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Here is Walter Scott Quiz for you!

Q. Which illness left Walter Scott lame in the right leg?
Ans. Polio

(Walter Scott MCQ’s)
Q. The first published work of Walter Scott was?
Ans. “The Chase, and William and Helen”
Q. Walter Scott’s last finished novel, The Siege of Malta, was first published in?
Ans. 2008

(D H Lawrence MCQ’s)
Q. Walter Scott’s literary interests were first formed by?
Ans. Thomas Percy’s Reliques

Q. The full title of the poem Marmion by Walter Scott is?
Ans. Marmion: A Tale Of Flodden Field
Q. Which German ballad did Walter Scott translate?
Ans. Lenore

(E M Forster MCQ’s)
Q. Walter Scott’s novel The Bride of Lammermoor was the inspiration for an opera by which composer?
Ans. Donizetti

Q. Who wrote the book “Sir Walter Scott: The Great Unknown”?
Ans. Edgar Johnson
Q. An unfinished novel of Walter Scott which was first published in 2008 was?
Ans. Bizarro
Q. Who said about Walter Scott’s novels, “These historical novels have taught the truth unknown to the writers of history?”
Ans. Carlyle

(Thomas Carlyle MCQ’s)

Q. Which was Walter Scott’s last major poem?
Ans. The Lord Of The Isles
Q. Walter Scott exerted himself greatly to make……… popular in Scotland?
Ans. George IV
Q. Who illustrated the novels of Walter Scott and Charles Dickens?
Ans. George Cruishank

Q. Life Of Napoleon is a biography written by Walter Scott in?
Ans. 12 volumes
Q. Who said about Walter Scott that he cannot construct and he has a trivial mind and a heavy style?
Ans. E.M Forster

(A Passage To India MCQ’s) (Howards End MCQ’s)
Q. Which prince wanted to meet the author of Waverley?
Ans. Prince Regent
Q. In which novel Walter Scott said that Shakespeare died without writing tragedies?

Ans. Woodstock
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. The famous pen names of Walter Scott are Lawrence Templeton and?
Ans. Captain Clutterbuck
Q. In The Antiquary, the character Edie Ochiltree is a licenced ‘gaberlunzie’. What is the modern term for a gaberlunzie?
Ans. Beggar
Q. Who was the business partner of Walter Scott?
Ans. James Ballantyne

Q. The last and in many ways the most revealing of Walter Scott’s Scottish novels is?
Ans. Redgauntlet

(Death Of A Salesman MCQ’s)
Q. Which Scottish football club was named after a Walter Scott novel?
Ans. The Heart Of Midlothian
Q. Which novel is considered Walter Scott’s Don Quixote?
Ans. Redgauntlet (Cervantes wrote Don Quixote)

Q. Who regarded Waverly as one of the best things that has been written?
Ans. Goethe

(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Which novel of Walter Scott contains his famous tale “Wandering Willie’s Tale”?
Ans. Redgauntlet

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