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Here are all Wordsworth MCQ’s for you!

Q. Wordsworth was born at?
Ans. Cockermouth in 1770
Q. Wordsworth’s father’s name was?
Ans. John Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth spent his boyhood among?

Ans. Shepherds
(Wordsworth Quiz)
Q. Wordsworth was the?
Ans. Second son of his parents
Q. When Wordsworth was eight years of age, his?
Ans. Mother died
Q. Wordsworth lost his father at the age of?

Ans. 14 years
Q. Wordsworth went to Cambridge to get his education at?
Ans. St. John College
Q. Wordsworth visited France?
Ans. Twice
Q. An Evening Walk and Descriptive Sketches were published by Wordsworth in?
Ans. 1793
Q. In An Evening Walk and Descriptive Sketches Wordsworth used?
Ans. Regular classic couplet
Q. His poetic genius was stimulated by his friendship with?
Ans. Coleridge

(S T Coleridge MCQ’s)
Q. His friendship with Coleridge began in?

Ans. 1796
Q. Lyrical Ballads were published in?
Ans. 1798
Q. Lyrical Ballads were published with the help of?
Ans. Coleridge

(Coleridge Quiz)
Q. Wordsworth married in?
Ans. 1802. He married Mary Hutchinson
Q. Dorothy is?
Ans. Wordsworth’s sister

Q. Who had left Wordsworth a small legacy?
Ans. His friend Raisley Clovert
Q. His wife was his?
Ans. Cousin
Q. Wordsworth began his family life first in?

Ans. Lake District
Q. Wordsworth was made Poet Laureate in?

Ans. 1843
Q. Wordsworth wrote a large number of?

Ans. Lyrics
Q. According to Wordsworth, a poet has greater knowledge of?
Ans. Human nature
Q. In his lyrics, Wordsworth can stir the deepest emotion by?
Ans. Simple means
Q. “Thus nature spoke, the work was done” is Wordsworth’s line from?
Ans. Lucy poems
Q. Wordsworth gave charm to things of?

Ans. Everyday
(English Literature MCQ’s Part 02)
Q. Wordsworth generally chose for his poetry?
Ans. Low and rustic life
Q. Wordsworth’s autobiographical poem is?

Ans. The Prelude
Q. Wordsworth received his first honorary degree from the University of?
Ans. Durham
Q. Wordsworth was awarded another honorary degree by the University Of?
Ans. Oxford
Q. Wordsworth became the supporter of a French political party called?
Ans. Girondist Party
Q. Wordsworth wrote a letter in favor of French Revolution to?
Ans. Cardiff
Q. Back in England, Wordsworth found conservative opinion strongly running against?
Ans. The French Revolution

Q. The rise of Napoleon made Wordsworth?
Ans. The opponent of French Revolution
Q. Lyrical Ballads mark both the development of romanticism and?
Ans. Naturalism
Q. Who wrote The Thorn And The Idiot Boy?

Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth wrote the principal object proposed in these poems was to choose incidents and situations from common life?

Ans. In Preface To Second Publication Of Lyrical Ballads
Q. Who wrote the poems Toys and Deserted Village?

Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth is a poet in complete contrast to?
Ans. Alexander Pope

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Who is called the keenest eyed of all modern poets for what is deep and essential in nature?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Every touch in Wordsworth’s poetry is true to the copying of literary phrase but it is the result of?
Ans. Direct observation
Q. Wordsworth gives expression to his philosophy of life in?
Ans. Ode On The Intimations Of Immortality
Q. For Wordsworth, the embodiment of divine spirit was?
Ans. Nature
Q. In Intimations Of Immortality, his most cherished belief is?
Ans. Our earliest institutions are the truest
Q. Wordsworth is famous for his lyrics, sonnets, short descriptive poems and?
Ans. Odes
Q. Wordsworth’s longer poems contain much that is?
Ans. Prosy and uninteresting
Q. In 1805, Wordsworth finished his poem?

Ans. The Prelude
Q. The second book of the poem “Recluse” written by Wordsworth is?
Ans. The Excursion

Q. Who said about Wordsworth that he uttered nothing base?
Ans. Tennyson

(Tennyson MCQ’s)
Q. The Excursion is included in his?
Ans. Philosophical poetry
Q. Wordsworth died in?
Ans. 1850
Q. In 1813, Wordsworth was appointed as?

