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Q. Who has been called “the critic’s critic”?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Who influenced William Hazlitt to a great extent?
Ans. S T Coleridge

(S T Coleridge MCQ’s)
Q. From 1814 till his death, William Hazlitt contributed to?
Ans. The Edinburgh Review

(Walter Scott MCQ’s)
Q. Who was born when Wordsworth was eight, Walter Scott six and Charles Lamb three?
Ans. William Hazlitt

(Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. William Hazlitt admired………..above all English poets except Shakespeare?
Ans. John Milton

(John Milton MCQ’s)
(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. William Hazlitt worked as a reporter at………?
Ans. Four pounds a week
Q. As a personality, William Hazlitt was the……….of Charles Lamb?
Ans. Opposite
Q. The last words of William Hazlitt were?

Ans. “Well, I have had a happy life”
Q. Who wrote The Indian Jugglers?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. According to Hazlitt, who is the greatest critic of Shakespeare’s plays?
Ans. German August Wilhelm Schlegel

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Q. Like……..William Hazlitt also chose to write in first person pronoun “I”?
Ans. Montaigne
Q. Who wrote like a man who wears his heart upon his sleeve?
Ans. William Hazlitt

Q. Because of his multifarious interests and hobbies, William Hazlitt has been branded as?
Ans. A literary vagabond
Q. Who wrote Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. When was Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays published?
Ans. 1817
Q. Who said, “Though we are mighty fine fellows nowadays, we cannot write like Hazlitt?
Ans. R. L. Stevenson

Q. William Hazlitt was a………..essayist?
Ans. Romantic
Q. William Hazlitt’s essays are……….in nature?
Ans. Grave
Q. Who said, ‘I have quarrelled with almost all of my old friends?’
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Who wrote Table Talk?
Ans. William HazlittQ. Table Talk has been subtitled as?
Ans. Original Essays on Men and Manners

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Q. A large number of William Hazlitt’s essays are on………..ideas such as egotism, reason, imagination,
fear of death etc.?
Ans. Abstract
Q. William Hazlitt was more interested in the idea than in the form of the essay?

Ans. True
Q. William Hazlitt’s essays are………..in nature?
Ans. Autobiographical
Q. Who wrote The Round Table?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. When was The Round Table published?

Ans. 1817
(The Old Man and the Sea MCQs)
Q. William Hazlitt’s style has been titled as?

Ans. The familiar style
Q. Who wrote, “Hazlitt is not out of date and does not become state?”
Ans. Geoffrey Leynes
Q. William Hazlitt was born in?
Ans. 1778
Q. Who wrote The Spirit of the Age?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. The Spirit of the Age includes thinkers, social reformers, politicians, poets, essayists, and novelists, many of whom Hazlitt personally knew?
Ans. True

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Q. When was The Spirit of the Age published?
Ans. 1825
Q. The Spirit of the Age has been subtitled as?
Ans. Contemporary Portraits
Q. William Hazlitt died in?
Ans. 1830
Q. William Hazlitt was born in?
Ans. Maidstone, Kent, England
Q. William Hazlitt was an essayist, a literary critic, a painter, a social commentator and?

Ans. A philosopher
Q. Who said, “Silence is one great art of conversation?”
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Who wrote the work On the Fear of Death?

Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. What was the nationality of William Hazlitt?
Ans. British

Q. William Hazlitt was the son of a?
Ans. Unitarian minister
Q. William Hazlitt puts his ideas in a/an……….?
Ans. Informal style

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Q. Who wrote My First Acquaintance with Poets?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Hazlitt records his impressions of Coleridge and Wordsworth in his essay?
Ans. My First Acquaintance with Poets
Q. According to critics, who is rather a moral historian than a moral philosopher?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. William Hazlitt married?
Ans. Sarah Stoddart
Q. Leigh Hunt, William Godwin and Charles Lamb were the………of?
Ans. Friends

(Charles Lamb MCQ’s)
Q. The most effective volume of essays by William Hazlitt was?
Ans. The Spirit of the Age
Q. In which work does William Hazlitt give critical portraits of a number of his contemporaries?
Ans. The Spirit of the Age

Q. According to Hazlitt, which Shakespearean characters can not be adequately presented on stage?
Ans. King Lear and Hamlet

(King Lear MCQ’s)
Q. Which Shakespearean play is claimed by Hazlitt as one of Shakespeare’s “most original and perfect play”?
Ans. The Tempest

(The Tempest MCQ’s)
Q. William Hazlitt placed which of Shakespeare’s plays first in his discussion?

Ans. Cymbeline

Q. According to William Hazlitt, “Of all Shakespeare’s women, she is perhaps the most tender and most artless.” Who?
Ans. Imogen
Q. How many plays of Shakespeare were considered as genuine by William Hazlitt?

Ans. 35
Q. Who wrote Lectures on the English Poets?

Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. When was Lectures on the English Poets published?
Ans. 1818
Q. William Hazlitt worked as a political reporter for?
Ans. The Morning Chronicle

Q. At first William Hazlitt wanted to become?
Ans. A painter
Q. The French philosopher………..was Hazlitt’s beloved above all writers?
Ans. Rousseau

Q. William Hazlitt published an unsuccessful biography of?
Ans. Napoleon
Q. William Hazlitt published an unsuccessful biography of Napoleon in?
Ans. 4 volumes
Q. Hazlitt worshipped…………as a hero?
Ans. Napoleon

Q. Who said, “Hazlitt moves among abstract ideas with an ease and familiarity?”
Ans. Ian Jack
Q. Who is an 18th century author, essayist and a painter?
Ans. Hazlitt
Q. William Hazlitt’s friends left him one by one on account of his aggressive nature, and at the time of his death only……….stood by him?
Ans. Charles Lamb

Q. Who wrote An Essay on the Principles of Human Action?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Keats drew considerably from his reading of Hazlitt’s?
Ans. An Essay on the Principles of Human Action
Q. Both men recognized the importance of journals in disseminating information and in reflecting on contemporary issues. Who?

