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(Wordsworth MCQs Part 01)
(Wordsworth MCQs Part 02)
(Wordsworth MCQs Part 03)

Q. Wordsworth spent his boyhood among?
Ans. Shepherds
Q. Wordsworth’s poetic genius was stimulated by his friendship with…….?
Ans. Coleridge
Q. The name of Wordsworth’s illegitimate daughter was?
Ans. Ann Caroline
Q. Wordsworth had an affair with Annette Vallon, the result of this affair was?
Ans. Wordsworth’s illegitimate daughter
Q. Wordsworth married……..?
Ans. Mary Hutchinson
Q. Who wrote the poem The Recluse?
Ans. Wordsworth

(Wordsworth MCQ’s)
Q. Wordsworth and William Blake both emphasized on the value of?
Ans. Childhood experiences

Q. Who had left Wordsworth a small legacy?
Ans. His friend Raisley Clovert
Q. “Thus nature spoke, the work was done” is Wordsworth’s line from?
Ans. Lucy poems
Q. The Solitary Reaper by Wordsworth takes place in?
Ans. Scotland

Q. How will the speaker of The Solitary Reaper remember the young girl?
Ans. He will carry her song in his heart
Q. What is rare about The Solitary Reaper?
Ans. It does not come from Wordsworth’s own experiences
Q. The first edition of The Lyrical Ballads consisted of?
Ans. 23 books

Q. Wordsworth became the supporter of a French political party called?
Ans. Girondist Party
Q. Wordsworth wrote a letter in favor of French Revolution to?
Ans. Cardiff
Q. London 1802 by Wordsworth is addressed to?
Ans. John Milton
Q. Why does Wordsworth want Milton to come back in London 1802?
Ans. He wants Milton to show England how to be virtuous again
Q. Wordsworth’s political sonnets were?
Ans. 69

Q. Who wrote the two poems Toys and Deserted Village
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. Wordsworth is a poet in complete contrast to…..?
Ans. Alexander Pope

Q. London 1802 is written in?
Ans. Sonnet form
Q. What meter is a typical Sonnet written in?
Ans. Iambic Pentameter
Q. To describe Milton, Wordsworth used?
Ans. Natural imagery
Q. Who is Wordsworth referring to in “Brother, Englishman and Friend?”
Ans. Spenser

Q. Wordsworth gives expression to his philosophy of life in?
Ans. Ode on the Intimations of Immortality
Q. Who said about Wordsworth that he uttered nothing base?
Ans. Tennyson
Q. What is Wordsworth looking at in Composed Upon Westminster Bridge?
Ans. A city
Q. What time of day does Composed Upon Westminster Bridge take place?
Ans. Early Morning

Q. Wordsworth was deficient in…….. ?
Ans. Dramatic power
Q. The number of Ecclesiastical sonnets written by Wordsworth is?
Ans. 132

Q. Who was Wordsworth travelling with when he was inspired to write Composed Upon Westminster Bridge?
Ans. His sister Dorothy Wordsworth
Q. In which poem does Wordsworth write, “Let nature be your friend?”
Ans. The Tables Turned
Q. In The Tables Turned, Wordsworth tells his friend to stop?
Ans. Reading books

Q. Who said, “The revolution in its earlier phases involved no revolution in Wordsworth’s mental life?”
Ans. Raleigh
Q. What was the reaction of Wordsworth when England declared war on France?
Ans. He was enraged
Q. What does Wordsworth tell his friend to do in The Tables Turned?
Ans. To go outside
Q. “Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers” is from?
Ans. The World Is Too Much With Us
Q. Why does the speaker think the little girl in We Are Seven has only five siblings?
Ans. Two of her siblings are dead

Q. Who brought a democratic note in English poetry?
Ans. Wordsworth
Q. What humanized Wordsworth’s soul?
Ans. French Revolution

Q. What does the little girl in We Are Seven like to do near her dead siblings?
Ans. Sew, sing and eat her dinner
Q. Why is the speaker sad in Lines Written In Early Spring?
Ans. Because humans don’t enjoy nature
Q. Where is Lines Written In Early Spring set?
Ans. In a grove
Q. How many stanzas are there in A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal?
Ans. 2
Q. What form is A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal written in?
Ans. Ballad

(Wordsworth MCQs Part 01)
(Wordsworth MCQs Part 02)
(Wordsworth MCQs Part 03)

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