10 Ways to Use Through Preposition l Through as a Preposition

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“Through” can be used as a preposition or as an adverb. When “through” is used as a preposition, it is followed by a noun. When it is used as an adverb, it is not followed by a noun.

📗”Through” means from one end or side of something to another end or side

➡️The River Thames goes through London.
➡️We drove through the desert.
➡️They were riding through a forest.

📗happening because of someone or something

➡️In 1986 Professor Lowe retired through ill health.
➡️Most accidents occur through human error.
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📗using a particular system, service, or person

➡️Concert tickets are being sold through the Internet.
➡️Woods issued a statement through his agent.

📗affecting every part of someone or something

➡️A rumour spread through the camp.
➡️Problems extend through the entire system.
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📗”Through” can also be used to talk about entering at one side and coming out at the other.

➡️The road goes through the forest.
➡️The train went through the tunnel.
➡️She wouldn’t let me through.

📗from one side of a window, door, gate etc to the other side of it

➡️She was watching him through the kitchen window.
➡️The man at the gate would not let us through.
➡️The men raced the stolen car through an army checkpoint at 100 mph.
➡️You could feel the wind whistling through tiny cracks in the wall.
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📗”To go through” something is to examine it.

➡️We must go through the accounts.
(= We must examine the accounts.)

📗”Through” can also be used to talk about time. It means from beginning to end of.

➡️He will not live through the night.
(= He will die before morning.)
➡️We sat through two of the speeches and then left.
➡️She had just enough energy to get through the day.

📗across an area or space, or between a group of things

➡️Maynard spent a year travelling through Europe and Asia, giving lectures.
➡️The path climbs steeply through the trees.
➡️A tiny explosion sent sparks flying through the air.
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📗”Through” as an Adverb

As an adverb “through” means from end to end, side to side or beginning to end.

➡️I have read the letter through twice and cannot understand it.
➡️There’s a hole in the roof where the rain comes through.

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