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Here is The Waste Land MCQs Part 01 for you!
(The Waste Land MCQs Part 02)

Q. The title of The Waste Land refers to a myth from Jessie L. Weston’s…….?
Ans. From Ritual to Romance
Q. In which verse form is The Waste Land written?
Ans. Free verse
Q. In The Waste Land, there are allusions to and quotations from…….?
Ans. Thirty five writers in six languages
Q. What is the symbol of regeneration in What the Thunder Said?
Ans. Rain
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Q. The Waste Land illuminates the devastating aftereffects of…….?
Ans. World War l
Q. The poem’s final section calls for…….?
Ans. Peace, or “shantih.”
Q. Different settings of The Waste Land include a wealthy woman’s bedroom, the garbage-filled Thames, the sea where a drowned man lies AND…….?
Ans. A drought-worn desert before a storm
Q. The Burial of the Dead consists of……?
Ans. Four stanzas
Q. What was T S Eliot’s first title for “The Waste Land”?
Ans. He do the Police in Different Voices
Q. T S Eliot took its first title He do the Police in Different Voices from the novel…….by Charles Dickens?
Ans. Our Mutual Friend
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Q. Who helped T S Eliot edit the poem?
Ans. Ezra Pound
Q. Who suggested the deletion of large portions of the poem?
Ans. Ezra Pound
Q. For The Waste Land, T S Eliot had chosen the first intended epigraph from?
Ans. Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”
Q. At whose suggestion was the line, “The ivory men make company between us” deleted from the final version of the poem?
Ans. His wife Vivien Eliot
Q. There are many quotations in different languages throughout the poem. Which language is NOT present in the poem?
Ans. Spanish
Q. According to The Waste Land, which month is the “cruellest”?
Ans. April
(The Waste Land MCQs Part 02)
Q. Where is the Starnbergersee located?
Ans. Near Munich
Q. What is Starnbergersee?
Ans. A lake
Q. The river sweats…….?
Ans. Oil and Tar
Q. Who is demobbed?
Ans. Lil’s husband
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Q. Before it was deleted, the line “Get me a woman, I said; you’re too drunk, she said” was part of which section of the poem?
Ans. Burial of the Dead
Q. T S Eliot stated that his references to certain vegetation ceremonies were influences that came from which book?
Ans. The Golden Bough
Q. Who considered The Waste Land as “an important bit of social criticism?”
Ans. Critics
Q. What do all these cities, Jerusalem, Athens, Alexandria, Vienna, and London have in common?
Ans. All were destroyed or fell into moral decay
Q. Where does Marie “feel free”?
Ans. In the mountains
Q. What is the name of the “modern city”?
Ans. Unreal City
Q. From what has the character Albert just been released?
Ans. The military
Q. What special ability does the prophet Tiresias have?
Ans. To see the true nature of things
Q. “Demobbed” means……?
Ans. Released from the Army
Q. What battle did Stetson supposedly participate in?
Ans. Mylae
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Q. “By the waters of……..I sat down and wept?”
Ans. Leman
Q. The city Vienna is mentioned in the Waste Land?
Ans. True
Q. Magnus Martyr is a……..?
Ans. Church
Q. The Waste Land expresses with great power the disillusionment and disgust of the period after…….?
Ans. World War l
Q. The Waste Land refers to the………..of the modern world?
Ans. Spiritual and intellectual decay
Q. The original draft of The Waste Land consisted of……..?
Ans. 800 lines
Q. T S Eliot called Ezra Pound “il miglior fabbro.” What does it mean?
Ans. The better craftsman
Q. Who described The Waste Land as “a music of ideas?”
Ans. I A Richards
Q. The opening section of “The Waste Land” is entitled…….?
Ans. The Burial of the Dead
Q. Who visits the typist?
Ans. The Young Man Carbuncular
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Q. Who witnesses the visit?
Ans. Tiresias
Q. Who is the most difficult to describe of the poem’s characters?
Ans. The narrator
(because the narrator keeps changing)
Q. Madame Sosostris suffers from…..?
Ans. A bad cold
Q. Madame Sosostris figures in Aldous Huxley’s novel Crome Yellow. T S Eliot borrowed her for the…….?
Ans. Tarot card episode
Q. Name the character who is a friend of the Narrator and who fought in the war with him?
Ans. Stetson
Q. The Rich Lady in The Waste Land might allude to…..?
Ans. T S Eliot’s wife Vivienne Eliot
Q. What is the meaning of “Carious” in The Waste Land?
Ans. Decayed
Q. What is the meaning of “Combinations” in The Waste Land?
Ans. Undergarments
Q. The clairvoyant is named…….?
Ans. Madame Sosostris
Q. Mr. Eugenides is a…….?
Ans. Merchant

