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Here is The Waste Land MCQs Part 02 for you!
(The Waste Land MCQs Part 01)

Q. Phlebas is………?
Ans. Phoenician
Q. What is the second section of The Waste Land?
Ans. A Game of Chess
Q. What is the third section of The Waste Land?
Ans. The Fire Sermon
Q. What is the fourth section of The Waste Land?
Ans. Death by Water
Q. The Burial of the Dead introduces the themes of……..?
Ans. Disillusionment and despair
Q. T S Eliot dedicated The Waste Land to……?
Ans. Ezra Pound
Q. The Waste Land is notable for its…….?
Ans. Disjointed structure
Q. Who raped Philomela?
Ans. Tereus
Q. Philomela turns into a……?
Ans. Nightingale
Q. In The Waste Land, love degenerates into…….?
Ans. Lust
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Q. The last section What The Thunder Said begins with a setting of…….?
Ans. A rocky place with no water
Q. The Waste Land is in the form of……..?
Ans. Fragmentary monologue
Q. The Grail legend in The Waste Land has been taken from the book……?
Ans. From Ritual to Romance
Q. The Fire Sermon consists of……?
Ans. 139 lines
Q. In this month there are stirring of life and return of fertility. Which month?
Ans. April
Q………had enjoyed the company of Marie?
Ans. Tiresias
Q. For Marie and other Waste Landers,………is a comfortable season?
Ans. Winter
Q. The German Countess……..tells her companion and lover that she is not Russian?
Ans. Marie Larisch
Q. Stones and rocks symbolize…….?
Ans. Spiritual dryness
Q. Broken images symbolize the lack of……?
Ans. Spiritual values
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Q. The singing of the…….provides no relief?
Ans. Cricket
Q. The red rock symbolizes……..?
Ans. Christian church
Q. The shadow under the red rock is……..?
Ans. Eternal
Q. Man is mortal, and he is only………?
Ans. A handful of dust
Q. Madame Sosostris can foretell the future with the wicked……..?
Ans. Pack of cards
Q. The one-eyed Syrian merchant’s name is…..?
Ans. Mr. Eugenides
Q. The Unreal City is enveloped by……?
Ans. Brown fog
Q. The poet advised Stetson to keep the…….at a distance?
Ans. Dog
Q. Dog symbolizes…….?
Ans. Human consciousness
Q. A Game of Chess alludes to…….?
Ans. Thomas Middleton’s plays A Game Of Chess and Women Beware Women
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Q. The first line of A Game of Chess is an allusion to a line from which Shakespearean play?
Ans. Antony and Cleopatra
Q. A Game of Chess begins with a description of a…… which a woman is sitting on a chair?
Ans. Decorated room
Q. The myth of Philomela in A Game of Chess is taken from……..?
Ans. Ovid’s Metamorphosis
Q. One of the paintings in the room depicts the……..?
Ans. Rape of Philomela
Q. The Sylvan scene in A Game of Chess is an allusion to………?
Ans. John Milton’s Paradise Lost
Q. Transformation of Philomela into a nightingale takes place in the…….?
Ans. Sylvan scene
Q. Which is the most organized and structured section of The Waste Land?
Ans. Death by Water
Q. Death by Water describes the death of……by drowning?
Ans. Phlebas
Q. The opening line of The Waste Land April is the cruelest month is an allusion to…….?
Ans. Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales
Q. Which popular nursery rhyme is mentioned at the end of The Waste Land?
Ans. London Bridge is falling down
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Q. A character from Greek myth in The Waste Land who was changed from a man to a woman?
Ans. Tiresias
Q. The famous line, “Hieronimo is mad again” in The Waste Land is from…….?
Ans. The Spanish Tragedie by Thomas Kyd
Q. The famous line, “Hieronimo is mad again” appears in………?
Ans. What the Thunder Said
Q. “Those were pearls which were his eyes” is a quote from…….in The Waste Land?
Ans. Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Q. What are the names of the married couple mentioned in the section A Game of Chess?
Ans. Albert and Lil
Q. In The Fire Sermon, a city typist describes an experience of casual sex with whom….?
Ans. A young clerk
Q. In The Waste Land, what do the three Sanskrit words Datta, Dayadhvam and Danyata mean?
Ans. Give, sympathize, control
Q. What is the theme of The Waste Land?
Ans. Materialism versus Existentialism
Q. The Waste Land is a symbol for…….?
Ans. The materialist mind
Q. Each man in the crowd fixes his eyes before his…….?
Ans. Feet

