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Q. What is inscribed above the entrance of the farmhouse named Wuthering Heights? Ans. “Hareton Earnshaw, 1500”
Q. How many chapters are there in the novel Wuthering Heights?
Ans. 34

(The Victorian Age MCQ’s)
Q. The novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte was published in?
Ans. 1847
Q. Who are the principal narrators of the story?
Ans. Mr. Lockwood and Nelly
Q. Major themes of Wuthering Heights are?

Ans. Revenge, love, society and class, isolation
Q. What pseudonym did Emily Brontë originally use to publish the novel?
Ans. Ellis Bell
Q. Why does Lockwood visit Heathcliff in Chapter 1?
Ans. To rent property from him

(Jane Austen MCQ’s)
Q. Why does Heathcliff think his dogs attacked Lockwood?
Ans. Lockwood tried to steal something
Q. What does Joseph accuse Lockwood of stealing?
Ans. A lantern
Q. To which Shakespearean hero does Lockwood compare himself after Joseph and Heathcliff accuse him of stealing?

Q. What did Joseph make the elder Catherine and Heathcliff do as children?
Ans. Listen to sermons
Q. How long has Ellen Dean OR Nelly lived at Thrushcross Grange?
Ans. 18 years
Q. Who took care of Heathcliff when he had measles as a child?
Ans. Nelly

Q. Whose arms does Mr. Earnshaw die in?
Ans. Catherine
Q. The family doctor of the Earnshaws and the Lintons is?
Ans. Dr. Kenneth
Q. The name of the housekeeper at Wuthering Heights is?
Ans. Zillah

(Wuthering Heights Summary)
Q. Where is Lockwood from?
Ans. Southern England
Q. What does Nelly put in the elder Catherine’s locket after she dies?
Ans. Locks of Edgar’s and Heathcliff’s hair intertwined
Q. Which characters bear a resemblance to Catherine?
Ans. Lockwood and Joseph
Q. Who finds Healthcliff’s body?
Ans. Nelly

Q. Why did Hindley hate Heathcliff?
Ans. Hindley’s father grew to love Heathcliff more than him
Q. What does Lockwood bring Catherine when he sees her?
Ans. A note
Q. How does Heathcliff die?
Ans. He stops eating
Q. How old is Heathcliff when he comes to live with the Earnshaws?
Ans. 7 years old

(Shakespeare MCQ’s)
Q. What does Heathcliff do when Cathy dies?

Ans. Bashes his head against a tree
Q. What is Hindley’s wife Frances afraid of?

Ans. Death
Q. Why do most of the servants leave Wuthering Heights after Frances dies?
Ans. Hindley becomes a cruel master
Q. What time of year does Cathy return from her stay at Thrushcross Grange?
Ans. Christmas
Q. What does Hindley do when he gets angry?
Ans. Fires his gun
Q. What kind of countryside surrounds Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange? Ans. Moorland

Q. What destination does the young Catherine have in mind when she leaves Thrushcross Grange for the first time?
Ans. The fairy caves at Penistone Crags
Q. What is the name of the village near Wuthering Heights?
Ans. Gimmerton

Q. In what region of England was Emily Brontë raised?
Ans. Yorkshire
Q. Who plans to live at Thrushcross Grange at the end of the novel?
Ans. Young Catherine and Hareton
Q. Over the course of the novel, which characters claim to see the elder Catherine’s ghost?
Ans. Lockwood and Heathcliff
Q. On what day do the younger Catherine and Hareton plan to be married?
Ans. New Year’s Day
Q. What animal does Heathcliff kill to spite Isabella?
Ans. Dog
Q. Why does young Catherine climb over the garden wall?
Ans. To retrieve her hat, which fell off as she stretched for the fruit of a tree
Q. Who raises Hareton during the early years of his life?
Ans. Nelly

Q. Who does Lockwood believe would have given young Catherine a fairy tale life, if only she would have fallen in love with him?
Ans. Lockwood

Q. Which character dies first?
Ans. Mrs. Earnshaw
Q. Which character dies last?
Ans. Heathcliff
Q. According to Heathcliff, when will the elder Catherine’s body decompose?
Ans. When Heathcliff can join her in the earth
Q. Where does Lockwood record Nelly’s story?
Ans. In his diary
Q. Which character speaks the words “I am Heathcliff!?”
Ans. Catherine
Q. Which three names does Lockwood find inscribed near his bed at Wuthering Heights? Ans. Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Linton, and Catherine Heathcliff

Q. Where does Earnshaw originally find Heathcliff?
Ans. Liverpool

(Robert Frost MCQ’s)
Q. Where is Catherine buried?
Ans. In a churchyard overlooking the moors
Q. At what age is Linton taken away from Thrushcross Grange by Heathcliff?
Ans. Thirteen
Q. At what age is Linton reunited with young Catherine?
Ans. Sixteen

