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Q. Who said that Wordsworth was hardly a man but a wandering spirit?
Ans. Shelley
Q. Who said, “Wordsworth gives you the birds and flowers, the wind and tree and the leaves, just as they are and is content to let them speak their own message?”
Ans. William J. Long
Q. Who said, “Wordsworth’s ode Intimations of Immortality is the high watermark of poetry in the 19th century?”
Ans. Emerson
Q. Who is the hero of The Prelude?
Ans. Wordsworth himself
Q. Wordsworth wrote Ode to Duty under the influence of whose theory?
Ans. Kant
Q. Who wrote The World Is Too Much With Us?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. The first book of The Prelude is concerned with………?
Ans. The first stage of the role of nature
Q. Who wrote the poems The Sea Side AND Daffodils?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Who wrote the poems Lucy AND My Heart Leaps Up?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth planned Lyrical Ballads with Coleridge in……..?
Ans. 1797
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Q. The Prelude was written between………?
Ans. 1799 and 1805
Q. The Prelude consists of………?
Ans. 14 books
Q. Who said, “Wordsworth had no marked style of his own?”
Ans. Matthew Arnold
Q. Who criticized Wordsworth for not practicing his own theory in his own poems?
Ans. T S Eliot
Q. Who called Wordsworth, “a moral eunuch?”
Ans. P B Shelley
Q. Whose poetry was in search of sublime moments as well as beauty in the lives of simple rural people?
Ans. Wordsworth’s poetry
Q. Resolution and Independence was originally called?
Ans. Leechgatherer
Q. The only love sonnet of Wordsworth is?
Ans. Why art thou silent! Is thy love a plant
Q. Who described The Prelude as, “a lyrical bildungsroman”?
Ans. Richard Clarke
Q. Where does The Solitary Reaper take place?
Ans. Scotland
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Q. Who is singing in The Solitary Reaper?
Ans. A beautiful girl
Q. How will the speaker of The Solitary Reaper remember the young girl?
Ans. He will carry her song in his heart
Q. What is rare about The Solitary Reaper?
Ans. It does not come from Wordsworth’s own experiences
Q. “London, 1802” by Wordsworth has been addressed to……..?
Ans. John Milton
Q. Why does Wordsworth want Milton to come back to “London, 1802?”
Ans. He wants Milton to show England how to be virtuous again
Q. “London, 1802” is………?
Ans. A sonnet
Q. Who called Wordsworth’s poetic career “a triumph of failure?”
Ans. K R Johnston
Q. Who calls Wordsworth, “One of the chief glories of English poetry?”
Ans. Matthew Arnold
Q. According to J. Long, who is absolutely without humor?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Who is called anti-intellectualistic?
Ans. Wordsworth
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Q. What is Wordsworth looking at in Composed Upon Westminster Bridge?
Ans. A city
Q. Wordsworth wrote “We Are Seven” with…….?
Ans. Coleridge
Q. What does the girl in We Are Seven like to do near her dead siblings?
Ans. Sew, sing and eat her dinner
Q. Who wrote Lines Written In Early Spring AND A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth defined poetry as the spontaneous overflow of……….?
Ans. Powerful feelings
Q. Who is Wordsworth referring to in “Brother, Englishman and Friend?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Wordsworth and William Blake both emphasized the value of………?
Ans. Childhood experiences
Q. Wordsworth breaks with……..of the 18th century?
Ans. The artificial diction
Q. The name of Wordsworth’s illegitimate daughter was………?
Ans. Caroline
Q. In Ode to Intimations of Immortality, Wordsworth sums up his philosophy of?
Ans. Childhood
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Q. About which friend does Wordsworth make a reference in Book IV of The Prelude?
Ans. Coleridge
Q. In The Prelude, Wordsworth’s childhood ruminations tell us about his native…….?
Ans. Cumberland
Q. Wordsworth’s poetic genius was stimulated by his friendship with………?
Ans. Coleridge
Q. Wordsworth met Coleridge in………?
Ans. 1795
Q. Wordsworth got married in……….?
Ans. 1802
Q. Whom did Wordsworth marry?
Ans. He married Mary Hutchinson
Q. Dorothy Wordsworth is……….?
Ans. Wordsworth’s sister
Q. The experience in The Prelude begins in sensation and ends in……?
Ans. Thought
Q. Which work is called the manifesto of English romantic criticism?
Ans. Preface to Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth
Q. Who wrote the poem The Wagonner?
Ans. Wordsworth
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Q. The Prelude is known as the first…….epic?
Ans. Psychological
Q. Wordsworth received his first honorary degree from the University of……..?
Ans. Durham
Q. Wordsworth was awarded another honorary degree by the University of………?
Ans. Oxford
Q. Wordsworth became the supporter of a French political party called………..?
Ans. Girondist Party
Q. Wordsworth wrote a letter in favor of the French Revolution to………..?
Ans. Cardiff
Q. Back in England, Wordsworth found conservative opinion strongly running against………….?
Ans. The French Revolution
Q. The rise of Napoleon made Wordsworth…….of French Revolution?
Ans. The opponent
Q. Wordsworth is a poet in complete contrast to…..?
Ans. Alexander Pope
Q. Who is called the keenest eyed of all modern poets for what is deep and essential in nature?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Every touch in Wordsworth’s poetry is true to the copying of literary phrase but it is the result of……..?
Ans. Direct observation
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(Wordsworth MCQs Part 02)