Q. Mr. Eugenides invites the Narrator to…..?
Ans. The Cannon Street Hotel
Q. “The………hour?”
Ans. Violet
Q. Who is “throbbing between two lives”?
Ans. Tiresias
Q. Who is the old man with wrenkled female breasts?
Ans. Tiresias
Q. What city is Mr. Eugenides from?
Ans. Smyrna
Q. Where do “fishmen” lounge at noon?
Ans. At a bar on Lower Thames Street
Q. What is the shortest section of The Waste Land?
Ans. Death by Water
Q. The ears that hear “jug jug” are…….?
Ans. Dirty
Q. The Fire Sermon refers to a sermon by…..?
Ans. Buddha
Q. The Fire Sermon in the poem is totally…..?
Ans. Ironical

Q. How long has Phlebas been dead?
Ans. A fortnight
Q. Where does the narrator say he goes in the winter in the opening stanza of The Burial of the Dead?
Ans. South
Q. To whom does the narrator call at the end of The Burial of the Dead?
Ans. Stetson
Q. The Waste Land was published in?
Ans. 1922
Q. Most of the poem was written in?
Ans. 1921
Q. The narrator is told that he should fear death by…….?
Ans. Water
Q. “When lovely woman stoops to folly” is an allusion to……..?
Ans. Oliver Goldsmith’s The Vicar Of Wakefield
Q. Who rapes Philomela?
Ans. Tereus
Q. What is the meaning of “Oed’ und leer das Meer”?
Ans. Desolate and empty is the sea
Q. The Waste Land is regarded as a central work of modernist poetry?
Ans. Very true

Q. The Waste Land consists of…….?
Ans. 434 lines
Q. The Waste Land first appeared in the United Kingdom in the October issue of Eliot’s……..?
Ans. The Criterion
Q. The Waste Land first appeared in the United States in the November issue of…….?
Ans. The Dial
Q. The mantra in the Sanskrit language that appears in The Waste Land is………?
Ans. “Shantih shantih shantih”
Q. The Waster Land combines the legend of the Holy Grail and…….?
Ans. The Fisher King
Q. The poem The Waste Land shifts between voices of satire and…….?
Ans. Prophecy
Q. In The Waste Land, T S Eliot cites Hamlet, The Inferno AND The Spanish Tragedie among others?
Ans. True
Q. In the poem, in what city is Queen Victoria Street?
Ans. London
Q. What does the Narrator know when confronted with the hyacinth girl?
Ans. Nothing
Q. Who is “known to be the wisest woman in Europe?”
Ans. Madame Sosostris

Q. While section one is primarily about death, what concern dominates section two?
Ans. Sex
Q. Who is the subject of the long discussion which begins Section V?
Ans. Jesus Christ
Q. In what season does the poem begin?
Ans. Spring
Q. What is Madame Sosostris’ special talent?
Ans. Fortune telling
Q. Who is Phelbas the Phoenician?
Ans. A drowned sailor
Q. Why is April the cruelest month?
Ans. It reminds you of better times
Q. Why does the nightingale cry “Jug Jug” to dirty ears?
Ans. Because people don’t recognize true beauty anymore
Q. What does the gramophone represent in this poem?
Ans. The mindlessness of pop culture
Q. “I who have sat by……..below the wall?”
Ans. Thebes
Q. Who is “I” in the question asked above?
Ans. Tiresias

Q. When does Sweeney go to Mrs. Porter?
Ans. In the spring
Q. In the poem, the typist is a male character or a female character?
Ans. A female character
Q. Who sleeps with the typist?
Ans. The young man Carbuncular
Q. Who wrote the poem The Waste Land?
Ans. T S Eliot
Q. The typist turns on……?
Ans. The gramophone
Q. Where did the dead men lose their bones?
Ans. In rats’ alley
Q. Which poet does Eliot quote at the end of The Burial of the Dead?
Ans. Baudelaire
Q. What is the title of the poem’s fifth and final section?
Ans. What the Thunder Said
Q. What is the Unreal City?
Ans. London
Q. What does Madame Sosostris not find in her pack of cards?
Ans. The Hanged Man
(The Waste Land MCQs Part 02)

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