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Q. Blake was born in?
Ans. 1757. He died in 1827
Q. Blake was?
Ans. The second son of his parents
Q. Blake’s father was?
Ans. A hosier
Q. Blake claimed to see God when he was?

Ans. Four years old
Q. Blake saw a tree filled with angels when he was?
Ans. Eight years old
Q. Blake was sent to?
Ans. Henery Paul’s Drawing School. He studied there for seven years
Q. Blake served apprenticeship with?
Ans. Mr. James Baire
Q. Blake wrote the poem, How Sweet I Roamed From Field To Field when he was?

Ans. 14
(English Literature MCQ’s Part 04)
Q. The poem Jerusalem by William Blake was engraved in?
Ans. Hundred plates
Q. The first and only exhibition of William Blake’s work was held in?
Ans. 1809

Q. Who wrote The Everlasting Gospel?
Ans. Blake
Q. Complete the title of Blake’s work, For Children: The Gates Of………..?
Ans. Paradise
Q. The title of Blake’s work, For Children: The Gates Of Paradise was later changed to? Ans. For Sexes: The Gates Of Paradise

Q. Vala Or The Four Zoas by Blake is?
Ans. An epic
Q. Blake worked on Illustrations To Dante between?
Ans. 1824 to 1826
Q. What did Blake make to Thornton’s Pastorals Of Virgil?
Ans. Woodcuts

(Paradise Lost MCQ’s)
Q. Who was Blake’s wife?
Ans. Catherine Blake. She died in 1831
Q. Who wrote critical essay on Blake?
Ans. Swinburne
Q. Three volume edition, including biography, commentary and reproduction of the prophecies of William Blake was published by E.J Ellis and?
Ans. W.B Yeats

(W B Yeats MCQ’s)
Q. William Blake, His Philosophy And Symbols was written by?
Ans. Foster Damon

Q. Blake wrote Marriage Of Heaven And……… ?
Ans. Hell
Q. Lamb in the poem The Lamb by Blake is a symbol of?
Ans. Innocence
Q. Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience were written by?
Ans. Blake
Q. Tiger in Blake’s Songs Of Experience stands for?
Ans. Evil
Q. Blake was?
Ans. Poet and Engraver
Q. Who wrote The Echoing Green?
Ans. Blake

Q. Blake’s poem The Lamb consists of?
Ans. 20 lines
Q. The poems The Shepherd and Infant Joy are written by?
Ans. Blake
Q. The poems The Chimney Sweeper and Night have been written by?
Ans. Blake
Q. Earth’s Answer is written by?
Ans. Blake

Q. The Little Girl Lost is written by?
Ans. Blake
Q. A Poison Tree is written by?
Ans. Blake

(Oscar Wilde MCQ’s)
Q. The Little Girl Found is written by?
Ans. Blake
Q. The poem The Tiger is a companion poem to?
Ans. The Lamb
Q. The Tiger by Blake is taken from the volume?
Ans. Songs Of Experience
Q. Blake became interested in 1788 in?
Ans. Swedenborgian Movement
Q. Blake completed his Songs Of Innocence in?
Ans. 1789
Q. Blake published some of his early works in?
Ans. Sculptural Monuments Of Great Britain
Q. Blake’s Songs Of Experience appeared in?

Ans. 1794
Q. An Island On The Moon is Written by?
Ans. Blake

Q. Urizen is written by?
Ans. Blake
Q. Europe A Prophecy is written by?
Ans. Blake
Q. The first long poem of Blake was?
Ans. Vala

(G B Shaw MCQ’s)
Q. Blake got a commission to illustrate young’s?
Ans. Night Thoughts
Q. How many designs were made by Blake to illustrate young’s Night Thoughts?
Ans. Over 500 designs
Q. Blake engraved two long poems London and Jerusalem in?
Ans. 1804
Q. The poem Milton by Blake was engraved in?
Ans. 50 plates

(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote Poetical Sketches?
Ans. Blake
Q. Blake opened an engraver’s shop in partnership with?
Ans. Parker
Q. Who wrote The Writings Of William Blake?

Ans. Geoffrey Keynes

Q. Who wrote Vision Of The Daughters Of Albion?
Ans. Blake
Q. Blake started writing Poetical Sketches when he was?
Ans. 12

Q. Who said about Blake’s Poetical Sketches, “These poems embody the very essence of the 18th century?”
Ans. Browning

(Robert Browning MCQ’s)
Q. Blake had?
Ans. No Children
Q. Who wrote The Book Of Thel?
Ans. Blake
Q. The Book Of Los was written by?
Ans. Blake
Q. Blake uses urban and industrial landscapes to show?
Ans. Oppression and rationalism
Q. Blake saw the potential dangers of a mass society in which people were controlled by systems of?
Ans. Organization
Q. Blake was the contemporary of?
Ans. Robert Burns
Q. Blake was very………… in later years?

Ans. Poor

Q. Blake is appreciated these days for his poetry as well as his?
Ans. Calligraphic artistry
Q. Blake’s Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience reflect?
Ans. Two phases of human understanding
Q. Blake belongs to?
Ans. Early Romantic Age

(Jonathan Swift MCQ’s)
Q. Besides being a poet, Blake was also?

Ans. A painter, paintmaker and book engraver
Q. Who said, “Prisons are built with stones of law?”
Ans. Blake

Q. Where did Blake live for most of his life?
Ans. Soho
Q. Blake’s poem about sexually transmitted disease is?
Ans. The Sick Rose
Q. Blake received formal education only in?

Ans. Art
Q. Which book is subtitled Showing The Two Contrary States Of The Human Soul?
Ans. Songs Of Innocence And Experience
Q. A soldier had once charged Blake with?

Ans. Sedition

Q. A Divine Image has been written by?
Ans. Blake

(Emily Dickinson MCQ’s)
Q. When he died, Blake had been working on the illustrations of which author?
Ans. Dante
Q. According to Blake, which book contained all he knew?
Ans. The Bible

Q. Who are the daughters of Albion?
Ans. English women
Q. Whom does Blake tell to “Mock on, Mock on?”
Ans. Voltaire
Q. Who did Blake regard as the greatest of all poets?
Ans. Milton

(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. What did Blake reportedly say to a visitor who interrupted him and his wife reading Paradise Lost naked in the garden?
Ans. It’s only Adam and Eve, you know
Q. What tactic did Blake use to keep his revolutionary writings from the eyes of pro-government forces?
Ans. Mirror writing

Q. On his deathbed, Blake completed which last piece of work?
Ans. A Portrait Of His Wife
Q. Blake was born in?
Ans. London

Q. The major event in Europe during Blake’s life was?
Ans. The French Revolution
Q. In A Cradle Song, the speaker is?
Ans. A father
Q. In Love’s Secret, Blake compares love to?

Ans. Wind
(John Ruskin MCQ’s)
Q. In Blake’s poetry, daytime/nighttime represent?
Ans. Experience/innocence
Q. In To The Evening Star, the evening star is?
Ans. Venus
Q. Blake supported the abolition of slavery and the egalitarian principles of the French? Ans. Revolution
Q. Blake considered………… and not sense perceptions, as the means through which man could understand the world?
Ans. Imagination
Q. For Blake, imagination is?
Ans. The Divine Vision

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