Q. For Wordsworth, the embodiment of divine spirit was…….?
Ans. Nature
Q. Wordsworth is famous for his lyrics, sonnets, short descriptive poems and……?
Ans. Odes
Q. Wordsworth’s longer poems contain much that is……….?
Ans. Prosy and uninteresting
Q. Who said about Wordsworth that he uttered nothing base?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. The Prelude is an epic of……..?
Ans. Self
Q. In 1813, Wordsworth was appointed as………?
Ans. Distributor of stamps for Lake District
Q. Wordsworth visited Germany in 1798 along with his sister Dorothy and……..?
Ans. Coleridge
Q. Wordsworth is next to Shakespeare in the writing of……….?
Ans. Sonnets
Q. Wordsworth was deficient in……..?
Ans. Dramatic power
Q. Wordsworth’s love of nature comprised of………?
Ans. Four stages
(The Victorian Age MCQs Part 06)

Q. Lowell said Wordsworth is the historian of……..?
Ans. Lake District
Q. About whom did Robert Browning say, “For a handful of silver he left us?”
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Who said that a poet is a man speaking to men?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Travelling was the passion of Wordsworth?
Ans. True
Q. According to Wordsworth, the main function of poetry is to create……..between the poet and his readers?
Ans. Communication
Q. According to Wordsworth, a true poet should have real and greater knowledge of human…….?
Ans. Nature
Q. According to Wordsworth, true poetry passes through……..?
Ans. Four stages
Q. Wordsworth is called half a child of……?
Ans. Coleridge
Q. Whose sonnet is cited by Wordsworth to show simple poetic diction?
Ans. Gray’s
Q. Who is the interpreter of nature in many moods?
Ans. William Wordsworth

Q. “She gave me eyes, she gave me ears; And humble cares, and delicate fears.” Wordsworth refers to…….?
Ans. Dorothy Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth learned that “Verse may build a princely throne on humble truth” from……?
Ans. Robert Burns
Q. Why did Wordsworth conceive of himself as a chosen son?
Ans. Because he feels especially connected to nature due to his experience as a youth
Q. Wordsworth favored the democratic impulses of……..but was appalled by its destructive nature?
Ans. The French Revolution
Q. Mary Moorman is the……..of Wordsworth?
Ans. Biographer
Q. Wordsworth went to France in……?
Ans. 1791
Q. Poetic diction is related to…….?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. The number of sonnets written by Wordsworth is…….?
Ans. 523
Q. Who was known as the high priest of nature?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth advocates……..themes for poetry?
Ans. Low and rustic

Q. Wordsworth’s first publication after his debut sonnet in 1787 was……..?
Ans. Descriptive Sketches
Q. Elizabeth Fey refers to which poet as “a sort of poet-King Arthur”?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Who said, “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven?”
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth was a/an……..?
Ans. Pantheist
Q. Who said about Dryden, ” I admire Dryden’s talents and genius greatly, but he is not a poetical genius?”
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Whom did Wordsworth, Milton and Keats follow in their long works?
Ans. Spenser
Q. Who is considered the father of the Romantics?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. The famous actor Mike Myers is a descendant of William Wordsworth?
Ans. Very true
Q. William Wordsworth died at the age of…..?
Ans. 80
Q. Wordsworth died in………?
Ans. 1850
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