Ans. William Hazlitt and Coleridge
Q. William Hazlitt’s influence on the English essay has been healthier than?
Ans. Charles Lamb

Q. Hazlitt turned to literary journalism after an unsuccessful career first as a painter and then as a?
Ans. Philosopher
Q. Who wrote Winterslow?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Winterslow was published?
Ans. Posthumously in 1850

Q. Who is placed in the company of Samuel Johnson and George Orwell for his best work?
Ans. William Hazlitt

Q. Who is acknowledged as the finest art critic of his age?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. William Hazlitt died at the age of?
Ans. 52
Q. Who wrote Lectures on the English Comic Writers?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. When was Lectures on the English Comic Writers published?
Ans. 1819
Q. Where was William Hazlitt educated?
Ans. New College at Hackney
Q. The novel The Cure for Love (1998) was based indirectly on?
Ans. Hazlitt’s life
Q. Who is described as the ‘best critic of art before Ruskin’?
Ans. William Hazlitt

Q. Who said, “Prejudice is the child of ignorance?”
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Who wrote the essay The Flight?
Ans. William Hazlitt

Q. Characters Of Shakespeare’s Plays is a collection of……… by William Hazlitt?
Ans. Lectures
Q. Who said, “Lamb was the most delightful, the most provoking and sensible of men?”

Ans. Hazlitt
Q. Who wrote The Life of William Hazlitt?

Ans. Percival P. Howe
Q. At 13 William Hazlitt debuted in writing with a letter, which was published in the?

Ans. ‘Shrewsbury Chronicle’
Q. While studying at the college, Hazlitt had a loss of?
Ans. Faith
Q. William Hazlitt defended…………in his Lectures on the English Comic Writers?
Ans. Restoration Dramatists

Q. Who wrote The Plain Speaker?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Charles Lamb introduced Hazlitt to?
Ans. William Godwin
Q. Hazlitt opposed England’s war with……… and its consequent heavy taxation?
Ans. France
Q. Hazlitt’s marriage to Sarah ended in 1823 as a result of his affair with a?
Ans. Maid

Q. Who wrote Liber Amoris?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. The effect of William Hazlitt’s personality on his own life can be seen in?
Ans. Liber Amoris
Q. William Hazlitt was critized by the……….press throughout his career?
Ans. Tory
Q. When Napoleon was defeated in 1815, Hazlitt was very depressed and took up……..?
Ans. Heavy drinking

Q. Who is often esteemed the greatest English literary critic after Samuel Johnson?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. The full title of The spirit of the Age is?

Ans. The Spirit of the Age: Or, Contemporary Portraits
Q. The Spirit of the Age portrays?
Ans. 25 men
Q. William Hazlitt’s work Liber Amoris means?
Ans. The New Pygmalion
Q. At Hackney College, William Hazlitt was strongly influenced by eminent dissenting thinkers of the day like?
Ans. Richard Price and Joseph Priestley
Q. Who wrote Quarrel of the Age: the life and times of William Hazlitt?
Ans. A. C. Grayling

Q. Who said, “Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps, for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be?”
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. William Hazlitt’s collected dramatic criticism appeared as?
Ans. A View of the English Stage

Q. Who wrote Literary Remains?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Literary Remains by William Hazlitt was published?
Ans. Posthumously

Q. How did Coleridge describe William Hazlitt?
Ans. “brow-hanging, shoe-contemplative, strange.”
Q. Hazlitt was driven out of the Lake District, both for his pro-French views and because of?
Ans. A sexual involvement
Q. The name of William Hazlitt’s father was also?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. Who wrote Lectures on the Literature of the Age of Elizabeth?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. When was Lectures on the Literature of the Age of Elizabeth published?
Ans. 1820
Q. Who wrote the essay On Going a Journey?

Ans. William Hazlitt

Q. Who wrote On the Ignorance of the Learned?
Ans. William Hazlitt
Q. “Chaucer was the most practical of all the great poets”, who said?
Ans. Hazlitt
Q. William Hazlitt was educated mainly at home and at a local school?
Ans. True
Q. Hazlitt was suffering from?
Ans. Stomach cancer

(Samuel Johnson MCQ’s)
Q. William Hazlitt had an extramarital relation with a girl. It resulted in divorce between him and his wife. Who was his second wife?
Ans. Bridgewater

Q. Hazlitt’s childhood was spent in Ireland and………..where his father supported the American rebels?
Ans. North America
Q. Who has described Table Talk essays as the “pinnacle of Hazlitt’s achievement”?
Ans. Duncan Wu
Q. Who wrote Political Essays with Sketches of Public Characters?
Ans. William Hazlitt

Q. “Man is a poetical animal, and delights in fiction.” This line appears in Hazlitt’s essay?
Ans. Pomp and Ignorance
Q. Who wrote the essay On The Pleasure of Hating?
Ans. William Hazlitt

Q. It was a collection of forty essays by Hazlitt and a dozen by Leigh Hunt. Which work?
Ans. The Round Table

(John Ruskin MCQ’s)
Q. Original Essays refer to William Hazlitt’s work?
Ans. Table Talk
Q. Who said, “I have loitered my life away, reading books, looking at pictures, hearing, thinking, writing what pleased me best?”

Ans. William Hazlitt

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