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Q. Thomas Hardy was born in?
Ans. 1840. He died in 1928
Q. Which was Thomas Hardy’s first novel?

Ans. The Poor Man And The Lady
Q. Who conferred the Order Of Merit on Thomas Hardy?
Ans. George V

(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)
Q. In which year Thomas Hardy announced that he would not write fiction again?
Ans. 1896

(D H Lawrence MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote A Feminist Reading Of Hardy?

Ans. Patricia Ingham
Q. Who wrote the novel The Well Beloved?

Ans. Thomas Hardy
Q. What was the name of Thomas Hardy’s first wife?

Ans. Emma
Q. Thomas Hardy was apprenticed to an architect at the age of?
Ans. Sixteen
Q. Thomas Hardy had written over?
Ans. 800 poems
Q. The Alma mater of Thomas Hardy was?
Ans. King’s College London

Q. Thomas Hardy’s first collection of verse was?
Ans. Wessex Poems

(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s)
Q. Which novel of Thomas Hardy has a character in which a man sells his wife?
Ans. The Mayor Of Casterbridge
Q. What name did Thomas Hardy use for the area in the South England where most of his novels take place?
Ans. Wessex

Q. Thomas Hardy took the name Wessex from an old?
Ans. Saxon kingdom
Q. Who wrote Hardy: The Offensive Truth?

Ans. J. Goode
Q. Thomas Hardy was the son of a?
Ans. Mason
Q. Thomas Hardy was first educated at?
Ans. Village School
Q. Who wrote Jude The Obscure?
Ans. Thomas Hardy
Q. Thomas Hardy’s second wife Florence Dugdale was….
…… younger than him?
Ans. Forty years
Q. From 1920 to 1927, Thomas Hardy worked on his?

Ans. Autobiography

Q. Who had published Thomas Hardy’s autobiography after his death?
Ans. His wife Florence Dugdale
Q. Thomas Hardy died at the age of?
Ans. 87
Q. The first poem of Thomas Hardy was?
Ans. Domicilium
Q. Thomas Hardy had a child from his?
Ans. Niece
Q. Thomas Hardy received honorary degrees from?

Ans. Oxford and Cambridge
Q. The Famous Tragedy Of The Queen Of Cornwall is Thomas Hardy’s?
Ans. Verse play
Q. Thomas Hardy wrote………… novels in all?
Ans. 14
Q. The novel Tess Of The D’urbervilles by Thomas Hardy was published in?
Ans. 1891
Q. At first Thomas Hardy wrote?
Ans. Anonymously
Q. Like Dickens, Thomas Hardy’s novels were published in serial form in?
Ans. Magazines

Q. Thomas Hardy challenged many of the sexual, religious and societal conventions of the? Ans. Victorian Age
Q. When was Wessex Tales by Thomas Hardy published?
Ans. 1912
Q. During his last years, Thomas Hardy remained for most of his time at his house in?
Ans. Dorchester
Q. Who wrote The Return Of The Native?

Ans. Thomas Hardy
Q. The last novel of Thomas Hardy was?
Ans. Jude The Obscure
Q. The moral choice is everything in the works of?
Ans. Thomas Hardy
Q. Thomas Hardy won the Institute’s Prize in?
Ans. 1863
Q. Thomas Hardy had become agnostic by the age of?
Ans. 27

Q. Who wrote A Pair Of Blue Eyes?
Ans. Thomas Hardy
Q. Thomas Hardy was sensitive to the issue of?
Ans. Class

Q. Thomas Hardy focuses less on plot and more on?
Ans. Character
Q. Thomas Hardy uses techniques of………….. structure?
Ans. Episodic
Q. Controversy over the moral stance of his novels led Thomas Hardy to abandon?
Ans. Novel writing
Q. There was a great outcry against Thomas Hardy’s novel?
Ans. Jude The Obscure
Q. Which novel of Thomas Hardy deals with Napoleonic Wars?
Ans. The Dynasts