Q. The poem The Waste Land is preceded by a Latin and Greek epigraph from…….?
Ans. The Satyricon of Petronius
Q. The mood of The Waste Land is predominantly……?
Ans. Somber
Q. In 1913,……..published a poem called “Waste Land.” Scholars have identified that poem as an inspiration to Eliot?
Ans. Madison Cawein
Q. A primary theme of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land is…….?
Ans. The search for redemption and renewal in a sterile and spiritually empty landscape
Q. Structurally, The Waste Land is a pastiche of different verse forms, both traditional and contemporary?
Ans. True
Q. The style and content of The Waste Land both reflect the literary movement of…….?
Ans. Modernism
Q. We can not call “The Waste Land” a narrative or story in the traditional sense?
Ans. True
Q. The original opening line of The Waste Land was not ‘April is the cruellest month’?
Ans. True
Q. When T. S. Eliot gave a reading of The Waste Land at Windsor Castle, the Queen Mother was…….?
Ans. Unimpressed
Q. T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land concludes with?
Ans. A Sanskrit word
(The Waste Land MCQs Part 01)

Q. The Waste Land by T.S Eliot is a/an…..?
Ans. Allegory
Q. What is common between The Waste Land by T.S Eliot and Ulysses by James Joyce?
Ans. Both were published in 1922. And both present similar views on the predicament of modern man
Q. T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land is based on?
Ans. The legend of the Fisher King
Q. The figure that appears throughout The Waste Land is?
Ans. Tiresias
Q. In which poem T.S Eliot wrote, “Speak to me. Why do you never speak. Speak?”
Ans. The Waste Land
Q. Who said about T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land that, “It is a cross-word puzzle” and “a spurious verbal algebra?”
Ans. Wyndham Lewis
Q. Who viewed T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land as “The longest poem in the English language because of its profundity, perplexity and density of poetic allusions, myths and meaning?
Ans. Ezra Pound
Q. Epic of modern age is…….?
Ans. The Waste Land
Q. Who wrote about T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land, “know diligent reader/that on each occasion/Ezra performed the Caesarian Operation?”
Ans. Ezra Pound
Q. “The single most influential poetic work of the twentieth century is?”
Ans. The Waste Land
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Q. With the publication of his poem The Waste Land, Eliot won a/an……..?
Ans. International reputation
Q. The Waste Land expresses with great power the disenchantment, disillusionment, and disgust of the period after………?
Ans. World War I
Q. The Waste Land consists of……..?
Ans. Five sections
Q. The poem’s original manuscript of about 800 lines was cut down to 434 at the suggestion of?
Ans. Ezra Pound
Q…….. is everywhere in the “The Waste Land,” both literally and metaphorically?
Ans. Death
Q. The poem ultimately suggests that death is a necessary stage on the way to……?
Ans. Rebirth and renewal
Q. In which 20th century poem marriages and romances fail, women discuss abortion, girls lose their virginity, nymphs have “departed” from the Thames, landscapes are ravaged by drought, a pub reaches closing time, and a sailor literally drowns?
Ans. The Waste Land
Q. Though the first four sections of The Waste Land are consumed by death and endings, the final section looks toward……?
Ans. Rebirth
Q. Throughout the poem, Eliot draws on both Western and Eastern religious traditions, particularly Christianity, Buddhism and…….?
Ans. Hinduism
Q. The poem suggests that any spiritual tradition is better than the……that dominates modern life?
Ans. Nihilism

Q. Sex in “The Waste Land” is a dirty, sinful affair that serves as a marker for the……. of modern society?
Ans. Decay
Q. In many ways, the poem is a/an…… for the past, mourning the decline of culture and society?
Ans. Elegy
Q. What three things does the poem The Waste Land change throughout?
Ans. Speakers, locations AND times
Q. The Favorite poem of Khushwant Singh was…….?
Ans. The Waste Land
(The Waste Land MCQs Part 01)

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