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Here are all Word Formation MCQ’s for you!

Q. What is Eponym?
Ans. New words based on the name of a person or place are called Eponyms e.g. the word jeans from the Italian city Genoa where this type of cloth was first made
Q. What is Backformation?
Ans. The process of reducing a word such as a noun to a shorter version and using it as a new word such as a verb e.g. Babysit from babysitter

Q. What is Coinage?
Ans. The invention of new words e.g xerox
Q. The most typical sources of Coinage are?

Ans. Commercial products that become general terms e.g. aspirin, nylon, zipper

Q. The most salient contemporary example of Coinage is?
Ans. The word google which is originally a misspelling for the word googol
Q. What is Borrowing?
Ans. The process taking of words from other languages… As English has taken words from many languages

Q. What is Compounding?
Ans. The process of combining two or more words to form a new word e.g. Bookcases, textbook, fingerprint

(Phonology MCQ’s)
Q. What is Blending?
Ans. The process of combining the beginning of one word and the end of another word to form a new word e.g. Brunch from breakfast and lunch; smog from smoke and fog

Q. What is clipping?
Ans. The process of reducing a word of more than one syllable to a shorter form e.g. ‘ad’ from advertisement and ‘flu’ from influenza
Q. What is Hypocorism?
Ans. A process in which a longer word is reduced to a shorter form with y or ie at the end e.g ‘movie’ from moving pictures and ‘telly’ from television

Q. What is Conversion?
Ans. The process of changing the function of a word, such as a noun to a verb e.g. the noun vacation as a verb in ‘they are vacationing in Lahore’
Q. What are Acronyms?
Ans. Acronyms are new words formed from the initial letters of a set of other words e.g. NASA from National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Q. What is Affix?
Ans. A bound morpheme such as un- or ed- added to a word e.g. undressed
Q. What is Derivation?
Ans. The process of forming new words by adding affixes e.g. Unhappy from happy and misrepresent from represent
Q. What is etymology?
Ans. The study of the origin and history of words

Q. The word etymology is originated from?
Ans. Greek
Q. What is suffix?
Ans. A bound morpheme added to the end of a word e.g. ness in illness
Q. What is prefix?
Ans. A bound morpheme added to the beginning of a word e.g. ‘un’ in unclear
Q. What is the general name for prefixes and suffixes?
Ans. Affixes

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