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Q. What is it that Mrs. Ramsay cannot do?
Ans. Tell her husband that she loves him
Q. This novel is in?
Ans. Three parts

(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s)
Q. Who finishes the journey and makes it to the lighthouse in the third section of the novel?
Ans. Mr. Ramsay
Q. Of whom is the painting which is the subject of so much of the novel?
Ans. Mrs. Ramsay and James
Q. Who is the man who keeps saying too often, “Woman can’t write. Women can’t paint”?
Ans. Mr. Tansley
Q. After World War I is over, the Ramsay summer house is falling apart; who are the main characters who put it back together again?
Ans. Mrs. McNab and Mrs. Bast
Q. What does Mr. Ramsay fear that he will never get to?
Ans. The letter R
Q. Andrew Ramsay dies of?
Ans. Fighting in World War l
Q. What is Mrs. Ramsay knitting for lighthouse keeper’s boy?
Ans. Stockings
Q. Mrs. Ramsay worries about Jasper’s?
Ans. Fondness for shooting birds

Q. To The Lighthouse was published in?
Ans. 1927
Q. Ramsays’ summer home is in?
Ans. The Hebrides
Q. Augustus Carmichael infuriates Mr. Ramsay at dinner?
Ans. By asking for more soup

Q. On the nursery wall, Mrs. Ramsay covers boar’s head with a?
Ans. Shawl
Q. What does Lily decide to move to the center of her painting?
Ans. A tree
Q. Mrs. Ramsay envisions her essential self as a?
Ans. Wedge-shaped core of darkness
Q. On the beach, Mr. Ramsay recites to himself the poem?
Ans. The Charge Of The Light Brigade
Q. Who is a poet from Ramsay’s guests?

Ans. Augustus Carmichael
Q. Nancy finds Minta and Paul?
Ans. Kissing

(Thomas Carlyle MCQ’s)
Q. Owl and the Poker are?
Ans. Minta Doyle’s parents

Q. Charles Tansley is proud to carry?
Ans. Her handbag home for Mrs. Ramsay
Q. At the beginning of the book, who asks to go to the lighthouse?
Ans. James
Q. Mr. Ramsay compares the progress of thought with?
Ans. The alphabet
Q. James’ childhood hobby is?
Ans. Cutting
Q. How does Prue Ramsay die?
Ans. Of an illness in childbirth

Q. What is the name of Ramsays’ dog?
Ans. Badger
Q. Ramsay children call Charles Tansley?

Ans. The atheist
Q. Who rows the boat to the lighthouse?
Ans. Macalister’s boy
Q. In “The Window”, the name of the Ramsays’ nursemaid is?
Ans. Mildred

(A Thing of Beauty MCQs)
Q. Whom will Lily allow to view her painting?

Ans. William Bankes

Q. Which stroke of the lighthouse is Mrs. Ramsay’s stroke?
Ans. The third
Q. How much time elapses during “Time Passes”?
Ans. Ten years
Q. According to Mr. Ramsay, what will outlive the memory of Shakespeare?

Ans. A small stone
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. As the novel begins, how does young James Ramsay occupy himself?
Ans. He clips pictures from the army and navy stores catalogue
Q. Lily shows her painting to?
Ans. William Bankes
Q. Paul Raylay is dissatisfied by his marriage proposal because?
Ans. He feels tricked by Mrs. Ramsay
Q. Who tells Lily that women can never paint or write?
Ans. Charles Tansley

Q. The Hebrides provides the setting for?
Ans. The Waves
Q. Who chooses Mrs. Ramsay’s jewelry for the dinner party?
Ans. Rose
Q. Mrs. Ramsay hopes that Lily will marry?

