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Q. The Winter’s Tale was written in?
Ans. 1610 OR 1611. Keep both in mind

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. The central theme of the play is?
Ans. Rebirth OR Renewal
Q. Hermione, the Queen of Sicilia, was born in?
Ans. Russia
Q. Polixenes and Leontes are solid friends until what happens?
Ans. Leontes thinks his wife is having an affair with Polixenes
Q. Who said the following: “I am yours forever?”
Ans. Hermione
Q. Who was Archidamus?
Ans. A lord of Bohemia

(Hamlet MCQ’s)
Q. Who was first to announce that the king’s daughter had been found?
Ans. Rogero
Q. What is the name Florizel assumes while in disguise?
Ans. Doricles
Q. What was the name of the Italian sculptor who was supposed to have created a statue of the queen many years in the doing?
Ans. Julio Romano
Q. Who is to marry Paulina at the play’s conclusion?
Ans. Camillo

Q. Whose untimely death was announced during the trial of Hermione?
Ans. Mamillius
Q. Who is the first speaker in the play?
Ans. Archidamus

Q. A sad tale’s best for winter. I have one of sprites and goblins.’ Who said it?
Ans. Mamillius
Q. How many years was the king’s daughter lost?
Ans. 16
Q. Who does the clown profess his love to?

Ans. Mopsa
Q. Polixenes is the king of?
Ans. Bohemia
Q. Mamillius is?
Ans. Prince Of Sicilia Son Of Hermione And Leontes
Q. On hearing what has happened to Mamillius, Hermione?
Ans. Swoons And Then Dies
Q. When tragedy disrupts and ends Hermione’s trial, Leontes?
Ans. Repents And Realizes That He Has Been Deluded
Q. During his mission, Antigonus is?
Ans. Eaten by a bear

(The Tempest MCQ’s)

Q. Perdita is named by?
Ans. The ghost of her mother
Q. The Chorus of the play is?
Ans. Father Time
Q. Between Acts 3 and 4?
Ans. 16 years pass
Q. Rumors abound that Prince Florizell?
Ans. Is in love with a peasant girl

Q. When Florizel and Perdita are about to be betrothed?
Ans. Polixenes reveals himself, and puts a halt to the betrothal
Q. After his father threatens to disinherit him if he marries Perdita, Florizel?
Ans. Resolves to flee with her
Q. On Camillo’s advice, Perdita and Florizel?

Ans. Take a ship to Sicily
Q. To disguise himself, Florizel puts on the clothes of?
Ans. Autolycus
Q. After being threatened with hanging by Polixenes, the Shepherd resolves to?
Ans. Tell the King that Perdita is not really his daughter
Q. Thanks to Autolycus, the Shepherd ends up?
Ans. Accompanying his daughter and Florizel to Sicily

Q. In Sicily, Leontes promises Paulina?
Ans. Never to marry without her permission
Q. Florizel and Perdita arrive in Sicily claiming?
Ans. To have been sent by Polixenes
Q. After Perdita’s true identity is revealed?

Ans. Everyone goes to Paulina’s home
Q. At the end of the play, Autolycus becomes?
Ans. A servant of the newly ennobled Shepherd
Q. The play ends with?
Ans. Hermione’s statue coming to life

(Macbeth MCQ’s)
Q. Which genre best fits The Winter’s Tale?

Ans. Romance
Q. Leontes is the king of what country?
Ans. Sicilia
Q. When we first see them, Leontes is trying to convince Polixenes to?
Ans. Remain in Sicilia a little while longer
Q. Polixenes and Leontes are?
Ans. Boyhood friends
Q. Leontes becomes jealous, and decides that Hermione is having an affair with?
Ans. Polixenes

(Romeo And Juliet MCQ’s)

Q. In order to deal with his wife’s infidelity, Leontes orders Camillo to?
Ans. Poison Polixenes
Q. Disobeying his king’s orders, Camillo?