Ans. Distributor of stamps for Lake District
Q. Wordsworth visited Germany in 1798 along with his sister Dorothy and?
Ans. Coleridge

(S T Coleridge MCQ’s)
Q. The River Duddon And Cuckoo were written by?
Ans. Wordsworth

(Wordsworth Quiz)
Q. Westminster Bridge written by Wordsworth is?
Ans. A sonnet
Q. Wordsworth is next to Shakespeare in the writing of?
Ans. Sonnets
Q. The number of Wordsworth’s Sonnets is approximately?
Ans. 500
Q. The third book of Recluse was?
Ans. Never completed
Q. Wordsworth was deficient in?
Ans. Dramatic power
Q. Wordsworth’s love of nature comprised of?
Ans. Four stages
Q. Wordsworth addressed which poem to Coleridge?
Ans. The Prelude
Q. The Sparrow’s Nest and Intimations Of Early Childhood were written by?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. In Lyrical Ballads, Wordsworth registered his protest against?
Ans. Artificial poetic diction

Q. Wordsworth’s poem To Milton is?
Ans. A Sonnet (John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. During revolutionary period, the whole trend of Wordsworth’s writings was?
Ans. Towards simplification of life
Q. The number of Ecclesiastical sonnets written by Wordsworth is?
Ans. 132
Q. According to Wordsworth, man is a part of?
Ans. Nature
Q. Who wrote The World Is Too Much With Us?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth regarded nature as?
Ans. A moral teacher and loving mother
Q. Lowell said Wordsworth is the historian of?
Ans. Lake District
Q. The first book of The Prelude is concerned with?
Ans. The first stage of the role of nature
Q. While at Lake District, Wordsworth’s family consisted of?
Ans. Three persons
Q. Who said, “The revolution in its earlier phases involved no revolution in Wordsworth’s mental life?”
Ans. Raleigh

(John Donne MCQ’s)
Q. What was the reaction of Wordsworth when England declared war on France?
Ans. He was enraged
Q. Who brought a democratic note in English poetry?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. What humanized Wordsworth’s soul?
Ans. French Revolution
Q. Who wrote The Sea Side and Daffodils?

Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Who wrote Lucy and My Heart Leaps Up?

Ans. Wordsworth

Q. Wordsworth planned Lyrical Ballads with Coleridge in?
Ans. 1797

(Coleridge Quiz)
Q. Wordsworth’s best work was done between?
Ans. 1796 and 1808
Q. The Prelude was written between?
Ans. 1799 and 1805
Q. The Prelude consists of?
Ans. 14 books
Q. The first edition of The Lyrical Ballads consisted of?
Ans. 23 books
Q. Out of the 23 poems of The first edition of The Lyrical Ballads, how many were written by Wordsworth?
Ans. 19
Q. Out of the 23 poems of The first edition of The Lyrical Ballads, how many were written by Coleridge?
Ans. 4
Q. The theme of The Prelude is?
Ans. The growth of poet’s mind
Q. Which book of The Prelude describes the influence of nature on Wordsworth?
Ans. Book ll
Q. I Wander Lonely As A Cloud, Ode To Duty and It’s A Beauteous Evening have been written by?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth’s political sonnets were?
Ans. 69
Q. Tintern Abbey was published in?
Ans. 1798
Q. The second and enlarged edition of Lyrical Ballads was published in?
Ans. 1800
Q. Where does The Solitary Reaper take place?
Ans. Scotland
Q. Who is singing in The Solitary Reaper?

Ans. A beautiful girl

Q. How will the speaker of The Solitary Reaper remember the young girl?
Ans. He will carry her song in his heart
Q. What is rare about The Solitary Reaper?

Ans. It does not come from Wordsworth’s own experiences
Q. London, 1802 by Wordsworth has been addressed to?
Ans. Milton

(John Milton MCQ’s)
Q. Why does Wordsworth want Milton to come back in London, 1802?
Ans. He wants to show England how to be virtuous again
Q. London, 1802 is?
Ans. A sonnet
Q. What is Wordsworth looking at in Composed Upon Westminster Bridge?
Ans. A city
Q. Wordsworth wrote We Are Seven with?

Ans. Coleridge
Q. What does the girl in We Are Seven like to do near her dead siblings?
Ans. Sew, sing and eat her dinner
Q. Who wrote Lines Written In Early Spring and A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth did not admire?
Ans. Alexander Pope

(Alexander Pope MCQ’s)
Q. Wordsworth defined poetry as the spontaneous overflow of?
Ans. Powerful feelings
Q. Who is Wordsworth referring to whom in “Brother, Englishman and Friend?
Ans. Spenser

(Edmund Spenser MCQ’s)

Q. Wordsworth and William Blake both emphasized on the value of?
Ans. Childhood experiences

(William Blake MCQ’s)
Q. Who wrote The Old Cumberland Beggar and The Leech Gatherer?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth breaks with?
Ans. The artificial diction of the 18th century
Q. One of the original titles of The Prelude was?
Ans. A Poem On The Growth Of An Individual Mind
Q. The name of Wordsworth’s illegitimate daughter was?
Ans. Caroline
Q. In which poem does Wordsworth write, “Let nature be your friend?”
Ans. The Tables Turned
Q. In The Tables Turned, Wordsworth tells his friend to stop?
Ans. Dancing and go outside

(Lord Byron MCQ’s)
Q. “Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers” is from?
Ans. The World Is Too Much With Us

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