(Pygmalion MCQ’s)
Q. The theme of the novel Jude The Obscure is?
Ans. Sex and marriage
Q. Who wrote the novel Under The Greenwood Tree?
Ans. Thomas Hardy
Q. How many novels were published by Thomas Hardy between his first success with Far From The Madding Crowd and the publication of Jude The Obscure?
Ans. Eleven
Q. Thomas Hardy married his secretary Florence Dugdale after the death of?
Ans. Emma, his first wife
Q. Thomas Hardy learned French, German and Latin by?
Ans. Teaching himself

Q. Thomas Hardy destroyed the manuscript of which novel after publishers rejected it? Ans. The Poor Man And The Lady
Q. The first popular novel of Thomas Hardy was?
Ans. Under The Greenwood Tree
Q. Thomas Hardy’s autobiography was published in?

Ans. 1928
Q. The name of Thomas Hardy’s father was also?
Ans. Thomas Hardy
Q. Who is known as the last of the great Victorians?
Ans. Thomas Hardy
Q. Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin had attended Thomas Hardy’s funeral?
Ans. True
Q. What happens to Tess in the novel Tess Of The D’urbervilles?
Ans. She is hanged

Q. What is the subtitle of the novel Tess?
Ans. A Pure Woman
Q. Which novel of Thomas Hardy first gained notice?
Ans. Far From The Madding Crowd
Q. Jude The Obscure by Thomas Hardy first appeared in abridged form in?
Ans. Harper’s Magazine

Q. Who wrote An Essay On Hardy?
Ans. John Bayley
Q. Thomas Hardy won which essay prize?
Ans. The RIBA Essay Prize
Q. By the last two decades of his life, Thomas Hardy had achieved as much fame as?
Ans. Dickens

(Charles Dickens MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote The Life And Works Of Thomas Hardy?
Ans. Michael Millgate
Q. Human situation in Thomas Hardy’s novels is controlled by?
Ans. Fate
Q. Thomas Hardy’s novel which is extremely simple in plot?
Ans. The Return Of The Native
Q. Thomas Hardy was buried without his?

Ans. Heart❤️ (the real heart)
Q. Thomas Hardy prioritized his poetry above his?
Ans. Novels
Q. Thomas Hardy was a skilled?
Ans. Architect
Q. Thomas Hardy was an an ardent believer in Charles Darwin’s?
Ans. Theory of Evolution

Q. Thomas Hardy had no?
Ans. Children
Q. Thomas Hardy was very influenced by?

Ans. Wordsworth
(Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. In which novel Thomas Hardy reflects the new spirit of science and industry?
Ans. The Mayor Of Casterbridge
Q. The Georgian poets viewed Thomas Hardy as their?
Ans. Mentor
Q. After Thomas Hardy’s death, his poems were lauded by?
Ans. Ezra Pound, W.H Auden and Philip Larkin

Q. Thomas Hardy belonged to which literary movement?
Ans. Naturalism
Q. Who is the hero of Jude The Obscure?

Ans. Jude
Q. Who is the heroine of Jude The Obscure?

Ans. Sue
Q. Thomas Hardy was?
Ans. A late Victorian
Q. The novel Tess is?
Ans. A tragedy

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)

Q. Jude The Obscure was published in?
Ans. 1896
Q. The first published work of Thomas Hardy was?

Ans. How I Built Myself A House
Q. Thomas Hardy’s first published novel was?
Ans. Desperate Remedies

Q. Thomas Hardy was?
Ans. Novelist and poet
Q…………. is one of the writers who best represent the tradition from 19th to 20th century?
Ans. Thomas Hardy
Q. Thomas Hardy paved the way for 20th century novelists such as D.H Lawrence who made……… characters central to his fiction?

Ans. Working class
Q. Thomas Hardy was born very small and thought at birth to be?
Ans. Dead
Q. What was Tess’ full name?
Ans. Teresa D’urberville
Q. Tess is often compared to which animal?

Ans. Deer
(The Age Of Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Which countryside is depicted in the novels of Thomas Hardy?
Ans. Wessex

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