Ans. Helps Polixenes escape
Q. When Hermione gives birth to a daughter, Leontes?
Ans. Orders the child be abandoned in the wilderness
Q. In order to prove the truth of his accusations against Hermione, Leontes?

Ans. Sends messengers to the Oracle of Delphi
Q. When Hermione’s innocence is revealed, both?
Ans. Both Hermione and Mamillius die
Q. After Perdita is abandoned, how many years pass before the story picks up again?
Ans. 16
Q. Perdita is raised by?
Ans. A shepherd
Q. Polixenes and Camillo come to the Shepherd’s house when?
Ans. The Shepherd is holding a sheepshearing

Q. Of what does King Leontes suspect Hermione?
Ans. Infidelity
Q. As a result of King Leontes’s actions against his wife, how many of his family members die?
Ans. Two

Q. Who is Perdita’s father?
Ans. Leontes
Q. What causes problems for King Leontes and others?
Ans. Excessive jealousy
Q. Who or what proves that Hermione has been falsely accused?
Ans. Oracle
Q. Who shares news of the poisoning plan with King Polixenes?
Ans. Camillo
Q. Who is the fiercely loyal friend of Hermione, who is apparently the agent of her resurrection?
Ans. Paulina
Q. In what kingdom does the play begin?

Ans. Sicilia
Q. What is the name of Leontes’s promising young son?
Ans. Mamillius
Q. Why does Leontes want Camillo to be a cupbearer?
Ans. To poison him
Q. Camillo has trouble with?
Ans. His conscience
Q. When he learns that Polixenes and Camillo are gone, what does Leontes conclude?
Ans. His suspicions were correct

(Othello MCQ’s)

Q. Where does Leontes send his wife?
Ans. Jail
Q. In an attempt to end his madness, what does Paulina bring to Leontes?
Ans. His daughter
Q. Before agreeing to send the baby to the wilderness, what does Leontes originally want to do to the baby?
Ans. Burn her
Q. Who brings the message from Delphi?

Ans. Dion and Cleomenes
Q. In the trial of Hermione, who serves as the judge?
Ans. Leontes
Q. In the trial of Hermione, who serves as Hermione’s defense attorney?
Ans. Hermione
Q. What does the message from Delphi say that Leontes will live without?
Ans. Heir
Q. After he learns of the deaths of his wife and son, what does Leontes say he will spend the rest of his life doing?
Ans. Penance
Q. How does Antigonus decide what to name the baby?
Ans. Dream
Q. Who or what chases Antigonus away?

Ans. Bear

Q. Where does Polixenes tell Camillo they will go in disguise?
Ans. Shepherd’s house
Q. When the Clown is on his way to buy supplies for the sheep-shearing, who robs him?
Ans. Autolycus

Q. What name is Florizel known by at the sheep-shearing?
Ans. Doricles
Q. Who is the peddler who sells ballads?

Ans. Autolycus
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. What does Florizel ask the Shepherd? Ans. Permission to marry
Q. After he reveals his identity, what does Polixenes say will happen to the Shepherd?

Ans. He will be executed
Q. Before he relents, what does Polixenes say will happen to Perdita?
Ans. Her face will be scratched
Q. Where does Florizel get the disguise that he will wear when he journeys out of the country?
Ans. Autolytus
Q. Who becomes informed about both Florizel’s plan and Perdita’s actual origins? Ans. Autolytus

Q. Who are the Shepherd and the Clown seeking when they board the ship for Sicilia? Ans. Polixenes

Q. What is Leontes doing in Sicilia?
Ans. Mourning
Q. Who tells Leontes not to marry until she leaves?
Ans. Paulina
Q. In Sicilia, what do people say about Perdita?
Ans. She is beautiful
Q. Who narrates the events in Sicilia to Autolytus, once he arrives there?
Ans. Lords
Q. After the statue of Hermione comes to life, whom does the now-happy Leontes marry?
Ans. Paulina and Camillo

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