Ans. William Bankes

Q. What revives interest in Mr. Carmichael’s poetry?
Ans. His new volume of poems published during World War l
Q. How did Virginia Woolf die?
Ans. She drowned herself
Q. Virginia Woolf’s suicide note to her husband contains?
Ans. A grocery list

(Virginia Woolf MCQ’s)
Q. What was the name of the group of artists and intellectuals to which Woolf belonged? Ans. The Bloomsbury Group
Q. What does Mr. Ramsay most often want from Mrs. Ramsay and why?
Ans. Sympathy because he is full of professional anxiety
Q. Critical consensus holds that the character of Mrs. Ramsay is based on?
Ans. Woolf’s mother
Q. Who accompanies Mr. Ramsay to the lighthouse at the novel’s end?
Ans. James and Cam
Q. How many years pass in the second section of the novel?
Ans. 10
Q. Who rescues the house from the disastrous effects of time?
Ans. Mrs. Mcnab

Q. What does Mrs. Ramsay read when she joins Mr. Ramsay after the dinner party?
Ans. A Shakespearean Sonnet

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)

Q. What does Minta Doyle loses on the beach?
Ans. Her grandmother’s brooch
Q. What does Mrs. Ramsay do to help her children sleep?
Ans. She covers a skull that hangs on the wall with her shawl
Q. To The Lighthouse is a radical departure from?
Ans. The 19th century novel
Q. Who are the characters of To the Lighthouse based on?
Ans. Woolf’s family
Q. ‘The Window’ opens before the start of which war?
Ans. World War l
Q. Paul, Minta and two of the Ramsay children are late to the dinner party because they were?
Ans. Walking on the beach
Q. Which character, present at the dinner party in ‘The Window’, returns to the summerhouse first?
Ans. Lily
Q. What does Lily do as the Ramsays finally travel to the lighthouse?
Ans. Finishes her painting
Q. What does James feel towards his father Mr. Ramsay?
Ans. Murderous antipathy
Q. What motivates Tansley’s bad behavior?

Ans. Need for reassurance

Q. Which character languishes in literary obscurity until his verse becomes popular during the war?
Ans. Carmichael

Q. Which Ramsay daughter sails with James and Mr. Ramsay to the lighthouse?
Ans. Cam
Q. What does Mrs. Ramsay hope to protect for James?
Ans. His sense of wonder
Q. What gift does Mrs. Ramsay bestow on those around her?
Ans. A sense of unity
Q. To what animal or object does Woolf compare Mr. Ramsay?
Ans. A knife
Q. What does Lily reject that Mrs. Ramsay embraces?
Ans. Conventional femininity
Q. What characteristic does James realize he shares with his father?
Ans. Profound Loneliness
Q. What do Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay both believe the world is?
Ans. Transient
Q. Which character finds a way to preserve his or her experience of life?
Ans. Lily
Q. In the novel, what kind of effect does beauty have on people who experience it?

Ans. Soothing
(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)

Q. What means something different and intimately personal to each character in the novel?
Ans. The Lighthouse
Q. What does the sea and its waves broadly represent in the novel?
Ans. The passage of time
Q. How many children do the Ramsays have?

Ans. 8
Q. How old is James in this opening section?
Ans. 6
Q. In Chapter III, the sound of what shocks Mrs. Ramsay?
Ans. Waves
Q. To what does Bankes compare Mrs. Ramsay in Chapter V?
Ans. An unfinished hotel
Q. Tansley goes to watch the children play…… in Chapter VII?
Ans. Cricket
Q. What does Lily think of her painting at the beginning of IX?
Ans. It is bad
Q. What does Lily hope to attain through her painting?
Ans. A kind of intimacy
Q. What two things does Mrs. Ramsay think the island needs?
Ans. A hospital, a dairy

Q. What, according to Mrs. Ramsay, would be the bill for the greenhouse?
Ans. £50

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. In Chapter X11, what does Mr. Ramsay say is the only thing in Tansley’s life?
Ans. His dissertation

Q. In Chapter XIII, the Ramsays become a symbol of……… for Lily?
Ans. Married life
Q. What does Lily recognize she should do for Tansley, out of her duty as a woman?

Ans. Comfort him
Q. What book did Mr. Ramsay talk about with Minta, which she has not finished reading? Ans. MiddleMarch
Q. What does Mrs. Ramsay discover James and Cam staring at in the nursery?
Ans. A boar’s skull
Q. In Chapter XIX, Mr. Ramsay reads a book by which author?
Ans. Sir Walter Scott

(Sir Walter Scott MCQ’s)
Q. Who dies in Chapter III?
Ans. Mrs. Ramsay
Q. What does Lily imagine Mrs. Ramsay wearing on her head as she crosses the lawn?
Ans. A flower crown
Q. What is Mr. Ramsay doing in the boat?

Ans. Reading

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