ans. Charge Of The Light Brigade
Q. George Meredith’s Modern Love consists of fifty sixteen-line?
Ans. Sonnets
Q. Who wrote The Ordeal of Richard Feverel?
Ans. George Meredith
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