Q. Whom does Hindley force to work as a servant in his home?
Ans. Heathcliff
Q. Whom does Heathcliff force to work as a servant in his home?
Ans. Hareton

Q. Where do Catherine and Heathcliff first become close?
Ans. On the moors
Q. Whom does Edgar Linton sometimes forbid his daughter to visit?
Ans. Linton Heathcliff
Q. How did Victorian readers initially respond to Wuthering Heights?
Ans. They were scandalized by it
Q. Which character in Wuthering Heights was inspired by Emily Bronte’s aunt?
Ans. Joseph
Q. Where did Emily Bronte get the inspiration for the setting(time & place) of Wuthering Heights?
Ans. From her own childhood experience
Q. Why did the Bronte sisters use pseudonyms?
Ans. Because women writers were not taken seriously
Q. Who tells Lockwood the story of those who lived at Wuthering Heights?
Ans. Nelly
Q. Why do the elder Catherine and Heathcliff go to Thrushcross Grange?
Ans. To spy on the Lintons

Q. Why does the elder Catherine agree to marry Edgar?
Ans. She likes refinement and culture
Q. How does Heathcliff acquire Thrushcross Grange?
Ans. By marrying Isabella
Q. What is Heathcliff primarily obsessed with throughout the novel?
Ans. Older Catherine
Q. Why does Isabella fall in love with Heathcliff?
Ans. He reminds her of a romantic character
Q. What similarities do both Catherines share?
Ans. Their stubborn natures

Q. What happens to Hindley after his wife dies?
Ans. He becomes an alcoholic gambler
Q. How does Mrs. Earnshaw feel about Heathcliff?
Ans. She never likes to him
Q. What physical feature of Heathcliff is most notable?
Ans. His eyes
Q. What does the elder Catherine’s burial place symbolize?
Ans. Her complicated ties to two men
Q. What drives the elder Catherine to marry Edgar?
Ans. Her social ambitions

Q. What does Edgar’s gentlemanly refinement lead to?
Ans. His inability to fight Heathcliff
Q. What does Nelly think of Heathcliff and Catherine’s love?
Ans. That is immoral
Q. What do ghosts represent in Wuthering Heights?
Ans. The power of the past
Q. What is the relationship between culture and nature in Wuthering Heights?
Ans. They are often pitted against each other
Q. Who is the beautiful girl whom Lockwood finds in the sitting room?
Ans. Heathcliff’s daughter-in-law, Catherine
Q. What does Lockwood see in the middle of the night?
Ans. The hand of a ghost
Q. How is Heathcliff related to Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw?
Ans. He is an adopted orphan
Q. Who will be master of Wuthering Heights when Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw die?
Ans. Hindley

Q. How did Charlotte Bronte defend the novel Wuthering Heights?
Ans. She defended it on the basis of the more respectable secondary characters
Q. Why did reviewers condemn this novel?

Ans. They condemned it for its brutality

Q. How far is Thrushcross Grange situated from Wuthering Heights?
Ans. Four miles

(R K Narayan MCQ’s)
Q. How many generations does the novel cover?
Ans. Three
Q. Why is Heathcliff the most dominant character of the novel?
Ans. Because he dominates both parts of the novel
Q. How many dreams did Lockwood see during his one night stay at Wuthering Heights?
Ans. 2
Q. When did Heathcliff return after leaving Wuthering Heights?
Ans. After 3 years
Q. Why did Mr. and Mrs. Linton die?
Ans. They caught fever from the elder Catherine
Q. Heathcliff treated Isabella?
Ans. Badly

Q. How was younger Catherine married to Linton?
Ans. Through Heathcliff’s trick
Q. What instruction did Heathcliff give to Nelly before his death?
Ans. To be buried close to the elder Catherine
Q. Where were the ghosts of Heathcliff and Catherine seen?
Ans. They were seen roaming about on the moors

Q. Why does Nelly consider Heathcliff a cuckoo?
Ans. Because she thinks he is a usurper
Q. Why did Catherine marry Edgar?
Ans. Because of his social status
Q. Who planned to kill Heathcliff?
Ans. Hindley

(Chaucer MCQ’s)
Q. Who wanted to lodge a report against Heathcliff?
Ans. Joseph
Q. How does Lockwood describe himself?

Ans. He describes himself as a Misanthropist
Q. Does the novel end happily?
Ans. Yes because of the upcoming marriage of the younger Catherine and Hareton
Q. Which is the most emotional chapter?

Ans. Chapter 15

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